My Mission Statement




My Mission is to perform any duties that will enable those that have WANTED to start a Blog, but just did not know how, or did not have the courage to start one. All of us started at one time, and took the plunge in an area we had no idea how to even start. Once you get the hang of it you will love it. 

 I will give you the most updated information available. 

In my posts, I will deliver:

The how-to’s of starting a Blog

  • Choosing a site to start your or

  • Using a hosting company–Bluehost or a self hosting site

  • Choose your domain name

  • What you want your Blog to look like-themes, fonts

Needed Tools of blogging

  • Nice colorful templates to make your post welcoming, entertaining, beautiful

  • What Bloggers need to create a Blog–ideas, 

  • The must haves to be organized in your Blogging experience-planners

To Inspire those that may want to start a Personal Blog

  • Give inspiring advice

  • Motivate

  • Finding your purpose in the Blogging world-the subject you want to Blog about

Building a Community of Bloggers

  • Webinars

  • Joining groups

  • Meeting a variety of people around the world

and many more ideas that I will create in my future of blogging to help make your experience grow to a become an awesome blogger


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