How to make a sale funnel and here is what they are

Hello everyone,

Today, I want to go over a fantastic book that I have read, and give you some important pointers regarding sales funnels, but most importantly, how to build them. There are a variety of steps that people use, but I find this one that Russell Brunson teaches in his book especially relevant to businesses. I hope you will too.  

There are some other noteworthy points that I will touch on, that I feel are important for you to know that he has taught me as well.

Google image -How to make a sale funnel and here is what they are

First, let’s go over Russell’s secret formula

  1. Who is our dream client? I know that ALL bloggers have thought of this one, right? If you have a blog then hopefully, you will talk with these people often then not. We may have products and or services, but who will want to utilize them? 

Just like when you began to think of starting a blog you first thought of “what will my main niche be”? Then you had an idea of one, but then you thought of “who will want to read it”? What are the goals of your dream client? Their passions? Will they have the same passions as me? 

As Russell states in his book, he chose two avatars and named them. 

Julie-successful, driven and has a message to share. Julie values her personal growth over money and has grown her business to a five figure a year. 

Mike- a former athlete, has helped to change lives and yearns to help much more. Mike also values growth over money with a business that is at least five figures too. 

Russell printed a picture that he would think that Julie and Mike would look like. He believes it helps to have a picture of an actual person to change your perspective. I know what you are thinking, silly huh? and he thought so too. 

Google image-How to make a sale funnel and here is what they are

2. Where are they? and how can you find them? Write down a few places that you think they may be online. Facebook, Instagram. What blogs do they follow? He wonders do they go fishing or like race cars? and so on. 

3. What are you going to use to attract them? This can be in a form of a book, CD, audio recording, just anything you think they would be interested in. A blog post is a good way to attract them.

4. Once you attract them what result do you want them to enjoy? Russell states that the products and services, is not your business, but, what result you are able to get for your clients. Then they will understand the concept and make the price a no-brainer. 

The Sales Funnel

It is an online process that you take someone through to get them to ascend through the different levels of your funnels. 

How to get people to enter your sales funnel seems easy, just go to Google and type your keywords plus the word forums to reach people. This can also be a group that has to do with your keyword on Facebook. It may take some time, but as a result, you will find your audience. 

Russell goes over the five variables of successful funnels

  • Demographics-all the characteristics of the people you’re targeting. Who belongs in the group and who does not.
  • Offer-what you are selling and what price you are asking.
  • Landing pages-need to model someone in your same niches that has become successful and model your efforts after theirs.
  • Traffic source-Where are your competitor’s traffic coming from? 
  • Ad copy-Why are people even looking at your competitor’s ads and not yours? all these things will influence whether a person clicks on their ad or not. 

What I find VERY interesting is that you can go to a website called and will show you where your competitors are advertising, what ads they run and where their traffic is coming from. You will be able to find all five variables there. 

I looked up one of my favorite blog sites and learned a lot, take a look at this screenshot

I learned where the traffic is coming from, and its numbers. Pretty cool huh?

There was so much info that it was too much to list here, go on the website and enter a company of your choice.

Russell then speaks of the seven phases of a funnel. In his words, he explains “the real business between a six-, seven-, or even eight-figure business is whether you understand the phases of a funnel and can successfully monetize the different points along the line”. 

When trying to drive a person to your website you will need to know what page they will hit first, then the second and so on. Every person going through your funnel requires a different process. Keeping a close relationship with that person will guide them to ascending into your funnel. 

The pre-framing starts with “determining the temperature of your traffic”. There are three temperatures of a visitor

  • Cold-have no idea who you are. They have visited your blog but has found no trust in you. They may have clicked on one of your pay-per-click ads. 
  • Warm-These are people you do not know but, know someone you do, that will endorse you and your products. 
  • Hot-people that are already on your email list, read your blog and know who you are. 

Set up your pre-framing bridge from a blog post, email. or a YouTube video. This occurs before they enter your landing page. 

  • Hot traffic bridge-this can be from an email they get from you with a link to your landing page.
  • Warm traffic bridge-this will come from someone that endorses you that send out an email about you. In the email, they will get a link to your landing page. 
  • Cold traffic bridge-can be a question that you ask and for the answer, they have to go to your landing page for the answer. 
  • Subscribers who are qualified-by opting in from your pop-up or a squeeze page that offers them something in return for their email address. 

Image result for sales funnels quotes by russell brunson


Buyers that are qualified is someone that will continue to buy from you as long as they are getting value from you. Once they hit the submit button they should go to a landing page where you offer something to buy. You can offer a product with free shipping to get them to take the bait. Which is what I got when I ordered the book, but it was for a limited time only. 

The hyperactive buyer is someone that is in real pain and needs something real quick to ease their pain. When people are in pain and you have one or more of something to offer, then they will not be able to get their wallet out quick enough. 

Age and ascend the relationship by providing value and more offers that you may have to help their pain. 

Change the selling environment by offering to speak on the phone directly. It may be easier to speak on the phone and give them the personal attention they need. 

Our blogs can be used as a pre-frame on any topic. This can be a post from you on your blog or as a guest post on some other blog site. 

Videos are also a good pre-frame. People like to hear a voice telling them what the subject is about instead of having to read it themselves. You can be able to make the viewer desire the product or service you are offering if they see the person. 

Facebook live is amazing to use to promote to get people into your funnel. Emails are a good tool to utilize by placing a link to your funnel right there in your email. 

I know that we all have seen Presell pages while online. Remember? these sort of  ads

Google Image result for presell page image/How to make a sale funnel and here is what they are

Once you click on the button you will enter a sales funnel. Here is a website that has a plugin for WordPress that you can create them for your blog. 


Traffic that we control goes straight to a squeeze page. Traffic that we do not control, goes to our blog post wherein the top third of the page collects their email address. Once we are able to get an email address they are traffic that we own.

Frontend VS Backend funnels

A frontend funnel is used when a person joins your list from either a squeeze page or a blog post and becomes a first-time customer. The backend funnel is where a one-time buyer is taken to a longer-term big-ticket purchase.

See the next Post Here that will guide how this author, Russell Brunson explains each of these. Order this book from Amazon to get your own copy for your library to keep on hand to use as a tool. 

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

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The secret of success

What is the secret of success? 

Well, when I think of that question My answer would be YOU. You are your own success story. Your ability to reach your own goals, your purpose in this world. 

You write your own book of success, your purpose. The lines in your book are the situations that have happened in your life and how you took control of them. 

Image result for success quotes

Everyone has their own meaning of what they feel the secret of success is. However, I believe certain events tend to mean what some people consider the secret of success. 

  • Status
  • Achievements
  • A sense of importance
  • Goals reached
  • Making more money than their peers
  • A career
  • A loving family, living in a home, with a white picket fence. 

Some say that the secret of success is having just good ole luck, or an individual that is attractive, talented, or smart have “good” things happen to them only. None of those qualities is the answer and none will guarantee that individual success. 

We have seen that while watching the news when attractive popular TV stars even botch their lives up.

The secret of success weighs strongly on the ability to look at disappointments, failures and being rejected by others. 

There are children of the wealthiest families that “have it all” handed to them that squander it all away. Then there are the misfortunate children of the poor that go one to make something of themselves. Finding their secret of success. 

When people accept their failures and keep going, they are fighting for that single benefit of determination that makes for success. 

What are your thoughts on the secret of success? What is your pursuit of happiness?

Like, I told you in my prior post why I started my blog, remember, because I wanted to stay at home with my step kids. I am pursuing their happiness to be here for them, nurture them all, with what they had been denied prior to living with us.

While I am pursuing my happiness in building an online business, which I love doing I have found the secret of success for me is ME. My business is growing day by day and that is because what I do for it. Not anyone else just lil ole me. 

Now let’s talk about you, and what you want for your business. 

I have read many books on how people built their businesses, they all had their reasons, goals and what they thought was their secrets for success. 

What I feel is necessary that one needs to do to gain any success is as follows. 

  • Get your priorities straight
  • Use your resources wisely
  • Remain focused
  • Develop true relations
  • Don’t let yourself be greedy
  • Don’t be content

When people start a blog, all of the above is a necessity for one to succeed. Even when you feel like you are not getting any growth or there is a standstill, do not give in to pressure.

It is just time to become stronger, look at what you feel is not working and find ways to make it work. 

I keep a 3×5 card here on my desk, it reads :

The mindset of an Entrepreneur

  1. Conquer your fears, write it down and then just let it go
  2. Train yourself to not worry, always think positive
  3. See failure as not an option, make it work, use it as a learning tool
  4. Not everyone will like you
  5. Surround yourself with like-minded people
  6. Morning ritual, wake up being positive and excited
  7. Exercise to boost your mindset

I do not remember who or where I got that from, but I keep it right in front me. The words spoke to me and they should speak to you too. 

Being an Entrepreneur is a big responsibility, are you looking for a ten-thousand-dollar blog or a ten-million-dollar company? This all comes from YOU! How successful do you want to be? 

Look at the vast majority of people teaching Internet Marketing and making a lot of money doing it. They know what their secret of success is. It may be different from mine, but at least they have their idea and are running with it, making a difference in their life. 

Now, what I have discussed are my own ideas and beliefs, but I want to go over what I have learned recently. 

What I have learned are ways to grow your online company, and I am excited to share them with you. 

What I want to go over are “how to structure your products, and or services, to enable a way to make as much as three times as much money from the same traffic that you have been receiving”.

Please click the link to learn more How to structure your company’s products/services to make up to 3 times as much money

Thank you,

The country girl and her blog

Lisa Mingo

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I have got a secret for your success, follow along and I will show you the way

Hello everyone!

I hope y’all are having a great day! Winter is sneaking up on us….it may have already come for some of you, depending on your location. I can not believe Christmas is coming FAST!

I know that after Halloween the New Year is around the corner.

I was just reminiscing about the New Year Day when we all thought everything was going to crash in 2000. Remember that?  Y2K was the name. That was a crazy day!

In technology today we have come so far from what we were then.

We use it for everything! I mean look at the refrigerator that we can input our grocery lists into and pull that list on our phones when we get to the stores. 

 That is just crazy, isn’t it? 

I wanted to take you to a time that some of us thought the technology was going to crash. What if it did what would the world have done? 

How would our way of life then, be different now?

Would it have changed drastically, or not at all?

Look what all we can accomplish online now.

Did most of you imagine yourself building a business online?

Did you see yourself doing this?

I sure didn’t, but I have owned a business before, just not this type of business. I had a business in California.

Contractors would call and have my business come to cut concrete and asphalt. We also did core-drilling, which is drilling a variety of sizes of perfect dimensional holes where a traffic light was going to be placed.  

With the use of technology our business was able to advertise, computerized bookkeeping, and estimations, and so on. With it, made our job much easier.

Now imagine yourself building your business without having to leave your home. 

This was important for my family and me since my husbands three younger kids have come to live with us. They had a dysfunctional life with their mother and she was ordered to give up her rights to her children.

I have become a step-mom, of two young girls (which, I have never had) and a young boy. I have three boys of my own. We are now a blended family of 9 children. 

Each of my step kids that live with us has different types of ADHD. The oldest girl has it the worst. Along with all their struggles of their ADHD, comes the mental anguish too.

Since these three young kids needed so much love and support, I quit my job to be here 24/7.

So what was I going to do?

Well after two years of doing everything around the house I felt that I was missing out on SOMETHING, still. 

I was surfing through Pinterest and saw all these pins that pertained to blogging. Not knowing what it was all about, of course, I was curious.

I mean, I heard that blogging was somewhere you was able to record your daily life and its daily happenings. So with my curiosity, I read on it and two days later I published my first blog site. I really did not get into that “niche” that I started out with, so I now have two blog sites that I post on.

My days are filled with meeting different people and joining groups while the kids are in school. I am on many social media platforms now that I had not been on before. 

I am able to have MY online business, not like the one I had in California in my PAST life there. But, one that enables me to be home with the kids, and all the animals that we have. 

We are striving to give our kids a normal upbringing that they had not had before.  

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the first two years of being home, I finished up in my college studies. I earned my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

That’s right, I chose to stay home with the kids for now until they were living a stable life. 

I have the opportunity to help others, by guiding them with building their online business. I am passionate about helping those that want to learn. If you are striving to do what I am doing, then imagine yourself doing it, and just dive in.

I never thought I would be running a BLOG, oh, pardon me, two BLOGS, but I am and I love it!

I know some of you are thinking “but I do not have enough to write about”, but we all have SOMETHING to write about. We all have our own “niche? 

Take a look at my blog post on “Why I blog, finding my own Niche”.

Or how about 30 blog niches that will help with page views.

Here are some tips on why we moms should have a blog:

  1. To be able to stay at home with the kiddos.
  2. Your business can pertain to what you want it to be.
  3. You are able to work your own hours or days.
  4. You are able to put into to it as you wish, but remember what you put into it, is what you get out of it.
  5. You do not have to get up and get the kids to the sitters then drive in traffic to be a slave to someone else.
  6. You make your own money and not someone else’s. You decide what you want your profit to be, $100.00, $200.00 a day. It’s all up to you. 
  7. You do not have to wear a suit, or a dress, to go to work. You can even wear your PJ’s. 
  8. You get to meet like-minded people.
  9. You get to have your own thoughts.
  11. You can take your lunch when you want, and leave your desk when you are done for the end of YOUR day. 
  12. Use your brain and not just think about the kids all day, have time for yourself. 
  13. If you like being on the computer, there you have it!
  14. You can travel and still be able to take your business with you.
  15. You are to help others build their own business too.
  16. You are able to have your family members help you with advertising your business on their social media platforms. Word of mouth goes a long way!
  17. Depending on how hard you work your business will depend on how much money your profit will be for you.
  18. The cost to start an online business is pretty low. Depending on how you advertise and how well your email list grows. 
  19. You do need some space to run your online business, but you will not have to rent a space. 
  20. You will not have to have employees unless your business grows to where you cannot handle it on your own.

There you go, there are many reasons to start your own business. Read my post on How to have the New You Year so you can start building it now and launch it at the beginning of 2018. 

Blogging has given me something of my own. When silly situations happen in our home, my husband will tell the kids to watch out, or you will be in a post on mom’s blog. 

I know that reality is usually more complicated than our own imaginations. I feel that this will change your life and if you have a family, I know you will succeed even faster. 

That is why I am here to help with the guidance of your success. Success is closer than you think. 

Thanks for visiting with me

The country girl and her blog

Lisa Mingo

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This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 

How to structure your products/services to make up to three times as much more money

How to structure your company’s products/services to make up to three times as much money from the same amount of traffic you now are getting.

Putting twenty years in the dental field I went to owning my own business in California. With a move here to Arkansas, for some unforeseen circumstances, owning yet another business.

Now, I am here to tell you what I have learned while putting in twenty years in the dental field to owning these two businesses. 

Also, I will tell you that, I have come across some GREAT info that I am excited to tell y’all about. 

What is this great info? Well, it goes over a lot of ideas on how to get people to become a subscriber and earn their trust. Turning them into someone who will not only follow you and your blog/company but be a buyer of your products and services. 

This will all start with the use of a sales funnels.

Those twenty years working in the dental field, I was that person that went over your dental treatment plan, scheduled it, and asked how you would want to pay for it? 

There was the same speech that we would go over with each person needing extensive treatment. The dentist would begin this sales funnel, and I was the one that would bring it home. 

While doing my best to get that patient scheduled to fill up my dentist’s day, the speech I gave that if they did not do this treatment that the dentist diagnosed this could potentially occur.  

Striving to be best Patient Coordinator I could be, I was the one that trained all new hires, taught ALL the employees the new computer system. My Dr’s accounts receivables were the highest. 

Different Dr’s would ask me to switch and be their Patient Coordinator. I was often put in charge of being the Patient Coordinator of three Dr’s at a time if we had someone quit or lose their job. 

Being the lucky one (haha) that once someone got fired for not doing their job, I would have to clean the mess they left. 

Also, balance out patient’s accounts that were not balancing. My job was to submit new fees to the top insurances companies, imputed bulk insurance payments to patients accounts that were up to 10 pages long. 

My Dr’s collection report was maybe two patient accounts at the least. I worked with her patients in finding a way to pay for their treatment.

I worked with one of the first owners of this practice, not just one of the colleagues. There were high expectations in my position. This particular dentist was a tough cookie to work besides. 

We worked many types of sales funnels daily. 

Now, I have learned one more type that I want to share with you.

First, I will go over what I have learned, and explain the “price levels”, and what it is. 

This is the exact type of sales funnel that we in the dental field worked every day. It can start from “oh you must be a coffee drinker, the shade of your teeth shows it”. Here, we can take impressions for some teeth-whitening trays, so they are not so yellow”.

People do not want yellow teeth, they want pearly whites. That’s number one.

Next up, “your teeth have some vertical cracks down them you may need a porcelain crown, but that costs this amount if that is too much of a price we could do a porcelain veneer. It is a little cheaper than a crown”.  How long have you had that crack? has it ever bothered you?

Who wants a vertical crack down the middle of their tooth? That’s number 2. 

One that I used the most was my own teeth. Back in the day, insurance companies would only pay for tooth-colored filling (composites) the same amount as if it was a silver-colored filling (amalgam) in your mouth.

So what I did was, have one side of my lower teeth done in a tooth-colored filling and the other side done in a silver-colored filling. I would tell the patient that I was going to open my mouth and they were going to take a look and what THEIR teeth COULD look like if they did one or the other.

Of course, I wanted them to see how much nicer their teeth could look with the composite filling. They could get value in a composite filling, but it would cost them a little more. 

This was my first step to begin my sales funnel, it was all in how I began to structure my sales pitch. They would not care how much extra it would cost to have all white teeth and not have that ugly silver-colored filling. 

Was it wrong of me to do this? 

It was my JOB, you know that place that you go to that you just loathe to get up to be on time to. To make that employer money and hope that you get a raise or a yearly bonus. 

Now to talk about that traffic, there are three different types of traffic. These three are:

  • Traffic that you own is the third kind of traffic and it’s the best one. This would be your email list, readers, and followers. You own them since you are able to send emails to them, post a message to them, to publish a blog post.
  • The traffic you can control is when you are able to tell that traffic where to go. You are not able to buy it but, you can guide it where you want it to go. If you post a pin on Pinterest you are guiding them pinners to your website. Any traffic that buys something from you is one that you control.

When someone is willing to buy from you from your website, you are able to send them to a squeeze page. When readers are sent to a squeeze page there is one goal to meet there. To create this traffic into one that you own.  

  • The traffic you do not control is traffic that just shows up and you can not control the type. The types of traffic come from:
  1. Guest blog traffic
  2. Social media platforms
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Guest interviews

Now that traffic that you do not own is your goal to convert them into ones that you do own.  

Please follow along in my next post REGARDING  FANTASTIC SALES FUNNELS

Thank You,

The country girl and her blog

Lisa Mingo

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This post has some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 

How to have the NEW YOU YEAR

Are you bored with your life, as it is today? Do you want to start a new life for yourself? If you keep reading you can find that New You Year.

Hello, my name is Lisa, I am here to let you in on something that is helping many stay-at-home moms build their dream job. This can be done completely on your own with the help of your computer. Achieving your dream job by creating YOUR own blog. Many may have heard of blogs, but not really knowing what they are. 

Blogging once was just a personal journal that involved a personal weblog where people liked writing about their daily routines. Pretty much like when we used to have diaries to record what had gone on in our daily life. I still have mine that I wrote in as a kid, it’s hilarious what I would write down in it.  

Soon after, the weblog became just a blog to those that used it. When Entrepreneurs started realizing how blogging can be used as a marketing tool, everyone had to have one. This is how blogging took off from there. There are many blogs out there now, people do not even realize they are actually reading a blog online. They just thought that it was an article found online. 

Since I have begun writing my blog, I recognize a blog post right off that bat. 

This is why blogging has become so popular

There are actually several reasons why Entrepreneurs have started using blogs as a marketing tool, here are a few examples

  1. New content is what search engines are looking for. For search engines optimization, also known as SEO blogging is a great tool.
  2. By having a blog your clients come to you instead of you having to do the door-todoor selling of your products. (my mother was an Avon lady for many years, guess who had to put her little books on our neighbor’s doors?) If you start having more and more customers visiting your blog’s web page and they love your products what is going to stop them from buying your awesome products? Blogs provide an update on the “look what’s new” products or “look what’s new with me”. Clients also enjoy getting updates on products by you providing tips, this can be done through an updated post or a newsletter sent by email.
  3. As you have more clients coming to your blog, relationships build to trust and respect for one another. Gaining their trust with your knockout expertise your credibility skyrockets bringing in more clients by referral. Having a blog provides open communication by giving them an area to comment on your products or services you provide. This is usually on the bottom of your post where more visitors can view them. Since your readers love you and what you distribute when having a comment section people visiting your site can see comments to learn more about you.
  4. If you are really serious about your blog website, in time this awesome way of creating your New You Year can make you some extra cash in hand. You begin making money from advertising, selling your own expert advice. There are many ways to gain income, joining affiliate marketing groups such as Amazon, Share-a-sale, eBay and many others. 

How hard is it to start your own blog?

Well just think of it as starting your own company, is it hard building from ground level 1? Yes, it does take some time, but just think what the outcome CAN be a year from now or two years? You want to stay in that dead-end job all your life? I hope the answer is NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

Look here at my post; Why I signed up at Bluehost, and a step-by-step guide for you too

You can start to build your dream blog site now, and get it all looking spiffy and shiny. But first, there is that one thought that comes to mind ?????? what do you want to blog about? I mean, what do you have to say to the world? What is shouting deep down below the surface of your gut wanting to scream to the world ABOUT? 

Look here at my post Why I blog: Finding my very own Niche

This is where the tricky part will be, what to say, what to do?

When you are at your dead-in job what are you wishing you could be doing when you have had enough? What is your dream job? There has got to be something that you could give back to the blog readers that would just keep them in awe whenever they read your stuff. 

Whatever you decide to blog about keep in mind there has to be interesting content. How do you think your blog will become so incredible? Your one of a kind ideas will have to blow people’s minds. Or you can just hire a freelancer, or include writers as guests, post videos, or have I scared you to think it just takes too much time? You are absolutely right it does take time, but so does going to work every day hating what you are doing. Time away from your life.

Making someone money, not getting the promotion you so deserve, not having time for your family?

Surviving check to check, month to month, year to year. Not having what you want or need for your family, not being able to take a vacation when you want, but only when your boss lets you. 

Or do you want to be this person? 

Look at how nice that looks, the blue water her painted toenails, I guess she didn’t need her glasses where she went? But remember it does take time, and hard work on your end to get that. 

Are you willing to work for yourself? 

I know I was when I started my blog, but there were also other motives on my part. Needing to be home for my step-kids that had a hard time growing up with their biological mom. Being here to send them off to school and when they returned, to see how their day went. Taking my step-son to football practice, being there for his games makes us both happy campers. The oldest suffers from severe ADHD, being here for her is a must since her learning disability gets in the way of school work. 

The advantages having my own blog, running it how I want to, and when I want to. It gives me time to be where I am needed in our family of 11 people, 4 horses, 1 dog and 2 cats. I do have a lot to do around here, but I will always have time to teach others to build their blogging business. That is what I enjoy doing, showing others (mainly mothers) that they can run their own business from home while being a mom. 

If you want something you never had, You’ll have to do something, You’ve never done

Go ahead take the plunge into the unknown, you have a friend to be here to help you along the way. 


The country girl and her blog and her Adventures of Blogging

Lisa Mingo

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You know there are a lot of WHY’S in the world that we live in, can you figure out the answers to them? Not too many can or maybe do not want to, and some that do not care. But when you had an idea of wanting to start your own business, deciding the WHY is a bigger question. Going after your goals with a positive mindset is crucial for business success. 

Let your VISION steer the way and the WHY will fall into place.

Setting goals and making dreams happen means supporting your actions.

Find the support through like-minded people by joining Facebook groups giving you others to share your goals with. What better crowd to share your dreams and goals with than an awesome support group of women? This is where you all share the same dream and will have or already have come across business start-up problems. 

The family is also a solid support group to help make dreams come true. They are there to listen, giving advice whether it is good or bad take it all into account. Keep an open mind and take into account what they are saying, it may be very helpful. Advice will sometimes mean nothing when you first receive it, but then a lightbulb goes off and you clearly understand what they were saying. 

How many times as an adult have you thought back to what your parents told you as a child? only to thinking back then that they knew nothing? Or this is a good one, “How many times have you heard your mother come right out of your mouth?” Their advice back then really meant something, as much as it means today.


When you plan your goals and dreams it is important to use some type of planner on a daily basis.

If you write things down, seeing them daily gives you a better outlook of your goals. Scheduling a deadline that is imperative to achieve these goals is important. Breaking down goals into baby-steps needed by actually putting pen to paper helps us to remember it 90% of the time. This is why they invented post-its ( I use plenty of those too)

me & my BIG ideas Create 365 The Happy Planner, Hello Life, Jul 2016 – Dec 2017
I love the happy planner for scheduling my goals and dreams, not to mention all my “other” duties around here. Keep track of to-do’s, this will help with feeling overwhelmed, not forgetting what you need to be doing or where you are to be at. It is so handy that you can take it with you to appointments, no need to get pesky appointment cards that get misplaced anyway. 


Stop wasting time repeating the “things” that are not working for you or your business. 

What has worked out and what has not? Sit down and think about the past 6 months to a year, anything come to mind that did not work out as planned? What could you have done to change the outcome of a bad situation? What situations worked out well? How can you make the business even better?

When you come to a conclusion of why some things did not work out, break them down and make changes if possible. If you realize it is not worth it, forget about it, trying another approach to achieve your goals. Plan something different to get the results you are trying to obtain, you never know the results may be more than you bargained for. 

List up to 5 Foundation goals for the year. 

It is very hard to plan out the entire year, instead, try to plan 3 to 5 Foundation goals. What are some reachable goals that you would like to be at by a certain time? You can get some of the smaller ones completed while you are on your way to reaching the bigger ones.

Some goals can be to reach an annual or yearly income, a certain number of email subscribers, a number of blog posts published or a certain amount of video launches. How about a course launch? Are you wanting to dip your toes into the online course pool yet?

For each main foundation goal, you need to break down into monthly goals, eventually down to weekly ones.

If your biggest goal you are wanting to achieve is an ideal amount of income, then break it down to how much you will need to make monthly to reach your goal. Breaking it down even further on what you need to make weekly to reach your income goal. How many people do you need to sign up to take your courses to achieve income? What can you do to earn more income from affiliate marketing? 

Whatever you need to do to get where you wish to be in your business, focus on those potential clients that you need to have to grow. Change up your opt-in pop-up, giving it a fresh new look. Same with your theme on your blog, modify it, add pictures, update colors or fonts. Offer some freebies to your email clients or to get more clients to opt-in.

Start a new plan of attack to reach goals to obtain your dreams and 

Remember ⇓




Make your wishes come true!


The country girl and her blog and her Adventures of Blogging

Lisa Mingo


This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 


When my hairdresser first told me about Pinterest I did not have the time to sit and look over what she was explaining to me. I was single and working a full-time job and I had horses to take care of in my free time. What she was describing to me seemed like fun and interesting, but I had no time. 

One day, when I was home and bored, I decided to look at Pinterest to see what all the hype was about. I was amazed at all the things they offered to look at, I was hooked! I texted my hairdresser Tammy and told her “thanks for letting me know about Pinterest now I can not stop looking at things when I should be outside working with my horses”. Of course, she laughed at me and said: “see I told you”. 

I have not stopped since. Pinterest is my go-to place to find recipes, craft ideas, hairstyles, horse articles, and so much more. Now I am using it for my blogging business.


I want to share some methods of getting more repins on Pinterest 

#1 You need to pin often

The more that you pin, the higher the chance that “your stuff”  will get re-pinned. Did you know that if you are active on Pinterest during the day you will earn the rank of a “Power Pinner”? A Power pinner will get noticed and be bumped up making Pinterest show your pins in others home feeds.

Try to pin close to 40-50 pins a day, this can be from your boards that you have made yourself by repinning them or pins from other boards.

#2 Make sure you pin quality or quantity

What I mean is what you are pinning needs to have quality content, do not pin it, just to pin it. Be sure to share aesthetically looking pins. The content does need to be helpful, captivating to inspire that ideal client or audience.

If you are interested in starting a business, make sure you visit the Small Business Blog! We cover topics to get you started from business strategy to forming a LLC to funding...and much more! If you're an entrepreneur, ready to start a small business, and looking to improve your business, visit the for your small business needs today!


When you are pinning your own pins or those of others decide if they are worth pinning on your boards. When pinning a pin they should be vertical and long. The ratio should be 2:3 or even 1:2 will work best. By doing this the pins will stand out more making them noticed by other pinners. See a

             CLICKED ON>>>>>>>>>>>REPINNED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOVED


Make sure you feature your brand with fonts and colors when you create your pins with your text overlay. The overlay should explain what information they will receive once they click on it. I use Canva, Pixabay, or PicMonkey so that I have a variety of bold large or small fonts on my images.


#3 Make sure your pin’s content is valuable

We all know that this is obvious to all pinners, but just realize that content other than yours will be pinned and shared on Pinterest. To achieve this follow the steps below:

  • Must have grab attention titles
  • Give your readers information so that as soon they read your awesome stuff they can implement them right away!
  • Include long detailed packed information in your post, but not too long that your readers get bored and do not want to keep reading. It has to catch their attention and hold them until the end. I try to keep it at 900 to 1500 words a post. If you have a lot of information you can either make it a part one and part two post. That way you can see if they are really interested if they continue to part two.
  • Have you ever noticed that there are so many pins on Pinterest that list, “15 ways to achieve”? or “6 ways to get this”? That is an easy way to get peoples attention since lists are much easier to make use of.

#4 To loop your pins try Board Boosters

Do you want to make use of all your hard work on the pins that you have created? Do you want them to be seen more than one time? How about giving them a second, third or even a fourth and fifth chance to make worthwhile.

To get your pins repinned try looping your original pins every once and while.

#5 Outstanding pin descriptions 

When people are searching for information or a how-to, where do they go? Pinterest! Your pin descriptions have to include appropriate and fashionable keywords that pertain to your content. What does it take for you to pin or re-pin, click on, take a peek at a post? 

 Strong descriptions of pins
  • Sentences need to be at least 2-4 in the descriptions
  • Include appropriate and fashionable keywords
  • A complete description of what the post is concerning
  • You can control the actions of the viewers to pin, repin, click, ignore and move on, get it right the first time

#6 Rich Pins

Do you utilize these pins? they will enable over 20x re-pins than just regular pins. This type of pin is suitable to receive the re-pins your boards need to be seen by many. If you are not sure what rich pins are, see this link to read up on them from Pinterest and get going using them.


#7 What group boards have to offer 

If you want your pins to be seen by thousands of people I suggest you place your pins on group boards. Group boards will
  • enable your Pinterest account to soar
  • Grow your Pinterest traffic
  • Speed up your re-pin rate

Depending on the size of these group boards you may be able to receive ten thousands of re-pins. Group boards enable your pins to be upfront of all others, who does not want that?

To read my post on “How to make your Perfect Pinterest profile” click here 

I do have two WordPress sites, so when you visit the above post, check out my posts there also.

Now that I have given you some informational ideas to take advantage of Pinterest and get ahead of others>>>>GO DO IT TODAY!!!  RIGHT NOW IN FACT…

Hey, what are you still doing here? 

Have a great day!

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This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 

How to Define Marketing Projects by their Purpose

What if you could do more with your time? 

Would you be able to get caught up with all your projects?

Just think how awesome it would be to finally be able to say 

  1. I am all caught up
  2. Now, what do I do?
  3. Boy I am so bored

I know in a perfect world right?

What if you could learn…..

How to Define Marketing Projects

by their Purpose

  • You could work quicker, more efficient, pool all resources and bring it all together by defining your projects with and for their purpose.
  • Keep your focus on the right projects by 110%, and if need be, change things up to add growth to your business.
  • Become organized by taking control of every possible area in your business.

Every Marketing Project has to

be Organized 

With the variety of tasks to be completed staying on track is very challenging to most, but, defining your projects by their purpose will lead to

  • Initiation-What are you’re going to create?
  • Plan timelines-What are your resources to create your content?
  • Progress-Continue to advance by controlling and monitoring to prevent roadblocks.
  • Meeting deadlines-to guide the project to move from one phase to another.

With an intense focus on removing any obstacles that may cause a delay of your project is imperative. Keeping track of your deadlines can be complicated if there is no organization within your project. 

Lay out your project in front of you ahead of time so that you have a visual table of all that needs to be completed. 

Let us breakdown:

Initiation of your Marketing Project

with the definition of the Purpose

  • What is the highest Priority of your project?
  • Strategically choose the highest priority on your list.
  • Who will this project benefit- Pinpoint your audience?
  • Define what it is that you need to create- what will your content include?
  • Why will this benefit your audience?- what will they receive from your project? Give them answers to their “What’s in it for me”?
  • What resources, tools and time will you require?- get access to these resources and give yourself a deadline to complete the project.
  • What will your final project look like?-what are you willing to accept as final?

This initiation will serve as your foundation for your Marketing Project allowing additional steps if needed. 

Define your project’s requirements to

fulfill the business needs

There is a requirement that your content needs to meet before you hit the publish button (we bloggers are aware of this). Although every Marketing project is different from each other there may be some areas to remove to slightly boost that requirement:

Deletion>Is there an area that you can remove, adding new and improved content?

Program> Adding some automation programming of you going over your content.

Continuation> Is there any way to have successful content in the least amount of daily or weekly maintenance? 

These examples may seem comparable to encounter what has to be completed to benefit your business saving you money and time. 

Define your customary of performance

for your content

The Topic> have related cornerstone content? Will your audience respond well?

Your keyword> have searchable meaning or low competition? Easy access through search engines?

Explored with research> to support your content to enable it to be first ever published. 

Click here to read my post on “Make an awesome blog content post in 30 minutes

Create your market project to focus

on the audience-valued outcome

Your blog posts that are packed with great content can move your audience toward focusing how your content will benefit their lives or blog. Make sure it is delivering what your audience is looking for. Your attention should be steered into always thinking,

“How will my audience benefit from this project”?  

Your audience will be thinking,

“I want to be reassured that if I invest my time on one more random blog post or one more download of an ebook, that it will guide me to be able to reap the benefits of its description”.

 An audience prefers a list to follow by breaking down the step-by-step process to complete the whole project. Your focus is to want your project to be the most perfect thing representing your niche. 

If you find that you need to cut out some information, keep in mind there may be a risk in eliminating too much. Your last-minute changes may prevent you from publishing on time.

To prevent publishing delays:

  1. Set the date when you wish to publish- this is your launch date.
  2. Involve all your ideas into one element- pull all your resources together.
  3. Show what you plan to do-layout your plan in front of you.
  4. Give yourself the opportunity for final changes-understand you have one chance before you hit publish.

Once you have published your project keep track of how well it went, noting what went well, and what did not. If you need to improve certain areas by deleting or adding additional information. You know the shoulda, woulda, coulda motto. 

Don’t wait to have to use those words, do it now before you hit publish! 

Image result for quotes on success


Once again thank you for stopping by,

The country girl and her blog and her Adventures of Blogging

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Hey everyone

This is…the country girl and her blog and her adventures of blogging !!

Today, I am going to go over “How to be a WINNER on Pinterest by knocking it out of the park”. There are some business pinners that fail to see how important their Pinterest profile is to their business. Pinterest has become a splendid tool to market your business, blog and your brand, allowing others to visit your website. Which is what we want right? 

Pinterest has become a splendid tool to market your business, blog and your brand, allowing others to visit your website. Which is what we want right? 

How to be a winner on Pinterest and knock it out of the park

Look at how well Anna Runyan, of Classy Career Girl, has grown her business to her 25,838 followers. This woman is career driven, has assisted so many women in finding their career Niche and improved lives as well.

Ladies, join us for an epic career and life-changing webinar hosted by Anna Runyan. It’s free! Sign up here:

So in your Pinterest profile, the image of YOU should be crisp and clear. When it is uploaded to your profile it will be a cute little circle so the most selected size is 165px X 165px.

When choosing your image remember, it should be the same image that you use on all your social media sites. If people see you on Instagram or Twitter, you need to be recognized by the image on Pinterest as well. Keeping this consistent is the key!

Provide keywords in your profile, along with your bio, that is related to your niche. On mine I have; 

Lisa- the country girl and her blog /Entrepreneur / Blogging Tips

USA / I offer blogging tips, building your business, and earn a passive income from your passions. How to set up email and blogging platforms.
You have to make it flow all together so it sounds normal to your readers. 
how to be a winner on Pinterest and knock it out of the park

A call to action link is awesome to have at the end of your bio, that could be a FREE printable, or lead to cornerstone content post.

To get your Ideal Client to visit your website will be all you need to business growth.

If you provide a link to your social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that will help you get traffic to those accounts also.
But, what I do, is cross-promote so that all my post go directly to those sites as soon as I publish a post.
Have you verified your websites yet? If not, you will need to do that so you are seeing how good your boards and pins are doing, from your analytics.
Make your boards loved by all! Think about what you look for when visiting some other pinners boards or pins. Are they appealing to the eyes? Do they have the content that is stated on the front? (if any) Is it great content that made you happy you clicked that board or pin?
I have a variety of boards on my Pinterest site, where I offer all sorts of information regarding my niche. If pinners are looking for, how to start a start a blog, awesome plugin’s to download on their website, how to monetize your blog or great groups to join, they do not need to look any further.
I do have one board that does not pertain to blogging though, it is this country girl loves some good food. It is okay to have some boards that do not pertain to your niche but be aware of what you pin on them, if need be, have them as a secret board. 
Are your boards categorized correctly? Once you create a board, there is an option where you can pick the category of your pin. For example, you are able to choose to design, men’s fashion, products, education or photography and much more.
So make sure you choose one, close to what your boards have, from their choices. 




Along with categorized boards, there will need to be keywords in their titles and descriptions. If you want people to be able to find YOUR boards, cram your board descriptions with keywords.
Your descriptions should have 2-3 sentences that describe exactly what your pin or board is about.
If you can, include a call-to-action at the end to encourage readers to visit your blog site, hoping to win more followers. 
One place I go to when I am deciding on my headline for my blog post is the Coschedule headline analyzer. You enter your headline to receive a score along with hints on what to add or take out, making it even better.
If you are not satisfied with your score, change the wordage around to try to get a higher score. It will keep a list of all the headlines that you tried, then pick the headline with the highest score. Get on your way to knocking it out of the park!
If you notice on Pinterest, there are all types of“brands” out there, which show the variety ofbrands of all the pinners. You can either choose yourbrandwith stock photos, or you can design your own brand with just colored backgrounds.
If you have favorite colors that you only want to use or a favorite text to display yourbranduse them so when other pinners see them they will recognize that it is you. 
If you prefer a different photo as your cover image of your board you are able to change this by “editing” your board. Where you see the “cover” button click on “change” and pick what photo you would rather have, then click “save”. 
Every blogger should have a board to represent their blog. This board will include all the blog posts that you have written. This particular board is where pinners can find eBooks, printables, webinars, or any post that you have done personally. This is

how you can send traffic to your blog, by them seeing, and hopefully reading, the post that they have come to read, and all other awesome ones too!
Where should you put this board? it will be the very first one when they look at your Pinterest account. If, for any reason, you may need or want to move any board, click on them while holding your mouse down on it, and slide it to where ever you would want it. 
When categorizing your boards, make sure the top 10 boards that are listed, are highly informational packed with great content, so they are noticed by your visitors first.
There are many stock photos sites that you are able to use, I prefer to I do use others, but I upload other images to take advantage of designing the text over my photos.
If you prefer to have custom templates you are able to have that with way you are able to save your favorite colors or text to use every time, and they will be saved as your template designs. 
If you use the same template over and over people will notice your “style”, your “brand”. The pins below are from a blogger that I follow, Lena@what mommy does. Can you tell what colors she likes? or her template?
These free worksheets from WhatMommyDoes are perfect if you need help deciding on a blog name! These cheatsheets help you pick the PERFECT BLOG NAME which is important if you want to have a blog that's a reflection of YOU but that other people will be interested in reading. It's a fine line to walk! | create a blog ready to make extra money, blogging tips, how to start a blog, blogging for beginners, blog name cheatsheets

Ever wonder how all these six figure bloggers make a lot of money blogging yet don't seem to work very many hours?! There are certain ways to make money online that don't require tons of time once you have your base of content created. This step by step guide walks you through 7 strategies for growing blog income without working harder! A must read for every blogger, whether you write about food, craft, lifestyle, finance, or fashion!


When designing your perfect pin, by using a vertical image this enables your viewer to notice YOUR pin and they also take up more space on a Pinterest feed. The size of 735px X 1102px is a good dimension, but I prefer to go even bigger than 1102px.

Just look at it once it’s done, to make sure it is not too long that a viewer will have to keep scrolling to see all the info and to “repin” your awesome content. You do not want to turn them away. 

Create your pin with text overlay, without it, is just plain boring. This way your viewers can clearly see what the awesome content is once they click on it. Your text should include 

  • What your pin is about
  • An eye-catching title
  • And your URL of your website-I prefer at the bottom

Your URL does not have to be really big, you do not want it to take away from your title just so that photo identifies who designed it. 

If you ever have a hard time discovering your keyword, go to the top of Pinterest where you see the search bar, enter your Pinterest topic. For example, for one of my pin’s discusses my “niche”, so I made sure the word niche was in my title and the description below.

This enables anyone ever having a problem finding their niche for their business, hopefully, my pin will pop up along with all the other ones on that topic.

Remember everyone is trying to do the same as you, so using keywords is a must.

There are important points to cover when adding your pin to Pinterest. I have had trouble with this myself when my URL for my post does not direct my viewers back to my website to read a post.

Of course, I had to get on the phone with WordPress and finally got it taken care of. Just make sure after you apply your pin, test it out to make sure it is working properly.

I have clicked on a pin before and was not able to go to the source, but I leave a comment letting the pinner know so they can look into it. Maybe they were not aware of the problem, I am trying to help them out.

Once again, make sure your content is pertinent, you have most likely heard this before. This is how you will attract your Ideal Client and receive repins. 

Like I mentioned above, the image should be, vertical in shape, readable text. 

Were you aware that you can, and should, have two pins for each blog post, or more? I know that it will take some time to create two images for each post, it is hard for me to decide on just one image out of all those that are available.

This way you are able to distinguish how well those different images measure up to one another. 

I have made two images for some of my pins, then when I have time, I add a couple here and there having two or three for each blog post. Just another way of getting your content out there. 

How do you add

more value to your clients?

Surprise and delight them

Look for the next post on “How to make Social Media platforms work for you”.

Well, anyone up for some printables? You can visit my other blog

@ The country girl and her if you enter your name and email, you will then be sent my password to enter my resource page, where there are many to choose from.


Thanks for visiting with me

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This is what happens when you put fantastic keywords to conquer search engines

Hello, everyone!

Today, we will go over how important it is to get your keywords entered everywhere you can, and WHY it’s so important. 

A word or a phrase that has a topic of importance is a keyword. Searchers will enter keywords to convey and identify a problem or a topic to obtain more information on that subject. When a business wishes to rank higher in the market, they create content, surrounding appropriate topics that searchers are looking for.

What are the different types of keywords?

The two important types of keywords are long-tail keywords and broad keywords. Long-tail keywords are usually a bit longer words or a phrase that pertains to your industry or has to do with your company. Broad keywords are short words, and or phrases. They contain a broader aspect of all the companies in a particular industry besides your own. 

Look at these examples I made up:

Keywords-the country girl and her

I would get started using long-tail keywords since they are better in ranking while providing significant traffic to websites. This will also provide you with qualified readers that are using search engines to find your exact information. 

It will be difficult at first, to be able to arrange your long-tail keyword so they will bring your traffic, making perfect sense. Just practice and over time it will be easier but-

If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay under the porch

As we would say here in the country.

Once you begin using long-tail keywords, while doing some researching, you will become a pro at it. Here are answers that some inquiring minds might be asking.

Why do I even need to use keywords? it’s just going to be more work for me.

I learned some time ago, in college, and in my businesses, that I have had that

Keywords begin the groundwork that you will need to build the foundation of your business. From your domain to the name of your business that leads to the topics of your posts content, starts with keywords. The name of my blog website, along with my domain, gives you the description of what I am, The country girl and her blog. The topic of my choice is whatever I see fit that will cover my niche. 

I enjoy helping others to have the freedom of not going to a job that they dread going to. Making that important step, to be your own boss, having the satisfaction of accomplishment. Building a business for yourself that you will love and enjoy going to a job that they dread going to. Making that important step, to be your own boss, having the satisfaction of accomplishment. Building a business for yourself that you will love and enjoy going to. 

Topic headlines should return your readers to the content that they had read in the first place. By using correct keywords in your headlines will ensure this for your Ideal client and potential clients. 

Links, offers, and Emails should include keywords to have your reader travel even further into your website once they click on any link. Making offers, whether, it be in any link or email will also get them further into your content.

Help visitors, readers, and potential clients to understand your sole purpose and that of your website. If a reader is there to retrieve some information they may do a quick search for keywords that they have in mind. If they do not find what they are looking for they will go elsewhere to find it. We do not want that, adding keywords everywhere and anywhere, provided, they make the content make sense of course. 

Help search engines by entering keywords that will determine the purpose of your website and the topics you provide. Search engines scan your website to pick out keywords on a particular page that points to the purpose of the content you provide. Keywords offer search engines faster returns to the one searching and provide your awesomeness content.

Long-tail strategy Keywords

As you really start using and researching the use of keywords think about some questions you can ask yourself.

1. What services or products do I offer my clients? Make a list of keywords that pertain to your services or products on your website, focusing on long-tail keywords. If your niche is regarding career, then think of keywords that pertain to that, like “Make a courageous career move to better your profession in 30 days or less”. 

That alone may want people to take a look using the word”courageous” meaning “daring”, the word career also means profession, and in 30 days or less???

2. What ideas do you have or can offer to solve their problem, their pain?  Create another list of long-tail keywords that are comparable to their problem or pain. What are some potential solutions that you can offer up, that they are able to search for? Let’s go with the “Make a courageous career move to better your profession in 30 days or less”.

I searched it and this is what I found most interesting,  Take a look this woman took a courageous chance and left her consulting job and took a job overseas. Looks she is having fun too!

All our dreams

can come true if

We have the courage

to pursue them

3. Can you describe your business and what it is that you do? Prior to me starting my blogging business I never talked with something who had a blog, let alone used one for a business. I had always thought of a blog as sort of a diary, a written recorded time of one’s life. If someone is interested in making a business in blogging will they use the word blog or diary? Ok, some may already know about blogging, but still. 

Are you able to break down the aspect of your business? Maybe we should focus on some applicable keywords that best describes our business and what we do on a daily basis in case we are in a situation as this.

My husband and step-children are from Minnesota, the words they use are different from what I have used my whole life. What I call a soda is a pop to them, how I say breakfast is breaftest (he will kill me if he found out I used him as an example) to my husband. Words that you may use is not what others use or how they pronounce them. 

Additional Tips for Headlines

I also take advantage of, where I am able to input a headline from a blog post and it will analyze my headline and let me know what I need to add or remove. The analyzer gives me a score of how good or bad it is so I can adjust it. This is the score I got on this post, the score I got is pretty good. Give it a try and see how you rate. 

Coschedule score-the country girl and her

Pay close attention around holiday’s too, if you have a board dedicated to that particular holiday will increase traffic to your Pinterest accounts, and will, in turn, bring traffic to your website. Be sure to have that holiday’s keywords in your titles of your boards and in the descriptions. 

For additional information please visit these informative blog post of mine @

6 Informative action steps to make your Pinterest boards and pins viral

How to be a winner on Pinterest by knocking it out of the park

Please look for my next post on how to write awesome headlines and the words that you need to include.


 I will be publishing my first ever Ebook, and you will be notified of its publish date. In the meantime please take a FREE printable now. 

Make an awesome blog content post in 30 minutes workbook

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