Plan Your Goals With Purpose Challenge

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Hey there!

If you’re like me then you are big at goal setting. I enjoy setting goals for myself, my life and my business. The goals that I set for these three areas are aimed to add purpose and growth.

I go after them with my whole being, having fun while implementing every step to reach them.

But there is nothing worse than getting on that escalator of goal setting and getting nowhere!

Are you setting goals for yourself or business and then when you reach them it seems like, huh, was that an important goal that I really needed to be reaching right now? Should I have spent that time on this particular goal at this time in my day, month or year?



I know I’ve been there from time to time. I thought I was doing everything I needed to do for my business, my time, my life. But something was still not right.

I had been working long hours sacrificing family time, completely consumed with my growing business.

Everyone I met along the way was growing with little effort, faster than I was. I tried their advice, but it still was not getting me the same results. Their “way” was not giving me the result that I wanted.

Making money was not a big deal as it was, or is, for most others. I’m doing this to teach others that there is something more to life than working 9-5 every day.

If the money came “great” that’s a benefit for the hard work that I have put into trying to teach others to do what I have learned to do.

I will not feel successful until I do what I started out to do, achieving my goals to help as many as I can.

I often feel exhausted, but it is well worth the fight every day that I’m able to get one, or two, or even three more people to join my Tribe of success.

But the most important aspect that I’ve learned that has helped me tremendously is….

How to set the right goals that fit my business. If you’re not setting any goals at all, you’re just going to make yourself overwhelmed and unhappy.

Now what I’m offering you, is us, together, going through this to get ready for the new year ahead of us.

I want to show you how to “Plan your Goals with Purpose” in a 5-day challenge for your New Year. You will not only learn how to plan your goals but be fulfilled with purpose with a feeling of achievement.
This is a FREE 5-day challenge that I want to introduce you to beginning Monday, December 10, to Friday the 14th.

I really hope that you can join us this for some clarity on

“Plan your Goals with Purpose challenge”.

Inside your FREE 5-day challenge, you will learn to make a powerful impact on your home life and work life with

“Plan your Goals with Purpose” challenge.


All you have to do is go to this link and enter 

Plan Your Goals With Purpose Challenge. 


Each day I’ll be sending out an email with a video explaining what we will be focusing on for that day. You will also get a PDF so you can take notes to keep track of your success for that goal. 

Having goals for the year makes it so much easier to handle and plan out. When you reach that goal “WooHoo” the feeling is awesome! When you have goals it makes you accountable for your success in your home life, and especially in your business. 

December 10th: Planting The Seeds Of Success For The Coming Year:

Choose the areas to focus on to up your game for the coming year.

Have you been lacking in some important areas? We will go over how to prioritize your goals so that you can reach those goals. 

December 11th: Strategic Planning For 2019

This is a great time to review year-end results and plan for the coming year. New product launches, vital inputs, valuable people, and business growth to name a few. 

When you have a plan written out for products that you want to create, launches that will be completed, people and businesses that you wish to reach out to, what better way than to have them planned for a certain time of the year. 

This is the first 2 days and that is not all I have for you, join us and you will see what the last 3 days have in store for you.

Plan Your Goals With Purpose Challenge

We will cover a lot of information in this 5 days, so roll up your sleeves, roll up a chair with a beverage and put your thinking cap on. 

On to the NEW YEAR…..Cheers!

See you on Monday the 10th,

All My Best,


P.S. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. ~Zig Ziglar


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