Finding Clarity For The Entrepreneur Through Mantras

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“Whenever human beings consciously change their thought vibrations they can change their life. Mantras are the thought vibrations.”

― Amit Ray, Mantra Design Fundamentals

For at least 3000 years, Mantras have shared a widespread interest in all sorts of people. Many people meditate on them with encouraging words for us to “Be Happy”, or “Let it go”. Urging us to keep going because life trips us up. We have them hanging from our computer screens, hung on our walls, refrigerators, written in emails or blog posts.

In addition, posting them on Twitter, Facebook, in our pins on Pinterest, Instagram and whatever social media site you have an account with. 

On October 29, 2018, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra started the 21-day Meditation Experience Manifesting True Success”. 

Take a listen to this YouTube video”Meditate it forward” from Deepak Chopra. I have started using this before I start my work day in the morning, I first relax and meditate to one of his videos. It is so relaxing for me to give in to myself and let my mind take over. As an entrepreneur sometimes we need to STOP and take in what’s around us and inside of us. So if you haven’t already listened to the video, do yourself a favor, and do so now….

As people, we get stuck sometimes finding it hard to get our self out of the funk of life. Going to that job we just hate, not having enough time in our day, our day goes the opposite of what we want or need it to go, and we want to just go back to bed starting over again. How many times have you said, “I should have never gotten out of bed today”, or heard someone else say that?

Let’s take on the act of getting rid of the negative talk or thoughts, replacing them with positive ones to focus on.

Studies are telling us that Mantras can help us to reduce stress levels, by chanting them. Our brain’s own chemistry is changing with the use of Mantras, taking all the stress out of our bodies. 

These studies have also shown that by tapping the roof of our mouth with our tongue, therefore, sends a message and vibrations to areas of our brain, working the brain, that affects our whole body. 

Finding Clarity For The Entrepreneur Through Mantras-#2 (3)

Would the use of mantras help you in your business as an entrepreneur? 

When one decides to be an entrepreneur, the most important step is to start, and complete, the groundwork before beginning their journey as an entrepreneur. This includes gaining patience,  knowledge of risk factors, the courage to conquer all the challenges that come their way with belief, and wisdom. 

Success, and achieving it, can’t be taught to just anyone, it has to be learned over a period of time.

Being successful is a relative term, and means different things for different people.

Though success depends upon several factors which are consistent for anyone working toward it, you can choose to,

    1. Trust the process.

    2. A vision is a dream with a plan.

    3. You only fail when you stop trying.

    4. Make it a great day or not — the choice is yours.

    5. Life is either short or really, really long. Either way, you better spend it doing what

       makes you happy.

    6. Bloom where you are planted.

    7. People support a world they help create.

    8. Wherever you are, be all there.

    9. Nothing in nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself.

    10. Have fun. 

    11. Work as if someone is trying to take it away from you.

    12. Perfectionism stunts progress. Good enough is good enough.

    13. If you don’t dream it, you can’t live it!

    14. A flourishing career starts with persistence.

    15. Go & do.

    16. Believe, achieve. Doubt, you’re out.

    17. No means not yet!

    18. If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a new door.

    19. Oh, what the f*%&, go for it anyway!

    20. E+R=O, there is always an Event and there will always be an Outcome but how you

            Respond determines what happens! 

    21. Happiness is a choice.

    22. Progress is a process.

    23. As you think, so you shall be.

    24. You are here on purpose.

    25. The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

    26. Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t

           even  try.

    27. Be brave.

    28. Onward and upward.

    29. Claim your values; pick your priorities.

    30. Better done than perfect.

As we all are aware, being successful doesn’t happen overnight. The traits of every entrepreneur require patience, a passion, aggressiveness, and a self-belief. Having the confidence of accepting failures and rejections is a given.

If you are ready for the ride of a lifetime, entrepreneurship is for those that are willing to take the challenge along with the trade-offs. Having this in your mindset is one thing, but actually living it throughout your day is another. Then, and only then, will you be able to weigh just how challenging it can be?

There will be good days, there will be bad days, and then there will most definitely be Mondays. Running a business can affect your state of being, shaking your confidence to the very core.

Finding Clarity For The Entrepreneur Through Mantras

That is where entrepreneurs are able to keep in mind the mantras I have listed here to climb your ladder to success.

Qualities to Lead- If at one day you have a team prepare to be mentally and socially challenged. Responsible to face the outcome of your action without putting the blame onto someone else, you are the main decision maker.

Focus on your passion, goals, and vision- The first practical step is to mentally be ready to tackle the challenges that may get in the way of your passion, goals or vision.  A well-defined blueprint of what, and where, you want your business to be, is necessary for every entrepreneur.

Planning efficiently- What do you want your long-term growth to look like? Executing an efficient plan in your blueprint is necessary to perform, you can’t be in it for just a quick win.

Risk-taking- Taking risks to achieve success is an important trait of being an entrepreneur. Learning from past losses, recognizing the factors of a good deal or not, and taking financial risks to see their vision a reality.

Audacious attitude- Be audacious, looking face-to-face with your fears, letting your creative and innovated ideas pour out from you leading to success.

Believing in yourself- When entering into this thriving competitive arena of entrepreneurship, self-belief, confidence, and courage to overcome challenges is a must. When discovering new things or new ideas having the knowledge is best before jumping into the unknown of things. Choosing the safe paths does not always happen, but trying out different ways of learning with a backup plan is a smart move to live by. Using visualization and planning for the risks to come, is what make a successful awesome entrepreneur. 

Gracefully accepting failures- Those, that achieve success are those that accept the failure, turns around and builds greater success. Building a stronger foundation from those experiences. For those people that have never faced a challenge have not experienced that learning curve, and have stopped the process of learning. However, a successful entrepreneur realizes failure has only been stepping stones to great success. 

Always be optimistic- On your way to achieve success always be optimistic to help ward off your anxieties. Keeping a positive attitude will help you through the many challenges and empower you to turn those challenges into opportunities. 

Client/Subscriber viewpoint- A successful entrepreneur will always keep their client/subscriber viewpoint into perspective. Meeting the needs of everyone, and anyone that they come in contact with by providing complete happiness, in addition to earning their trust.

As an entrepreneur, you have invested so much of your time, of your soul, making your business function as your main source of income. Threats that come to your business, is like a threat to your safety net, inducing a rush of adrenaline pumping into your system for the sake of your invested amount of time. 

You deserve to feel proud for what you have accomplished along the way in your entrepreneurial journey, but your body can only take so much until you will reach exhaustion if you do not take care of your human vessel. 

With the use of a mantra, something that is repeated over and over can be used as a simple tool that can be used to stay focused, avoiding burnout. I use mantra to get myself in perspective of what I have planned to do that day, what is on my business agenda. If I feel myself drifting away during my day, I just listen again, to the meditation website, and it guides me back to my own self-alignment. 

Many of us have become entrepreneurs so that we can have control of our destiny, our lives. We have a story to tell, want to offer people our products or services, want to help others to have a better life.

We trust that this will turn out greater than our wildest imagination, it matters, if you believe it, and it makes you feel good. To be able to capture a state of a possibility of joy and positivity, therefore, creating a world of reality for yourself. 

Finding Clarity For The Entrepreneur Through Mantras-#2

My time is precious, I will give time to myself, for relaxation and focus on the power inside of me…..

Finding the hard way, it very easy to get caught up in the daily grind of the never-ending list of projects, as a result, I actually burnt myself out last year. But, I did not return until I felt that I could go on to making my dream come true, which I still am. Most of all, I am focused more than ever.

When we deprive ourselves of the life outside of our business, we deprive our business. It’s especially relevant to take time to pause and breathe, our business will still be there. That is the benefit of being your own boss, take a break between your course launches, blog post, social media, turn your cell phone off, and stop looking to see who is doing what, and where, with whom.

Who cares, if it does not affect your business don’t worry about it. Give yourself time and don’t worry about anyone else, read a great mystery book, watch the Hallmark channel, take a walk or a run. 

Learn to reduce the chatter that goes on inside your head. Tune into who you are, what you are here for. What or who you are doing this all for. Take yourself into the vision that you see yourself being at in 5 – 10 years from now, not straying away from your goals. Who is your own greatest teacher? It’s you, only you, that’s who it has always been, who it will ever be. 

Telling yourself,

“Prioritize and value my own inner wisdom and vision of my future”. 

Entrepreneurship does not mean there is no rush to the finish line, this is not a marathon. Stop and remind yourself, to slow the pace down, enjoy the small wins that you have. Those can be some pretty awesome wins! 

“I will take my time and celebrate each stage of the process, even enjoying the small wins”

When surrounded by to-do lists, your tasks at hand, it might be hard to think about, “why you started your business, in the first place”. Some of us can handle the stress of owning our business, others crush under pressure. I have to say, that I thrive under pressure. I am at my best when I have a deadline for getting something done, my mind is focused. Me? I’m the type of person who is never late to appointments, or phone calls. When I did have a job out of the home, I was never late…..

I am presently the happiest version of myself in my life. I know where I came from, beating childhood cancer, got ran over (actually ran over) by a car as a child. Here I am, still beating the odds. 

God was not finished with me yet, I’m counting my blessing every day. I understand where I am striving to be, how to get my goals checked off of the list of a lifetime. Never looking back hearing those words woulda, coulda, shoulda. I am living all of those down to the penny. 

I always find my joy when I return to right here, right now…..


All My Best,

Lisa Mingo

P.S. Are you ready to create the life you’ve always dreamed of? All you can imagine or desire is available to you, right here, right now.

Leave me a comment, and let me know what you thought of this post, what you thought of the meditation link, by the way, this is another one. Take a listen, end your day with this. If you’re reading this at the beginning of your day, start your day off with one of these videos.  See if your day is any different by relaxing first. I know that sounds kinda funny to relax before starting your day, but take a chance.


Finally, in conclusion,

 Confidence comes through action.

 The only approval you need is your own.

 The fastest way to improve self-confidence is to do the exact thing you fear.

 Accept everything you are — and aren’t. That is true happiness.

 At the end of the day, what matters most is how you see yourself.

 What others say is a reflection of them, not you.

 You are good enough.

 It isn’t who you are that holds you back; it’s who you think you aren’t.

 No one can make you feel unworthy without your permission.

 There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be your true self. You matter.



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