Jeff Walkers FREE Masterclass



I want to invite you all to watch Jeff Walker’s FREE Masterclass. I have the replays of #1 & #2 and Jeff will be hosting another one on September 20, and September 24. The one on the 20th and 24th will be live. Here are the links for the replays

The first one was on September 13th

This is where you are able to go and watch ALL the replays and the upcoming Masterclasses as well when they are available on the 20th and the 24th.

The second one was on September 17th. 

Launch_Masterclass_L1_Action_Guide_v1 (1)


Launch_Masterclass_L3_Action_Guide_v1–JEFF WALKERS

This isn’t a flimsy 3-page report…this is a nearly 20 page PDF blueprint that goes into RIDICULOUS detail on how to design and execute a successful PLF launch. 

This exact blueprint has generated over $1 BILLION in sales for Jeff and his students!

So far, Jeff has provided over 6 hours of FREE training on how to implement the Product Launch Formula. Now he’s GIVING away the entire blueprint. 


Oh yeah – and he’s also going to do a live masterclass and walk you and me through the entire blueprint. 

These last two masterclasses he hosted was just awesome! I want to share them with everyone and everywhere!

Pass them along to friends and family, social media sites, emails. Get the word out that they are awesome learning tools. I can not wait for the next one this Thursday! I will let you know the link to join that LIVE Masterclass. 


I am also inviting you to go here to see a recap with Matt McWilliams from lesson #1 of Matt where we all discuss what we all took from the lesson and here to see a recap lesson #2 with Matt McWilliams.

Enjoy and take plenty of notes!!

All my best,

Lisa Mingo


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