Suck At Email Marketing? Maximize Email Marketing By Learning The Right Content

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Email marketing is achieved with the proper use of service since many communicate through email.

Maximize email marketing by learning the right content. Including the right service to use, and the right ways of creating an email campaign! 

Have you heard people say, “the money is in the list”? Do you know what this means to the online business owner? It will be from your list or your Tribe, where you will get most of your revenue from. The bigger and better the list, the bigger and better revenue you will generate.

You will need to know how to create a clientele email list from scratch in online marketing for your business. 

What are the benefits of building a clientele email list?

  • Directory of email subscribers that have agreed to get your messages, blog posts, newsletters by opting in 

This is your audience, (Tribe), if you introduce a product, webinar, or a course, they will not hesitate to buy it.

  • Building your Tribe from people who want more of your content

To produce a faithful and permanent means of connecting with those who are interested in your content by having a direct link to your Tribes inbox. Having just a brief moment to capture their attention with YOUR interesting content.

  • Producing conversion rate (CRO) with as much valuable content as possible

This will depend on your content, the higher the better. If you have great content that your Tribe will purchase repeatedly, your conversion rate will stay a higher rate than if your content sucks.

Do any of you have a favorite restaurant? (I love Longhorn) Favorite store to shop at? (I love TJMaxx) Favorite coffee shop? (Starbucks, unfortunately, I have to travel about 45 minutes for a Carmel Macchiato). Building your Tribe by your email list is like running one of the above examples. It is in the product they deliver to their customers that makes satisfied customers. It’s when a customer walks in their door, is just like opting to your email list. You have to win them over as soon as they enter by giving them the awesome product, awesome content and a friendly environment on your site. A satisfied customer is a happy one that will continue coming back, referring your content to friends or family.

So what are you going to do when you show up in their inbox? Flatter the heck out of them, is what.

Which means that each email can make or break your relationship that you are striving for

Because each time it HAS to add a little more knowledge to your client. If you’re sending out uninteresting (or salesy) emails, you will be having many “unsubscribe”. Making it even worse seen as spam before you ever get a second chance to woo them.

Are you feeling the pressure yet?

First beginning to build your email list? This can be intimidating, but others may know exactly what to do. This strategy is needed to form a strong relationship with your audience to accelerate your list-building journey. 

  • Set your email list-building journey upfront

Customers are going to be careful not to fill their inbox with garbage. They will not optin if they believe there is no value in what you are offering. You need to make it clear to the visitor what they can expect by joining your list. If you are using an optin form stating “Sign up for my email list”, they will ask “why”? There HAS to be a call-to-action clearing stating why they should sign up for an email list, or you will never grow a list at all. 

People want special offers, free stuff, or learn from what you claim to be an expert in. You may have a different email marketing strategy than others. For example, if you only send out one email a month then let them know that in your optin. Otherwise, they wonder “I signed up for the email list but have not gotten a thing”.

That may be something they are wanting, instead of having their inbox stuffed with invaluable information

  • Deliver as much value as you possibly can

Value is what gets the ball rolling in any type of email list-building journey. If you do have a new subscriber sign up, make sure they do not get bored and unsubscribe, give them what they need to stick around. This is the fastest way to grow your audience by following through on what or how you got them to optin in the first place. From then on the battle begins to gain a lifelong follower.

Enormous value is what everyone wants in-and-out of an online business and is the fastest way to gain the trust you need from your list. The quality of what you are offering whether it be in an ebook, free tools, or blog post content, it does not matter which one it is, but it needs to be what you promised in the beginning. Subscribers can not wait to get an email from when they are aware they are filled with value information.

They look to you to solve specific problems or answer questions that they did not know they needed to ask

  • Do not distract the visitor’s observation with irrelevant offers

Once the visitor has entered your site, you want to make a good first impression. Giving him or her a remarkable first experience, guiding them to grab what you are offering. This is a very important part of (CRO) aka, Conversion Rate Optimization, perfecting your visitor’s experience. 

Distracting a visitor’s experience is easily done with PopUps. If they are not timed to show up at a good time, they will detour the visitor from reading. Popups with bright colors or have too much information can also be a deterrent, making them exit out altogether. 

When the visitor is distracted by a PopUp the risk of your bounce rate will be out of this world. The less disruptive they are the less of annoyance. Plan them where they would be timed at the right moment, depending on how many words you have in a post. The exit PopUp is widely used giving your visitor time to read through your content or decides he or she has had enough. That will be your last chance to get their attention and they may decide to accept or say “no thanks”.

There are one or more mistakes email marketers make that is a turn off to visitor’s

The #1 mistake that an email marketer makes is grabbing email addresses off the web and entering them into their list without the person subscribing. This is NOT the way to build your list and is not fair to the owner of that email address. You have to be honest and upfront with people earning their respect and trust. I am sure there are those that actually do this, but it will hurt them in the end by the person unsubscribing. That is NOT the way to earn the trust that is imperative to form a relationship. 

Another mistake when building your list would be overdoing it with your list of people. Do not be a nuisance to people, no one wants to be hounded. This can be harmful to your credibility. People opting into your list expect you to be professional and knowledgeable of your content. Emails that go out to your list need to be sent with content that contains value. It will depend on your list and what works for you, and for them when deciding how often to send out your emails.

Google analytics is a great tool to monitor where your traffic is coming from, the time of day, the age group and if they are male or female. Many email marketers only send emails out on a certain day of the week, making their email list aware of when to expect new content from you.

If you are consistent, it will only lead to trust

There are advanced tactics to use in order to grow your email clientele

Even though you have built a list for some time it is always good to be a part of a refresher course. There may be new ways that you are not aware of yet, the more you learn, the more effective you can be. There may be new and improved tweaks in making offers to your content and in delivering it. Using Google Search Console will enable you to see what people are searching for. Are there search inquiries that are in your niche that brought them to your site? You are actually able to figure out what your audience is wanting, or their pain so that you can point your content at what others are searching for. Use your optin as a lure that addresses pain points to a particular group of searchers to increase chances of getting subscribers.

If you have not heard of capture forms in the middle of video content, it is another way of getting subscribers. If you have an 8-minute video you are showing and your visitor is at the 4-minute mark of the video this should mean he or she finds it interesting. You are able to make it a requirement to continue only if they enter their email address is another tool in capturing their address.

There are many sites that poll their audience, asking which type of content is better for them, any questions they may have, or something that they do not care for on the site. The common strategy for email marketing is bringing the visitor to your website linking them to your best content, hoping they return for more. 


Remember to choose ~~Quality over Quantity~~Emails are to be used to producing quality content on YOUR email-list building journey

All my best,

Lisa Mingo


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