Treat Eczema, Anxiety, Colds, Flus and More

Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle

I have come across these awesome Bundle that is on sale now. 

Instead of paying $567.48, which is what these products cost individually…

You can get them all for only $47 in the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle

Here is all you will get in your awesome bundle and there is even a 30-day money back guarantee




  • DIY Natural Bath & Body Products by Carolina King ($10.00)

  • Essential Oil Make & Take Classes: Everything You Need To Know + Printables by Pam Farley ($39.00)

  • Essential Oils in Natural Body Care: Your How-to Guide to Creating Safer Skin Care Products  by Stacy Karen ($12.95)

  • Hot Process Soap Making: How to Make & Customize Your Own Hot Process Natural Soaps by Heidi Villegas ($10.00)

  • Natural Body Care: Recipes That Soothe The Skin by Sarah Kirkconnell ($9.99)

  • Natural Soap Making How-To & Recipe Book by Kelly Cable ($7.99)

  • The Nerdy Farm Wife’s Natural Bath Bombs by Jan Berry ($9.99)



  • Cooking with Herbs & Essential Oils by Kristyn Bango ($4.99)

  • Guide to Herbs & Spices by Irena Macri ($9.00)


Essential Oils     

  • 3-Month Membership to The Essential Oils Club – Inner Circle by Dr. Eric Z ($29.91)

  • Essential Oil Journal by Tonia Lyons ($8.99)

  • Essential Oil Profiles: Aromatherapy Reference Manual for the Everyday Beginner and Beyond by Lea Jacobson ($27.95)

  • Essential Oil Safety Cards by Kresha Faber ($7.00)

  • Essential Oil Toolkit & Recipe Journal by Chantal Bernard ($10.99)

  • Essential Oils for Families  by Jodi Cohen ($17.95)

  • The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide: Printable Charts and Checklists to Help You Successfully Use Essential Oils at Home by Kristen Smith ($7.95)


For Your Home     

  • Natural Living Green Cleaning by Tracy Robinson (0.99)

  • DIY Holistic Cleaning: Safe and Natural Ways to Clean Your Home and Workplace by Katie Schablon ($10.04)



  • Backyard Herbs: 10 Herbs to Forage for and How to Use Them by Heather Harris ($7.99)

  • The Backyard Apothecary by Kathie Lapcevic ($6.95)

  • Wildcrafting Weeds: 20 Easy to Forage Edible and Medicinal Plants (that might be growing in your backyard!) by Colleen Codekas ($12.00)



  • 1-Year Membership to The Herbarium by The Herbal Academy ($45.00)

  • Guide to Using Kitchen Herbs for Health by Anne Gibson ($6.99)

  • Herbal Bitters: 12 Recipes to Strengthen Your Digestion by Rosalee de la Foret ($14.99)

  • Herbal Tea Kick-Start Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Healing Herbal Teas by Kami McBride ($64.00)

  • Herbs for Energy by Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, CNP, RH (AHG), FDN-P, NBC-HWC ($15.00)

  • So Easy Herbal: Ten Herbs, How to Grow Them, Use Them and Save Money by Karon Grieve ($10.00)


Natural Remedies     

  • 15 Roller Bottle Recipes and Labels for Stress, Rest, and Mood by Rachel Zupke ($3.99)

  • DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit: The Herbal Remedies You Need to Pack Before You Leave Home by Chris Dalziel ($97.00)

  • Herbal First Aid & Home Care by Natalie Vickery ($12.00)

  • Herbal Projects for Sleep and Comfort by Angi Schneider ($9.99)

  • How To Use Echinacea Correctly During Cold & Flu Season Mini Course by Meagan Visser ($15.00)

  • Natural Remedies for Rookies: Crowdsourced From the Mom Next Door by Katie Kimball ($5.95)

  • Salve Made Simple by Jennifer Saleem ($7.95)

  • Your All-Natural Guide to Pregnancy & Postpartum by Betsy Kay ($3.99)


  • FREE pair of leather diffuser earrings from The Oil Collection ($19.95)

  • FREE 2 oz. bottle of select supplements from TriLight Health ($12.95)

  • FREE citrus lotion & bug block sticks from MadeOn Skin Care ($16.80)

  • FREE 2-pack of soap from Puro Co ($15.00)

P.S.  You had better act fast for this incredible opportunity of a lifetime. You will not find this anywhere else. 

What are you waiting for? get yours today


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