Landing pages vs. pop-ups? What do you prefer?

I have recently taken a course from Matt McWilliams ( aka, “The Affiliate Guy”). There are some first-time people in the group that are just starting out with an online business, with many questions. One of the questions that were asked, “what is a landing page and a pop-up?  “how are they different from one another”?

That is an understandable question, one that I had to learn about when I first started out.

There was some controversy about what people liked or disliked,

What is a Landing page, and what is its main function? 

There is more than one way to build your audience and followers, Landing pages are one of them. Landing pages are a great tool to invite people to join webinars, free courses, download a pdf, join a group, and to sell products or services. Landing pages are used hourly by anyone looking to promote something in their business. Furthermore, promoting affiliate partners products or services.

As you can see from the example below an invite to join a group is being asked, once the viewer clicks the join now button, they will be asked for their email address. Bingo! 


No pressure.

There are many templates out there to use, and you can design them however you want. Your Landing page needs to be clear and concise about what you are asking the viewer to do. Just so you will not have an upset viewer getting into something he or she did not understand. If they sign up on your email list make sure they get to do or get to have what you are offering on your Landing page. The image needs to be a clear one, matching what you are offering. Viewers do not want to see a blurry image or one that does not match what you are offering. Make it look professional.

Landing pages are good tools to use

Landing pages are a tool to use to get your email address but are not your email marketing software programs, like Infusionsoft, ConvertkKit, or the one I use Mailchimp. You will be using another service to send out your emails to your clients while Landing pages are helping you collect those emails. Here is a screenshot from Mailchimp, they are pretty easy to use in creating, email, an Ad, Landing Pages and they now offer Postcards, (not seen on this image). Funny thing I noticed about the Postcards, it now costs .87 cents to send one in the mail, I remember them being .15 cents. Does that show my age or what? Ok, back the Landing pages…

Outline of your Landing Page



This example shows:

  • What you are offering at the top to grab the viewer’s attention
  • Show a photo of what your Landing Page is all about
  • Benefits of your product or service
  • CTA- call-to-action, this will be the magic button that needs to be pressed to get what you are offering


Other ways to use Landing pages or pop-ups is to:

  1. Advertise your webinars

Here you can place images of you or something that pertains to your product or service that you are offering. All you will have to do is embed the link into the image then it can be accessed by clicking on the image. The software for webinars are somewhat costly, so search around for one that fits your budget.

  2. Give out content information(such as workbooks, printables, etc)

A free printable for a client can be entered in a Landing page once their email is given. This can be in a blog post, or on your Resource page. Where ever you would like to place it.

  3. Opt-in Form

These are great to have on your website. I have certain entrepreneurs that I want to see their newest posts, but I do not want to have to look them up. I get their latest and greatest dropped right in my inbox. 

Image result for images of a opt-in

  4. Sales Page

A sales page can be created for the sale of your ebook or a webinar course, this is also a good way to get an email address. 

Image result for images of a landing page for a ebook

So what about Pop-ups?

We have all experienced these pesky annoyances when we are reading a blog post, this THING pops up out of nowhere blocking the post. They come in different sizes, colors or appear on the page in various ways. Some slides from the side of a page or appear in front of you shaking itself. You do, however, have the option to “give up” your information, exit out of it giving away nothing, or you just leave the page unread altogether.  Yes, this pesky THING below ⇓          ⇓            ⇓  don’t worry its just one that I copied and pasted, so do not enter your information. 

Image result for images of a popup

Some can be funny ones, like the one below, while most are serious ones.


Related image

You could put just about anything on a pop-up, but how much do you want to push the viewer into either clicking, it or just plain leaving your site?

Some interesting information on pop-ups, there was a survey done by the Nielson Norman Group that stated pop-up ads are the most hated type of advertising. The survey showed that 95% of those surveyed hated them and saw them as ads only to attract unnecessary clicks. These annoying pop-ups ‘negatively’ affected their experience of visiting sites.

Consumer views on advertising pop ups

How long should you wait until you have a pop-up appear?

I have had this problem before when I have read a post and just as I get into what they are saying then “”””POOF””””!!! then I have to stop what I was reading to see what they are dishing out. If I am interested then sure I will join or whatever the button says to do, if not I choose the X. Finally going back to reading their stuff that I originally picked to read.

I have set my pop-ups at different times, so in the future, I can set them accordingly.

Do you prefer a small square pop-up, rectangular, or A BIG ONE? Hey, Hey, stay focused

No matter the size you will still see the POOF right? Some pop-ups blend right into to the page that I may be on, some take up the whole page you are on. What do you prefer???

Furthermore, there are those where the background dims so the pop-up is right in your face.

Make it easier for the viewer to know what it is that you want him or her to do, ask for their name and email address only. I have seen some that asked, “where do you live” or “where do you work”, if self-employed “what is the name of your business”? Personally, that is a bit much, don’t ya think? Only the basics are needed here.

There have been people who have done studies on this topic, but not recently.


So, I am asking that you give your honest opinions so I can have an exact study to post on the WEB and for a course, I am building. After I have gone through the number of emails and write-up the results I will email you with those results. Also, in the comments tell me how long people should wait to release the POOF —POP-UP to appear. Should the pop-up be small, large? come from the top, side or bottom? Pleaseeeee

Related image

I would really appreciate your responses to this post. It is important to me, It will be added to my course I am building that will hit the Internet later this year. Enter your comments in the area below.


Thanks so much,

All my best

Lisa Mingo





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