Chandler Bolt on How To Have Passive Income and Expert Status

Make money in your sleep, what? 

That sounds great, huh?

There is nothing wrong with working more hours at your 9 to 5 job or asking your boss for a raise. But wouldn’t you rather make money in your sleep, while shopping, on vacation? 

There are many ways to do this, but you can not automatically turn your time into money. By planting a seed so your money can grow while you are off doing other things is possible. This concept of passive income is by planting your financial seeds to produce an income. I demonstrate this when summer comes and I go out to the garden to plant my vegetable seeds. Throughout this time, I tend to my plants that are growing, to the time I harvest the outcome of my labor. 

This all takes some time up front, some maintenance along the way. But if you plant the seed of passive income in the correct climate controlled audience your reward is worth your labor of love. 

With an online business, there are many ways to earn a passive income. 

Think about it, how can you generate an income through the Internet?

Supply your own product on the Internet to sell

Products or services are endless to promote and sell through the Internet with consumers worldwide. These can be through a blog site that you create to generate a passive income by selling products or services. 

  • Write an ebook

An ebook is a book that you are able to read for free or purchase online. When writing your own ebook there is a lot of work to complete before publishing it. Your ebook has to be created and marketed along with an audience to read it. Once you have an audience to purchase your ebook you will then be earning a passive income. Therefore, planting a seed of information. 

Amazon is a place to sell your ebook, but you are able to have your own website to create, market and sell your ebook yourself. Creating an ebook is often called finding free money that keeps coming time after time. Create it once and continue to be compensated. Just “click here to find out how” button and you will be on your way to learning with Chandler Bolt. 

  • Create a YouTube channel

There are many that have created videos, or webinars to promote their product or services. Continually earning a passive income on YouTube by using tools to promote a product or service over and over.  

Social media platforms have provided ways to invite, advertise and market your products.  Take a look at Book launch for a free book and video training series by “click here to claim it” button.

Do you need passive income and expert advice? I really believe that you would benefit by clicking on the “click here to find out how” button below. You will learn what you need to learn in 90 days by having Chandler Bolt teach you personally. 


If you will please, take a look at any of these learning tools and leave me a comment on what you think. How can these tools benefit you and your future? Are you ready to start earning a passive income while you sleep, shop or taking a vacation? What would a passive income do for you? Pay bills, spend more time with family? Finally be able to plan your own future, taking it day by day, on your time and not for someone else.




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