Successful Online Businesses Are On The Rise

Entrepreneurs~Online Business Owners

Studies suggest over 100 million freelancers worldwide, are running successful online businesses out of their homes. Many people are taking the chance, quitting their current jobs to become a boss in their entrepreneurial lifestyle.

There are no shortages of great online business ideas today, that is why I own two online businesses. I have the freedom to make my own hours, run it like I want, best of all, in my home office. Online business owners still work many hours, but I would rather be here instead of working for someone else.

In fact, the numbers from hosting have recorded there are 966 million websites worldwide. WordPress alone, which is the platform I use, is responsible for over 76.5 million blogs. Bluehost is the self-hosted platform that I have used for some time, powering over 2 million websites. 


If you are wanting to take that chance, have the perks of being the boss, then now is the time to start your online businesses

Every day there are 2 million blog posts published by online businesses.

The current popular marketing strategies for content are
blogging (65%)
social media (65%)
case studies (64%)
B2B, or in other words, a business to business buyers researches everything before he or she makes a purchase. Utilizing white papers, webinars, ebooks, or the use of an analysis report, making up 78%.

A blog post in long-form, rather than short-form posts, generate more than 9 times in leads. This means people prefer a lot of information in one long post, instead of having to go from one post to another for good solid content.

Blogging is the number one marketing strategy according to 45% of marketers.

Blog posts are being published from a website that exceeds 6.7 million people. While on social media platforms there are 12 million being posted.
In the U.S. 61% of online consumers have made purchases based on a blog site recommendation. A total of 81% of consumers put their trust in Entrepreneur blogs and information that is given.

New domain names (which are your .com or .net) have grown to 1.3 million in the first 3 months of 2017, which is an increase of 3.7% in 2016. It is estimated in 2019, in the United States, we will have 224 million people shopping through a digital device.

So as you can see what I have laid out for you here, online businesses are booming more than ever.

I am asking each and every one of you that reads this post if you have not started your online business already, why? You do not have to quit your day job first to do this, start an online business on the side. Get it up and going, once it has reached a peak to run it full-time then SAY


Online businesses


Check out these income reports from online business owners

You are the boss of your life, your business, your freedom lifestyle you deserve.

Let me share some information about Google

When searching Google for information, you are given more than one page to go through. How many times do you bother going to the second page? If you can not find what you are looking for on the first page do you continue? I know I do not, and polls say that 75% of people do not continue to the second page. 
Google ads, which are ads that you purchase to promote your blog post, products, or services are expected to become more popular, but 80% of the people are ignoring them.

Google alone generates over 6,586,013,574 inquiries worldwide in one day with 15% of those brand new searches on Google.
These days people are using phones for just about everything and anything. So it is not hard to believe that worldwide in 2018, about $237 billion dollars of ad money is made. Which means digital media is generating 44% of the money.

Even with the increase in mobile use, sales for desktops are still at the top, (I love my desktop over my phone any day) but here we see that mobile phones and tablets are at 57% of traffic online.

What does that tell you? Online

businesses are where

you need to be. 

How much time do you spend on your mobile devices? ( I know how much time my kids do) In 2018, most adults in America will spend about 3.5 hours daily on their devices. That is a lot of time they can be building an online business instead of wasting that time on what? playing Candy Crush Saga? Pinning on Pinterest?

Americans, have been given this great opportunity to be successful in life. Internet, tablets or smartphones are tools to make it happen for us. Making money, spend more time with family, a vacation, or pay for your kid’s college. There is no end to where you can go when owning your online business. It only depends on YOU, how much do you want it? How hard are you willing to work at your business and not someone else’s?

I found this in an article from Quora,( that as an Entrepreneur, I stand by.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”?
In case you didn’t get it, Alex Rodriguez Bacardit from MarsBased explains: “This means you will burn out, run out of money, lose friends, lose hair if you’re a man, work too much, sleep too little and other caveats. But all beginnings are hard, and very few people like to risk in order to achieve a better status in life. If you’re not ready to invest in your life, you can’t be an entrepreneur.”

I have invested my time building what is mine, if I fail it is my fault. Who likes to fail? I don’t, so I continue to build in what I believe in, my future. Who else is going to do it for me? Being an Entrepreneur means you have faith in what you started, as it continues to grow from day one. There are harder days than others, I welcome them, I become stronger and learning from them. 

Unlimited income potential

The level of productivity you produce determines your business income. As a blog owner, I understand the content information, product, or service I provide determines how my business will do. How I market my business through the product, services, and content will determine what sustainable income I make. All I reap will depend on what I sow, how hard I work. 

 Insights of a blogging business are open to anyone 24/7, 365 days a year. I have built my business with very little and it will continue to grow over time as it reaches the needs of my audience. 

The unlimited income potential includes my partnerships with my affiliates that I work with providing my clients with online tools to assist their online businesses to grow. Partnerships provide a passive income, which is income I earn when I am not even present when a transaction takes place.

Having a resource page for my business assists clients or visitors with an overview of the products I use or come recommended my colleagues. So I want to pass along information to others, what may not work for my business, will for someone else.

There is no time like the present to begin your online business, the golden age of wealth is upon us.

Giving thanks to smartphones along with the Internet, we are now experiencing explosive growth in advertisement marketing. Social media is magnifying the potential opportunity for online business growth. 

The concept of making money online through websites and blogs is no longer new, but people are still asking the same question, “Can you really make money from a blog”? As people are still pondering this question, many are building successful online businesses after the other, changing their lives for the better. Enjoying the wealth that we have built for us and families worldwide. Now online business owners are wanting to teach the skeptics how they did it, so “why are you not wanting to change your life, your future? 

Take a hold of the actionable solutions and join the millions of people doing the same. 

Can you see the trend?




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