How to provide useful information on your Resource Page

What is a Resource Page anyway? 

 Resource pages on your website is where you will list helpful links for your visitors on certain information that you recommend. These links are what you now use, also, tools that you did use to create your website. Furthermore, recommendations from friends or colleagues that you know to be useful are great to add too.

In the technical aspect, SEO has moved towards marketing your content and further away from just link-building. An effective strategy for building your brand, keyword awareness, and driving traffic to your business creating revenue. There are others with key questions in the market and if you have an effective resource page you will be able to offer the key answers. 

When creating your resource page you can have it broken down into a series of information. The difference of creating your blog content and a resource page is that a resource page takes more of your time, including effort. 

Before creating, think about what you want to create first, a resource page is longer than a blog post since it covers so much information in extreme detail.


People share valuable information about product or services

Google search images

Google search images

Have you ever asked someone what they thought of a restaurant, their food or service? You become surprised because they go all out and describe the inside of the place down to the flower on their table. The food was so amazing, it melted in their mouth with the very first bite, and the service was 5 star. Describing what the servers were wearing, the color of the table-cloth, how comfortable the chairs were. They make it sound like a great place, you can not wait to go there. 

That is how affiliate marketing works with a resource page. If you are partners with some of the recommended companies on your resource page, a link that is given just for you is placed in a post, in an image, to direct them back to their website. Due to the visitor completing a purchase you can receive a commission.


Why do you need a Resource Page?

  • Your resource page is a helpful tool for your visitors
  • Your resource page reflects your reputation online 
  • Recorded webinars, guides, eBooks and printable’s can be easily found on this page
  • Reading material that is beneficial to the viewers that you recommend can be placed here
  • If some visitors are ‘sticky’ they stay, browse around your resources and know they can return here for valuable recommendations
  • If visitors like your page, and find great informational links there is a greater opportunity for them to recommend your resource page to others
  • You are able to place affiliate partner links and earn a commission off of this page

How to make your Resource Page useful for others

The purpose for your resource page is especially relevant in help others- here you will list product or services, that you believe in, and some that you do not personally use, but know they work for others. Remember your audience has different needs for their online business, what may work for you, may not work for them. You can list services that are on the low price end (but come recommended) up to a higher end cost. You are not just there to earn a commission, but to be helpful to others and earn their trust. 

Think about a profession on weight loss, there could be services that you, or some one you know, that has been in their situation that can offer advice.

  • weight loss supplements-Lipozene, Hydroxcut
  • work out gyms, videos, or work out equipment-Bow flex, Golds gym, body by Jake
  • weight loss programs-Jenny Craig, Weight watchers, Nutri-system

On my resource page I have listed products or services I now use, or have used, and some that have come highly recommended from colleagues. These products or services I have listed helped me by:

  • build my website
  • help it run smoothly
  • keep track of my affiliate programs that I am partners with
  • good books to have in your library that I have already read
  • any products or services from my business

You can take a look at my resource page just by clicking here

Make your Resource Page stand out from others

 Resource pages are not to be just a list of random links to some website, you will need to explain what they are used for, and why therefore giving benefits. Do not just put anything on your resource pages because everyone has one. Do not put websites that you are not familiar with, you do not want to advertise sites without knowing something about them.  Research them and why they are used by others, make sure what you are adding can be valuable to your visitors. 

Organization is beneficial on a resource page, if not easy to maneuver, you are risking visitors leaving your site without being beneficial to them. Not only that but you want more recommendations bringing even more traffic to your page. 

Including them on all your pages can bring a lot of traffic to your resource page. Create a ‘call to action” or CTA, that will link to your resource page on your

  • Home page
  • About me page
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Social Media platforms
  • Thank you pages
  • If you ever take part in being a guest on another website give your link as a guide for others 

Make sure you offer links to your resource page in other pages or posts on your site, visitors may not be aware that you even have one. 

So to sum it all up, make sure you:

  1. you will list helpful links for your visitors on certain information that you recommend
  2. think about what you want to create first
  3. affiliated marketing=commission
  4. offer helpful tools for your visitors
  5. make your resource page stand out 
  6. make sure you offer links to your resource page in other pages or posts on your site


So are you ready to start your resource page today? 

Good luck with your resource page


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