Affiliate Marketing

Adventures of blogging and Insights of a Blogging Business wants to help you master the use of affiliate marketing, while monetizing your business. You may already understand what affiliate marketing is, if not, let’s go over it now. 



In the 1990’s, technology took on a greater impact when the World Wide Web (Internet) came about. All the information that we wanted to know, or ask (but was to embarrassed) was at our fingertips. There were big companies that seen the Internet as a way to offer their services or products. Since this new technology made websites seen and visited daily, this was their pot of gold. 

In the 1990’s, the Internet expanded with e-commerce making it the instrument tool for information. Every hour on a daily basis, owners of various websites created valuable content. These websites soon realized the services they provided to their readers was for their benefit, not their own.  All the hard work spent providing their content for free wanted to become compensated for their time. 

With an assortment of online advertising, known as CPM, started to make an appearance, so did affiliate marketing.



According to Cloudways, in 2018, the most popular products for affiliate marketing will include:

  • drones, virtual reality,
  • 3-D printers,
  • home automation 
  • managed cloud hosting.

This is only a few on their list. If any of these fit anywhere in your niche, then by all means my hat is off to you.  The advertiser selling these products are ready for you to help sell and promote their business. 


Promoters accept a contract to endorse products or services of the advertiser, exchange for commission for his or her services. For advertising purposes the promoters are given links, banners, and text ads as tools. These tools are specifically placed in the promoters websites, email, and social media platforms. These Popups are created by an email provider of the products or services being offered. If excepted, an email address is given to get what is being promoted. The promoter has an email address now, offering other promotions. Thus, building his or her email list.


The purchaser ties it all together once they clink on a link, banner or text ads making a purchase from the advertiser. This purchaser can be looking for this particular product, or just so happened came upon it while surfing the net and just HAD TO HAVE IT. 

Now, there are other types of advertisers that promote their own products such as website owners (blog websites) that promote their products, webinars, eBooks, etc. These website owners promote products on their website, through email, social media and be a guest on some other website. 



A “call to action” or CTA, are used to get a potential purchaser to click on a link, hopefully, making a purchase. 

These are some examples of a call to action:

The call to action is to pick the type of vacation you need










The ‘call to action’ is simplify your life with Evernote to manage your life.



First off, it all starts with this scrumptious little morsel, that’s right, a cookie. 

There have been many stories of how this technology got its name, there is the Hansel and Gretel theory, the cookie monster Easter egg theory, the magic ticket cookie theory, and the Chinese Fortune Cookie theory. With the malware, cursor and spam throughout the Internet, it is hard to believe that we solely rely on the innocent piece of technology, named cookie. 

The cookie has one task to complete in affiliate marketing, to store information when we visit a website. Our devices will store text files so that our browser can get access to the cookie passing along results to our website. Cookies do not harm or cause viruses, they are just there to improve our contact with the Web, while accelerating up the Internet. There are some that feel cookies are a way of spying, or tracking everything we do or see while surfing the Net. 


You have two choices with affiliate marketing, becoming a merchant or the affiliate marketer.

  • The merchant– has ‘other’ people promoting a product or service. If a sale has been made the ‘other’ person will be compensated. 
  • The affiliate marketer- will promote a product from the advertiser, if there is a sale he of she will be compensated. 

Deciding to be the affiliate marketer is the easiest way to go, and what most people do. Not having to find another person to promote the product just to get a commission, cuts time in half to get paid. Since links, banners and text ads are there for the promoter it makes it easier to promote. 

If you are thinking of becoming an affiliate marketer, find the programs that pertain to your niche. Promote the heck out of it and have fun doing it.

If you may have any questions on this post please contact me @ of simply leave a comment below. 


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