Insights Of A Blogging Business

We are aware that blogs sites are where creativity is openly expressed. Becoming a communication device to the world, while stepping outside of our circle, our comfort zone. Sitting daily, weekly or even monthly forming valuable content. Our business blogs are used to fill resources, spread insightful ideas, and to educate. In addition, forming friendships with other bloggers and our audience.

People are able to make their blog whatever they want them to be, seeking like-minded people who share the same interests. Content writers want to help and guide those like-minded readers to a new beginning of owning an online business.
Others use their blog platform to build a business educating, selling their products, or products of others. They are making a living without having to leave the comfort of their home.


Let me ask you, if you could stay home to build YOUR business while sitting on the couch, at the kitchen table, your bed, or in an office, would you do it? If you could wear your PJs’ while building your online business would you do it? sounds crazy right? You, and I, know people who do just that. Not long ago this would have been unheard of. But people are doing it!
When I think of a single mother working two jobs struggling to make things meet for her family, it makes me a little angry. Why? I was one of them at one time, I have been in their shoes. The daily struggle to provide for the family, day in and day out . Going to a job where the employer does not respect or appreciate hard work employees do. Fighting to get ahead, believe me, I felt it too.
I understand, there are men in the same situation, my husband was one of them before we met. Struggling to be both mom and dad was hard for him. Especially, with the girls.
What I am getting at is YOU can be one of those bloggers that I speak of above. I understand, there are people who do not realize what a blog can really do for them. Trust of a reader and content that is exceptional, makes it possible for these two ingredients to monetize your blog.
Creating YOUR content for your audience, (yes, you will have an audience) has become so much easier for a blogger to publish his or her content to the World Wide Web.

A bond will form between the reader and the creator when a trusted source of useful content material has been written the correct way. Today successful blog writers are admired as a professional. If the reader views your content as trustworthy they will be anxious for that next post to hit their inbox.

Content and the components of marketing it, is the two distinguishing illustrations of an online business.

Proficient bloggers are aware of the two different models of earning an income with their business.  

  • Expert models shows you are aware of the meaning of your subject with a deep passion. Using your blog platform to post and publish quality content once a week while in addition earning full-time income. You sell your products and services to your audience to monetize your business.
  • Magazine models makes it difficult for the publisher to stay in tuned with all the latest breaking news. There is less of an audience viewing your content daily to earn a full-time income, making it hard to monetizing your business.

The goal of an online business owner is to be totally engaged with the audience, produce services, and or, products to sell, increasing the profits.

When selecting the topic (or niche) of your blog, make sure there is a need for that topic. Research what people are needing, what is their pain?

Another determining factor when deciding is, will there be a sufficient information on the topic? If you are wanting to monetize your business, is this a subject one that can do that for you? Can you see yourself down the road still going strong?
Find a solution for problems that people are searching for, if they are searching then there is a much-needed solution.

The competition can be your best source of traffic

Believe it or not, but it’s true. Techniques of marketing is to get your content published on other blog website. This is turns brings more content to their site and their audience to yours. This audience will be looking at YOU for your ‘style’ of content writing, product or services. In the online business, when your content is on others websites it should NEVER be your intent to steal their audience. Respect that persons site, and you may be invited again.

Taking social media for granted

Your content will decide your strength on social media.

Hopefully, it will spread like wildfire.
At Insights of a Blogging Business, I will guide you to build that business that you dream of. What are you passionate about? Who would you like to help? Here you can grab a step-by-step business plan to grow your online business, also, while you’re at it grab the secret of success .
Can anyone tell me what your goal is in life? Please just leave me a comment below, is it still to have that big house with the white picket fence out front? Or are people now putting that on hold for their career? Making the money first, then having a family or staying single. Everyone has goals? what is yours? Staying in that same old job day after day, wishing you could do something more in your life?
Well YOU can!
Up to this point in my life, I was that person. A stay at home step mom to three kids, I wanted something more in my life. I wanted more than the laundry, cleaning house, vacuuming, doing dishes, just waiting for shopping day to come so I could get out of the house. And you know I got it, I built my online business besides doing all those chores I mentioned above. Plus, I love to help others achieve their dreams. You can do it!

Freedom Lifestyle (1)

Just take that first step, Matt McWilliams, of Matt uses this:
S-Stop waiting, the time is NOW
T-Think, Where do you want to be in 5, 10 years?
A-Apply, do not delay start building your online business today
R-Recommend Products by utilizing affiliate marketing
T-Test, Test, Test, which Ads work better than others? Or landing pages? which you will learn all you need to by using the opt-in form below.

When you opt-in to Insights of a Blogging Business, you can achieve your goals, dreams and even more.
Hope I will be seeing you soon

Lisa Mingo @


iDev Affiliate

iDev is an affiliate management program that comes with complete reliability and is also affordable. I recommend to all that is just starting their business. Their tracking and reporting is pretty easy to handle and has what I needed for my business.


What can I say about this tool? there is way too much so I have made a small list

  • CRM >See your centralize client data
  • Marketing Automation >Follow up effectively.
    Sales Automation >Unclog the pipeline
  • Online Sales >All-in-one e-commerce.
    Payments >Collect without stress.
  • Analytics >Get data-driven results.
    Integrations >Hundreds of apps plug in Lead-generation services > Get more leads



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