Has anyone experienced blogger burnout? Wanting to give up on their dream when their blog has not made them money? Or they are not building their Ideal client list they were striving for. Whether they have had their blog a short time or had a blog for some time, but they just wanted to give it all up.

Blog owners put in long hours coming up with content, their posts will are tweaked, words added or taking out and so on. Many of us have some major brainstorming sessions. We will sit through workshops, pay for training sessions, put our time in to help and teach others. They want it to be perfect for their client in writing skills, any links added providing useful information to “pretty” photos.

People that own a blog have a purpose. Content is important to them, and it should be. All their hard work is getting them nowhere except frazzled, stressed out, no longer wanting to with deal it, the burnout phase enters. Once this begins, the content is not what it should be, posting is not as frequent, responding to comments or emails is not important any longer and no one remembers them on social media. 

Every blogger knows that it could happen to them or someone they know. It is natural for a blogger that has worked her or his tail off, not seeing results they worked so hard for become discouraged. They wonder to themselves, what am I doing this for? Who am I doing this for?

Blog content ideas stop flowing, our mind goes blank. Our blog becomes daunting to even look at, seeing that blank page just staring back at you. New content ideas will not enter your thoughts for days, weeks, even a month goes by, you realize you got NOTHING

I found myself slipping away when the holidays were approaching in 2017, I wanted to complete crafts for Christmas gifts, do something with the family, visit with friends. Oh yeah, I also wanted to paint our entire house and re-decorate every room, and I did. Not only that, but my father-in-law became ill and bedridden. We were going to their home more often in the next state over.   

Until last week, I did not even think of content, checking my blog, but then I began missing it.  It is funny, during my blogger burnout I had gotten so many likes on my prior to burnout content, more followers on my website. More than I had gotten while trying to post everyday before. I would receive notifications on my phone when my website received a new like or follower.

But, all is well now, I am feeling refreshed and ready to tap, tap, tap the keys.

I just started thinking about ‘the whys’. Why did I start a blog in the first place? What am I really trying to carry out here and why? I know, just because I have a blog does not mean I will become a hit overnight. So why did I come back to it? I love to teach and serve others, I want to help anyone that is willing to read my posts from how to start a blog to this post on bloggers burnout.

There are many reasons that bloggers give up on their blog. After 6 months of closing my laptop, I am more driven to not give up now. I love being involved in the community and meeting new interesting fellow bloggers. So let’s go, I am going to give you some ways to get back to blogging, that I had to do.

#1 Reach out to fellow bloggers

What helped me, you ask? Fellow bloggers of course! You know, the ones that you get emails from. Anna Runyan of CCG, had sent me one stating that she had not heard from me in a awhile. I thought she really cared…no, it was an automated email, I know that, but that got my attention. That was all it took, Anna was having one of her Freedom Workshops coming up, so of course I signed up. The upbeat of other bloggers always gets me going.

So if you are feeling the BURN get up, look at other people who have experienced the same thing you are now, or you can possibly go through in the future. I am sure there are a lot of pins about this subject on Pinterest. If you do it now, maybe you can avoid feeling burned out, frazzled, tired, fed up. Go ahead, open up those emails, reach out to those that you can count on. Ask for advice on what you are going through. 

#2 Classes, Workshops, Groups or Pinterest Surf

Do what I did, join a class, workshop, Facebook group or just get online again to see what’s up on Pinterest. I am sure there are many new pins to grab and read, new bloggers that you may share the same niche with. That was the second thing I did after joining Anna’s workshop. Before I had my meltdown, I would Pinterest surf but, it was the same pins being repined or the same content being spread out. 

I wanted to see a whole new view of what a blogger did or had done that had not been done already. In the 6 months that I was feeling the burn, there are now new bloggers that I have come across. What does that mean? hopefully new content to read about and meet new people. So join the classes, workshops, Facebook groups or take part in webinars. Vent your ups and downs with fellow bloggers in groups. Many of them have been where I was at, or where you are at this moment.

If you need a break take what you need, but jump right back in feeling refreshed and wanting to take on the world.

Along with joining Anna’s workshop I also joined others as well. Boy, am I going to be busy or what? That’s okay, I need the encouragement, that kick in the butt to jump start me. 

#3 Update your blog site

Maybe it’s your blog that needs a facelift? Does it need to be more attractive to viewers? I have redesigned some of my pages, but not done yet. I may change the theme and add more pages or take some out. Sort of starting over on my blog. New inspiration for me! Look at other blogs to see what they are doing, but do not copy them, each of us needs our own Brand.

#4 Inspiration

What can I say? we all need inspiration at some time. You can be inspired at the most ridiculous times or places. I do a lot of thinking while doing the dishes, driving, but most of the time when I am ready to go to bed. Before I had my burnout, it would never fail, as soon as my head hit the pillow I laid there wide awake, my thoughts began to race. One thought after another, so I had to get up, write them down, because when I sat down at my laptop I could not remember one of them. 

There are fellow bloggers that inspire the heck out of me! I am sure you have them also. Look to them for the inspiration that you need. Look at what pins are getting the most attention on Pinterest. That is an awesome platform for inspiration.

Here are some tips to prevent burnout

#1 Stop spinning your wheels for nothing

I know most bloggers are trying (and succeeding) to make money. We have read it in other posts that IT WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. But, there are those that have what it takes to make it happen sooner than others. We have this shown to us by viewing their pins on Pinterest with their, “I made this amount of money, in this amount of time”. Sorry, but I do not look at their pins, why would I want to be discouraged even more? 

Do not focus on the numbers. By doing that, you may not hand out the quality content that needs to be there to attract your audience. Greed will never get you anywhere, but by being honest and upfront with others, you will earn the respect that you are striving for. 

Stay focused on continually improving your blogging skills while keeping that business strategy in focus. If stepping back to take a break will prevent you from burnout or even further burnout, TAKE IT. Trust me, you will begin to dislike your blog if you let it go too far! Bloggers do not want to see anyone go to where I was. 

I was spinning my wheels so fast to get everything out that I wanted to, balancing my family and my business was tuff. I have learned now NOT to even try. 

#2 Do not compare yourself with others

Bloggers are NOT the same so why even try? If all of us were the same just think how boring the community would be. What works for one blogger, may not work for another. Just be yourself and shine! Brand your personality in your website and the content you bring to the table. How you deal with good or bad comments show others how you deal with the two different situations.

You can not compare your page views to others. If you are not obtaining them, then look at what you are putting out. Would you read it? Understand it?

When I look at fellow bloggers such as, Anna Runyan , of Classy Career Girl she is very conservative, sweet, there to help women get their dream job. Or their dream business up and running. I also enjoy to read posts from Allison, @ Wonderlass . I love to see her funniness, bright colors, just how she carries herself. Allison is having fun with her business, I will be tuned in to one of her workshops tonight.

 Please do not think I am not comparing them two in a bad way, it just depends on my mood or what they are offering. I guess what I am saying is… If I am looking for something in particular then I look to see WHO is offering what? 

#3 Try keeping a planner, calendar, or an online calendar

This is where I would write those thoughts, you know when I was trying to get some sleep. I knew it was important, but as I sunk into my black hole it became less important to me. Use what you are comfortable with, where it is handy. I would hate to have my calendar in my laptop since I would have to boot it up late at night. I had ordered a planner from Amazon that I used 6 months ago, which I need to order again. Having a planner made me feel important, haha, I felt like I was someone important with so much to do. I kept all our family appointments in it too.

#4 Keep a schedule of what you want to achieve in your day

Schedule your time, not your day, according to what your post contains. If I had to do research on a topic, I made sure I would have the amount of time to do so. There were many times that I would be deep in thought and typing away then my husband would want me to go somewhere with him. Or the kids needed to be picked up from practice, there goes my thinking cap. 

#5 Learn to say sorry I am not available

I know it is hard, you do not want to be rude, but this is your business, it is your job. If you do not have the time, say so. You have to let people know how important your business is to you. It is hard for me to do so with my husband, he works 12 hours a day, so we  rarely have time together anyway. I plan MY time while he is at work.

#6 Involve yourself in the blogging communities

Like I mention above, enter yourself in classes, workshops and groups. Join more than one group so that if you do not get what you are looking for in one group, you may find it in another. There may be some people in a groups that you click better with. You might share the same niche

#7 Get yourself on Social Media

Set a time in your day to put yourself out in the Social Media Platforms of your choosing. It does not have to be all of them, but 1 or 2 that you feel match your personality. Are you one that likes to twitter? Are you a pinner? then place all of your posts on Pinterest under your website name through a PIN. I have my postings go directly to my platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

What ever you feel comfortable working with, but make yourself seen. It is like advertising who you are and what is your PURPOSE. 




I would really appreciate any comments on this subject to help those that are either going through it presently, or seeing the signs of it coming. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Lisa Mingo @

This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer Page for a complete breakdown. Thanks again for Visiting with me.



  1. Hey – I really enjoyed your article. I only started blogging two months ago but I must admit it can be discouraging to spend so much time writing blog posts and taking / editing beautiful photos, only to have one or two viewers. I often wonder if my content isn’t interesting or if my writing style isn’t up to snuff. But then I remind myself that IT TAKES TIME (so annoying but true). I remind myself why I started blogging (I like writing and I like my subject matter). There are days when I feel endless amounts of inspiration but still other times when I wonder if I should just pack it in. It helps to read that others go through similar times in their blogging life.

    Thanks for writing your post and being honest and trying to encourage us to keep at it.


    1. Yes it is discouraging at times, but often not I was exciting to open my laptop and get started. Give it time though, that is all we all really have. I have this blog and one other on Take a look one day and see if there is any other topics that may help @Insights of a blogging
      It will become hard but stick it out, just do not let it consume you, and your life. If you start getting discouraged read another bloggers post or join a group. Ask for advice from other bloggers. I would be happy to help if you have any questions. Thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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