How to make a sale funnel and here is what they are

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Today, I want to go over a fantastic book that I have read, and give you some important pointers regarding sales funnels, but most importantly, how to build them. There are a variety of steps that people use, but I find this one that Russell Brunson teaches in his book especially relevant to businesses. I hope you will too.  

There are some other noteworthy points that I will touch on, that I feel are important for you to know that he has taught me as well.

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First, let’s go over Russell’s secret formula

  1. Who is our dream client? I know that ALL bloggers have thought of this one, right? If you have a blog then hopefully, you will talk with these people often then not. We may have products and or services, but who will want to utilize them? 

Just like when you began to think of starting a blog you first thought of “what will my main niche be”? Then you had an idea of one, but then you thought of “who will want to read it”? What are the goals of your dream client? Their passions? Will they have the same passions as me? 

As Russell states in his book, he chose two avatars and named them. 

Julie-successful, driven and has a message to share. Julie values her personal growth over money and has grown her business to a five figure a year. 

Mike- a former athlete, has helped to change lives and yearns to help much more. Mike also values growth over money with a business that is at least five figures too. 

Russell printed a picture that he would think that Julie and Mike would look like. He believes it helps to have a picture of an actual person to change your perspective. I know what you are thinking, silly huh? and he thought so too. 

Google image-How to make a sale funnel and here is what they are

2. Where are they? and how can you find them? Write down a few places that you think they may be online. Facebook, Instagram. What blogs do they follow? He wonders do they go fishing or like race cars? and so on. 

3. What are you going to use to attract them? This can be in a form of a book, CD, audio recording, just anything you think they would be interested in. A blog post is a good way to attract them.

4. Once you attract them what result do you want them to enjoy? Russell states that the products and services, is not your business, but, what result you are able to get for your clients. Then they will understand the concept and make the price a no-brainer. 

The Sales Funnel

It is an online process that you take someone through to get them to ascend through the different levels of your funnels. 

How to get people to enter your sales funnel seems easy, just go to Google and type your keywords plus the word forums to reach people. This can also be a group that has to do with your keyword on Facebook. It may take some time, but as a result, you will find your audience. 

Russell goes over the five variables of successful funnels

  • Demographics-all the characteristics of the people you’re targeting. Who belongs in the group and who does not.
  • Offer-what you are selling and what price you are asking.
  • Landing pages-need to model someone in your same niches that has become successful and model your efforts after theirs.
  • Traffic source-Where are your competitor’s traffic coming from? 
  • Ad copy-Why are people even looking at your competitor’s ads and not yours? all these things will influence whether a person clicks on their ad or not. 

What I find VERY interesting is that you can go to a website called and will show you where your competitors are advertising, what ads they run and where their traffic is coming from. You will be able to find all five variables there. 

I looked up one of my favorite blog sites and learned a lot, take a look at this screenshot

I learned where the traffic is coming from, and its numbers. Pretty cool huh?

There was so much info that it was too much to list here, go on the website and enter a company of your choice.

Russell then speaks of the seven phases of a funnel. In his words, he explains “the real business between a six-, seven-, or even eight-figure business is whether you understand the phases of a funnel and can successfully monetize the different points along the line”. 

When trying to drive a person to your website you will need to know what page they will hit first, then the second and so on. Every person going through your funnel requires a different process. Keeping a close relationship with that person will guide them to ascending into your funnel. 

The pre-framing starts with “determining the temperature of your traffic”. There are three temperatures of a visitor

  • Cold-have no idea who you are. They have visited your blog but has found no trust in you. They may have clicked on one of your pay-per-click ads. 
  • Warm-These are people you do not know but, know someone you do, that will endorse you and your products. 
  • Hot-people that are already on your email list, read your blog and know who you are. 

Set up your pre-framing bridge from a blog post, email. or a YouTube video. This occurs before they enter your landing page. 

  • Hot traffic bridge-this can be from an email they get from you with a link to your landing page.
  • Warm traffic bridge-this will come from someone that endorses you that send out an email about you. In the email, they will get a link to your landing page. 
  • Cold traffic bridge-can be a question that you ask and for the answer, they have to go to your landing page for the answer. 
  • Subscribers who are qualified-by opting in from your pop-up or a squeeze page that offers them something in return for their email address. 

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Buyers that are qualified is someone that will continue to buy from you as long as they are getting value from you. Once they hit the submit button they should go to a landing page where you offer something to buy. You can offer a product with free shipping to get them to take the bait. Which is what I got when I ordered the book, but it was for a limited time only. 

The hyperactive buyer is someone that is in real pain and needs something real quick to ease their pain. When people are in pain and you have one or more of something to offer, then they will not be able to get their wallet out quick enough. 

Age and ascend the relationship by providing value and more offers that you may have to help their pain. 

Change the selling environment by offering to speak on the phone directly. It may be easier to speak on the phone and give them the personal attention they need. 

Our blogs can be used as a pre-frame on any topic. This can be a post from you on your blog or as a guest post on some other blog site. 

Videos are also a good pre-frame. People like to hear a voice telling them what the subject is about instead of having to read it themselves. You can be able to make the viewer desire the product or service you are offering if they see the person. 

Facebook live is amazing to use to promote to get people into your funnel. Emails are a good tool to utilize by placing a link to your funnel right there in your email. 

I know that we all have seen Presell pages while online. Remember? these sort of  ads

Google Image result for presell page image/How to make a sale funnel and here is what they are

Once you click on the button you will enter a sales funnel. Here is a website that has a plugin for WordPress that you can create them for your blog. 


Traffic that we control goes straight to a squeeze page. Traffic that we do not control, goes to our blog post wherein the top third of the page collects their email address. Once we are able to get an email address they are traffic that we own.

Frontend VS Backend funnels

A frontend funnel is used when a person joins your list from either a squeeze page or a blog post and becomes a first-time customer. The backend funnel is where a one-time buyer is taken to a longer-term big-ticket purchase.

See the next Post Here that will guide how this author, Russell Brunson explains each of these. Order this book from Amazon to get your own copy for your library to keep on hand to use as a tool. 

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

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This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 


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