The secret of success

What is the secret of success? 

Well, when I think of that question My answer would be YOU. You are your own success story. Your ability to reach your own goals, your purpose in this world. 

You write your own book of success, your purpose. The lines in your book are the situations that have happened in your life and how you took control of them. 

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Everyone has their own meaning of what they feel the secret of success is. However, I believe certain events tend to mean what some people consider the secret of success. 

  • Status
  • Achievements
  • A sense of importance
  • Goals reached
  • Making more money than their peers
  • A career
  • A loving family, living in a home, with a white picket fence. 

Some say that the secret of success is having just good ole luck, or an individual that is attractive, talented, or smart have “good” things happen to them only. None of those qualities is the answer and none will guarantee that individual success. 

We have seen that while watching the news when attractive popular TV stars even botch their lives up.

The secret of success weighs strongly on the ability to look at disappointments, failures and being rejected by others. 

There are children of the wealthiest families that “have it all” handed to them that squander it all away. Then there are the misfortunate children of the poor that go one to make something of themselves. Finding their secret of success. 

When people accept their failures and keep going, they are fighting for that single benefit of determination that makes for success. 

What are your thoughts on the secret of success? What is your pursuit of happiness?

Like, I told you in my prior post why I started my blog, remember, because I wanted to stay at home with my step kids. I am pursuing their happiness to be here for them, nurture them all, with what they had been denied prior to living with us.

While I am pursuing my happiness in building an online business, which I love doing I have found the secret of success for me is ME. My business is growing day by day and that is because what I do for it. Not anyone else just lil ole me. 

Now let’s talk about you, and what you want for your business. 

I have read many books on how people built their businesses, they all had their reasons, goals and what they thought was their secrets for success. 

What I feel is necessary that one needs to do to gain any success is as follows. 

  • Get your priorities straight
  • Use your resources wisely
  • Remain focused
  • Develop true relations
  • Don’t let yourself be greedy
  • Don’t be content

When people start a blog, all of the above is a necessity for one to succeed. Even when you feel like you are not getting any growth or there is a standstill, do not give in to pressure.

It is just time to become stronger, look at what you feel is not working and find ways to make it work. 

I keep a 3×5 card here on my desk, it reads :

The mindset of an Entrepreneur

  1. Conquer your fears, write it down and then just let it go
  2. Train yourself to not worry, always think positive
  3. See failure as not an option, make it work, use it as a learning tool
  4. Not everyone will like you
  5. Surround yourself with like-minded people
  6. Morning ritual, wake up being positive and excited
  7. Exercise to boost your mindset

I do not remember who or where I got that from, but I keep it right in front me. The words spoke to me and they should speak to you too. 

Being an Entrepreneur is a big responsibility, are you looking for a ten-thousand-dollar blog or a ten-million-dollar company? This all comes from YOU! How successful do you want to be? 

Look at the vast majority of people teaching Internet Marketing and making a lot of money doing it. They know what their secret of success is. It may be different from mine, but at least they have their idea and are running with it, making a difference in their life. 

Now, what I have discussed are my own ideas and beliefs, but I want to go over what I have learned recently. 

What I have learned are ways to grow your online company, and I am excited to share them with you. 

What I want to go over are “how to structure your products, and or services, to enable a way to make as much as three times as much money from the same traffic that you have been receiving”.

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Thank you,

The country girl and her blog

Lisa Mingo



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