I have got a secret for your success, follow along and I will show you the way

Hello everyone!

I hope y’all are having a great day! Winter is sneaking up on us….it may have already come for some of you, depending on your location. I can not believe Christmas is coming FAST!

I know that after Halloween the New Year is around the corner.

I was just reminiscing about the New Year Day when we all thought everything was going to crash in 2000. Remember that?  Y2K was the name. That was a crazy day!

In technology today we have come so far from what we were then.

We use it for everything! I mean look at the refrigerator that we can input our grocery lists into and pull that list on our phones when we get to the stores. 

 That is just crazy, isn’t it? 

I wanted to take you to a time that some of us thought the technology was going to crash. What if it did what would the world have done? 

How would our way of life then, be different now?

Would it have changed drastically, or not at all?

Look what all we can accomplish online now.

Did most of you imagine yourself building a business online?

Did you see yourself doing this?

I sure didn’t, but I have owned a business before, just not this type of business. I had a business in California.

Contractors would call and have my business come to cut concrete and asphalt. We also did core-drilling, which is drilling a variety of sizes of perfect dimensional holes where a traffic light was going to be placed.  

With the use of technology our business was able to advertise, computerized bookkeeping, and estimations, and so on. With it, made our job much easier.

Now imagine yourself building your business without having to leave your home. 

This was important for my family and me since my husbands three younger kids have come to live with us. They had a dysfunctional life with their mother and she was ordered to give up her rights to her children.

I have become a step-mom, of two young girls (which, I have never had) and a young boy. I have three boys of my own. We are now a blended family of 9 children. 

Each of my step kids that live with us has different types of ADHD. The oldest girl has it the worst. Along with all their struggles of their ADHD, comes the mental anguish too.

Since these three young kids needed so much love and support, I quit my job to be here 24/7.

So what was I going to do?

Well after two years of doing everything around the house I felt that I was missing out on SOMETHING, still. 

I was surfing through Pinterest and saw all these pins that pertained to blogging. Not knowing what it was all about, of course, I was curious.

I mean, I heard that blogging was somewhere you was able to record your daily life and its daily happenings. So with my curiosity, I read on it and two days later I published my first blog site. I really did not get into that “niche” that I started out with, so I now have two blog sites that I post on.

My days are filled with meeting different people and joining groups while the kids are in school. I am on many social media platforms now that I had not been on before. 

I am able to have MY online business, not like the one I had in California in my PAST life there. But, one that enables me to be home with the kids, and all the animals that we have. 

We are striving to give our kids a normal upbringing that they had not had before.  

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the first two years of being home, I finished up in my college studies. I earned my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

That’s right, I chose to stay home with the kids for now until they were living a stable life. 

I have the opportunity to help others, by guiding them with building their online business. I am passionate about helping those that want to learn. If you are striving to do what I am doing, then imagine yourself doing it, and just dive in.

I never thought I would be running a BLOG, oh, pardon me, two BLOGS, but I am and I love it!

I know some of you are thinking “but I do not have enough to write about”, but we all have SOMETHING to write about. We all have our own “niche? 

Take a look at my blog post on “Why I blog, finding my very own niche.”

Or how about 30 blog that will help with page views

Here are some tips on why we moms should have a blog:

  1. To be able to stay at home with the kiddos.
  2. Your business can pertain to what you want it to be.
  3. You are able to work your own hours or days.
  4. You are able to put into to it as you wish, but remember what you put into it, is what you get out of it.
  5. You do not have to get up and get the kids to the sitters then drive in traffic to be a slave to someone else.
  6. You make your own money and not someone else’s. You decide what you want your profit to be, $100.00, $200.00 a day. It’s all up to you. 
  7. You do not have to wear a suit, or a dress, to go to work. You can even wear your PJ’s. 
  8. You get to meet like-minded people.
  9. You get to have your own thoughts.
  11. You can take your lunch when you want, and leave your desk when you are done for the end of YOUR day. 
  12. Use your brain and not just think about the kids all day, have time for yourself. 
  13. If you like being on the computer, there you have it!
  14. You can travel and still be able to take your business with you.
  15. You are to help others build their own business too.
  16. You are able to have your family members help you with advertising your business on their social media platforms. Word of mouth goes a long way!
  17. Depending on how hard you work your business will depend on how much money your profit will be for you.
  18. The cost to start an online business is pretty low. Depending on how you advertise and how well your email list grows. 
  19. You do need some space to run your online business, but you will not have to rent a space. 
  20. You will not have to have employees unless your business grows to where you cannot handle it on your own.

There you go, there are many reasons to start your own business. Read my post on

How to have the New You Year”.

 so you can start building it now and launch it at the beginning of 2018. 

Blogging has given me something of my own. When silly situations happen in our home, my husband will tell the kids to watch out, or you will be in a post on mom’s blog. 

I know that reality is usually more complicated than our own imaginations. I feel that this will change your life and if you have a family, I know you will succeed even faster. 

That is why I am here to help with the guidance of your success. Success is closer than you think. 

Thanks for visiting with me

The country girl and her blog

Lisa Mingo


This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 


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