How to structure your products/services to make up to three times as much more money

How to structure your company’s products/services to make up to three times as much money from the same amount of traffic you now are getting.

Putting twenty years in the dental field I went to owning my own business in California. With a move here to Arkansas, for some unforeseen circumstances, owning yet another business.

Now, I am here to tell you what I have learned while putting in twenty years in the dental field to owning these two businesses. 

Also, I will tell you that, I have come across some GREAT info that I am excited to tell y’all about. 

What is this great info? Well, it goes over a lot of ideas on how to get people to become a subscriber and earn their trust. Turning them into someone who will not only follow you and your blog/company but be a buyer of your products and services. 

This will all start with the use of a sales funnels.

Those twenty years working in the dental field, I was that person that went over your dental treatment plan, scheduled it, and asked how you would want to pay for it? 

There was the same speech that we would go over with each person needing extensive treatment. The dentist would begin this sales funnel, and I was the one that would bring it home. 

While doing my best to get that patient scheduled to fill up my dentist’s day, the speech I gave that if they did not do this treatment that the dentist diagnosed this could potentially occur.  

Striving to be best Patient Coordinator I could be, I was the one that trained all new hires, taught ALL the employees the new computer system. My Dr’s accounts receivables were the highest. 

Different Dr’s would ask me to switch and be their Patient Coordinator. I was often put in charge of being the Patient Coordinator of three Dr’s at a time if we had someone quit or lose their job. 

Being the lucky one (haha) that once someone got fired for not doing their job, I would have to clean the mess they left. 

Also, balance out patient’s accounts that were not balancing. My job was to submit new fees to the top insurances companies, imputed bulk insurance payments to patients accounts that were up to 10 pages long. 

My Dr’s collection report was maybe two patient accounts at the least. I worked with her patients in finding a way to pay for their treatment.

I worked with one of the first owners of this practice, not just one of the colleagues. There were high expectations in my position. This particular dentist was a tough cookie to work besides. 

We worked many types of sales funnels daily. 

Now, I have learned one more type that I want to share with you.

First, I will go over what I have learned, and explain the “price levels”, and what it is. 

This is the exact type of sales funnel that we in the dental field worked every day. It can start from “oh you must be a coffee drinker, the shade of your teeth shows it”. Here, we can take impressions for some teeth-whitening trays, so they are not so yellow”.

People do not want yellow teeth, they want pearly whites. That’s number one.

Next up, “your teeth have some vertical cracks down them you may need a porcelain crown, but that costs this amount if that is too much of a price we could do a porcelain veneer. It is a little cheaper than a crown”.  How long have you had that crack? has it ever bothered you?

Who wants a vertical crack down the middle of their tooth? That’s number 2. 

One that I used the most was my own teeth. Back in the day, insurance companies would only pay for tooth-colored filling (composites) the same amount as if it was a silver-colored filling (amalgam) in your mouth.

So what I did was, have one side of my lower teeth done in a tooth-colored filling and the other side done in a silver-colored filling. I would tell the patient that I was going to open my mouth and they were going to take a look and what THEIR teeth COULD look like if they did one or the other.

Of course, I wanted them to see how much nicer their teeth could look with the composite filling. They could get value in a composite filling, but it would cost them a little more. 

This was my first step to begin my sales funnel, it was all in how I began to structure my sales pitch. They would not care how much extra it would cost to have all white teeth and not have that ugly silver-colored filling. 

Was it wrong of me to do this? 

It was my JOB, you know that place that you go to that you just loathe to get up to be on time to. To make that employer money and hope that you get a raise or a yearly bonus. 

Now to talk about that traffic, there are three different types of traffic. These three are:

  • Traffic that you own is the third kind of traffic and it’s the best one. This would be your email list, readers, and followers. You own them since you are able to send emails to them, post a message to them, to publish a blog post.
  • The traffic you can control is when you are able to tell that traffic where to go. You are not able to buy it but, you can guide it where you want it to go. If you post a pin on Pinterest you are guiding them pinners to your website. Any traffic that buys something from you is one that you control.

When someone is willing to buy from you from your website, you are able to send them to a squeeze page. When readers are sent to a squeeze page there is one goal to meet there. To create this traffic into one that you own.  

  • The traffic you do not control is traffic that just shows up and you can not control the type. The types of traffic come from:
  1. Guest blog traffic
  2. Social media platforms
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Guest interviews

Now that traffic that you do not own is your goal to convert them into ones that you do own.  

Please follow along in my next post REGARDING  FANTASTIC SALES FUNNELS

Thank You,

The country girl and her blog

Lisa Mingo


This post has some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 


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