When my hairdresser first told me about Pinterest I did not have the time to sit and look over what she was explaining to me. I was single and working a full-time job and I had horses to take care of in my free time. What she was describing to me seemed like fun and interesting, but I had no time. 

One day, when I was home and bored, I decided to look at Pinterest to see what all the hype was about. I was amazed at all the things they offered to look at, I was hooked! I texted my hairdresser Tammy and told her “thanks for letting me know about Pinterest now I can not stop looking at things when I should be outside working with my horses”. Of course, she laughed at me and said: “see I told you”. 

I have not stopped since. Pinterest is my go-to place to find recipes, craft ideas, hairstyles, horse articles, and so much more. Now I am using it for my blogging business.


I want to share some methods of getting more repins on Pinterest 

#1 You need to pin often

The more that you pin, the higher the chance that “your stuff”  will get re-pinned. Did you know that if you are active on Pinterest during the day you will earn the rank of a “Power Pinner”? A Power pinner will get noticed and be bumped up making Pinterest show your pins in others home feeds.

Try to pin close to 40-50 pins a day, this can be from your boards that you have made yourself by repinning them or pins from other boards.

#2 Make sure you pin quality or quantity

What I mean is what you are pinning needs to have quality content, do not pin it, just to pin it. Be sure to share aesthetically looking pins. The content does need to be helpful, captivating to inspire that ideal client or audience.

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When you are pinning your own pins or those of others decide if they are worth pinning on your boards. When pinning a pin they should be vertical and long. The ratio should be 2:3 or even 1:2 will work best. By doing this the pins will stand out more making them noticed by other pinners. See a

             CLICKED ON>>>>>>>>>>>REPINNED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOVED


Make sure you feature your brand with fonts and colors when you create your pins with your text overlay. The overlay should explain what information they will receive once they click on it. I use Canva, Pixabay, or PicMonkey so that I have a variety of bold large or small fonts on my images.


#3 Make sure your pin’s content is valuable

We all know that this is obvious to all pinners, but just realize that content other than yours will be pinned and shared on Pinterest. To achieve this follow the steps below:

  • Must have grab attention titles
  • Give your readers information so that as soon they read your awesome stuff they can implement them right away!
  • Include long detailed packed information in your post, but not too long that your readers get bored and do not want to keep reading. It has to catch their attention and hold them until the end. I try to keep it at 900 to 1500 words a post. If you have a lot of information you can either make it a part one and part two post. That way you can see if they are really interested if they continue to part two.
  • Have you ever noticed that there are so many pins on Pinterest that list, “15 ways to achieve”? or “6 ways to get this”? That is an easy way to get peoples attention since lists are much easier to make use of.

#4 To loop your pins try Board Boosters

Do you want to make use of all your hard work on the pins that you have created? Do you want them to be seen more than one time? How about giving them a second, third or even a fourth and fifth chance to make worthwhile.

To get your pins repinned try looping your original pins every once and while.

#5 Outstanding pin descriptions 

When people are searching for information or a how-to, where do they go? Pinterest! Your pin descriptions have to include appropriate and fashionable keywords that pertain to your content. What does it take for you to pin or re-pin, click on, take a peek at a post? 

 Strong descriptions of pins
  • Sentences need to be at least 2-4 in the descriptions
  • Include appropriate and fashionable keywords
  • A complete description of what the post is concerning
  • You can control the actions of the viewers to pin, repin, click, ignore and move on, get it right the first time

#6 Rich Pins

Do you utilize these pins? they will enable over 20x re-pins than just regular pins. This type of pin is suitable to receive the re-pins your boards need to be seen by many. If you are not sure what rich pins are, see this link to read up on them from Pinterest and get going using them.


#7 What group boards have to offer 

If you want your pins to be seen by thousands of people I suggest you place your pins on group boards. Group boards will
  • enable your Pinterest account to soar
  • Grow your Pinterest traffic
  • Speed up your re-pin rate

Depending on the size of these group boards you may be able to receive ten thousands of re-pins. Group boards enable your pins to be upfront of all others, who does not want that?

To read my post on “How to make your Perfect Pinterest profile” click here 

I do have two WordPress sites, so when you visit the above post, check out my posts there also.

Now that I have given you some informational ideas to take advantage of Pinterest and get ahead of others>>>>GO DO IT TODAY!!!  RIGHT NOW IN FACT…

Hey, what are you still doing here? 

Have a great day!

The country girl and her blog and her Adventures of Blogging

Lisa Mingo




This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 


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