How to have the NEW YOU YEAR

Are you bored with your life, as it is today? Do you want to start a new life for yourself? If you keep reading you can find that New You Year.

Hello, my name is Lisa, I am here to let you in on something that is helping many stay-at-home moms build their dream job. This can be done completely on your own with the help of your computer. Achieving your dream job by creating YOUR own blog. Many may have heard of blogs, but not really knowing what they are. 

Blogging once was just a personal journal that involved a personal weblog where people liked writing about their daily routines. Pretty much like when we used to have diaries to record what had gone on in our daily life. I still have mine that I wrote in as a kid, it’s hilarious what I would write down in it.  

Soon after, the weblog became just a blog to those that used it. When Entrepreneurs started realizing how blogging can be used as a marketing tool, everyone had to have one. This is how blogging took off from there. There are many blogs out there now, people do not even realize they are actually reading a blog online. They just thought that it was an article found online. 

Since I have begun writing my blog, I recognize a blog post right off that bat. 

This is why blogging has become so popular

There are actually several reasons why Entrepreneurs have started using blogs as a marketing tool, here are a few examples

  1. New content is what search engines are looking for. For search engines optimization, also known as SEO blogging is a great tool.
  2. By having a blog your clients come to you instead of you having to do the door-todoor selling of your products. (my mother was an Avon lady for many years, guess who had to put her little books on our neighbor’s doors?) If you start having more and more customers visiting your blog’s web page and they love your products what is going to stop them from buying your awesome products? Blogs provide an update on the “look what’s new” products or “look what’s new with me”. Clients also enjoy getting updates on products by you providing tips, this can be done through an updated post or a newsletter sent by email.
  3. As you have more clients coming to your blog, relationships build to trust and respect for one another. Gaining their trust with your knockout expertise your credibility skyrockets bringing in more clients by referral. Having a blog provides open communication by giving them an area to comment on your products or services you provide. This is usually on the bottom of your post where more visitors can view them. Since your readers love you and what you distribute when having a comment section people visiting your site can see comments to learn more about you.
  4. If you are really serious about your blog website, in time this awesome way of creating your New You Year can make you some extra cash in hand. You begin making money from advertising, selling your own expert advice. There are many ways to gain income, joining affiliate marketing groups such as Amazon, Share-a-sale, eBay and many others. 

How hard is it to start your own blog?

Well just think of it as starting your own company, is it hard building from ground level 1? Yes, it does take some time, but just think what the outcome CAN be a year from now or two years? You want to stay in that dead-end job all your life? I hope the answer is NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

Look here at my post; Why I signed up at Bluehost, and a step-by-step guide for you too

You can start to build your dream blog site now, and get it all looking spiffy and shiny. But first, there is that one thought that comes to mind ?????? what do you want to blog about? I mean, what do you have to say to the world? What is shouting deep down below the surface of your gut wanting to scream to the world ABOUT? 

Look here at my post Why I blog: Finding my very own Niche

This is where the tricky part will be, what to say, what to do?

When you are at your dead-in job what are you wishing you could be doing when you have had enough? What is your dream job? There has got to be something that you could give back to the blog readers that would just keep them in awe whenever they read your stuff. 

Whatever you decide to blog about keep in mind there has to be interesting content. How do you think your blog will become so incredible? Your one of a kind ideas will have to blow people’s minds. Or you can just hire a freelancer, or include writers as guests, post videos, or have I scared you to think it just takes too much time? You are absolutely right it does take time, but so does going to work every day hating what you are doing. Time away from your life.

Making someone money, not getting the promotion you so deserve, not having time for your family?

Surviving check to check, month to month, year to year. Not having what you want or need for your family, not being able to take a vacation when you want, but only when your boss lets you. 

Or do you want to be this person? 

Look at how nice that looks, the blue water her painted toenails, I guess she didn’t need her glasses where she went? But remember it does take time, and hard work on your end to get that. 

Are you willing to work for yourself? 

I know I was when I started my blog, but there were also other motives on my part. Needing to be home for my step-kids that had a hard time growing up with their biological mom. Being here to send them off to school and when they returned, to see how their day went. Taking my step-son to football practice, being there for his games makes us both happy campers. The oldest suffers from severe ADHD, being here for her is a must since her learning disability gets in the way of school work. 

The advantages having my own blog, running it how I want to, and when I want to. It gives me time to be where I am needed in our family of 11 people, 4 horses, 1 dog and 2 cats. I do have a lot to do around here, but I will always have time to teach others to build their blogging business. That is what I enjoy doing, showing others (mainly mothers) that they can run their own business from home while being a mom. 

If you want something you never had, You’ll have to do something, You’ve never done

Go ahead take the plunge into the unknown, you have a friend to be here to help you along the way. 


The country girl and her blog and her Adventures of Blogging

Lisa Mingo

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