How to Define Marketing Projects by their Purpose

What if you could do more with your time? 

Would you be able to get caught up with all your projects?

Just think how awesome it would be to finally be able to say 

  1. I am all caught up
  2. Now, what do I do?
  3. Boy I am so bored

I know in a perfect world right?

What if you could learn…..

How to Define Marketing Projects

by their Purpose

  • You could work quicker, more efficient, pool all resources and bring it all together by defining your projects with and for their purpose.
  • Keep your focus on the right projects by 110%, and if need be, change things up to add growth to your business.
  • Become organized by taking control of every possible area in your business.

Every Marketing Project has to

be Organized 

With the variety of tasks to be completed staying on track is very challenging to most, but, defining your projects by their purpose will lead to

  • Initiation-What are you’re going to create?
  • Plan timelines-What are your resources to create your content?
  • Progress-Continue to advance by controlling and monitoring to prevent roadblocks.
  • Meeting deadlines-to guide the project to move from one phase to another.

With an intense focus on removing any obstacles that may cause a delay of your project is imperative. Keeping track of your deadlines can be complicated if there is no organization within your project. 

Lay out your project in front of you ahead of time so that you have a visual table of all that needs to be completed. 

Let us breakdown:

Initiation of your Marketing Project

with the definition of the Purpose

  • What is the highest Priority of your project?
  • Strategically choose the highest priority on your list.
  • Who will this project benefit- Pinpoint your audience?
  • Define what it is that you need to create- what will your content include?
  • Why will this benefit your audience?- what will they receive from your project? Give them answers to their “What’s in it for me”?
  • What resources, tools and time will you require?- get access to these resources and give yourself a deadline to complete the project.
  • What will your final project look like?-what are you willing to accept as final?

This initiation will serve as your foundation for your Marketing Project allowing additional steps if needed. 

Define your project’s requirements to

fulfill the business needs

There is a requirement that your content needs to meet before you hit the publish button (we bloggers are aware of this). Although every Marketing project is different from each other there may be some areas to remove to slightly boost that requirement:

Deletion>Is there an area that you can remove, adding new and improved content?

Program> Adding some automation programming of you going over your content.

Continuation> Is there any way to have successful content in the least amount of daily or weekly maintenance? 

These examples may seem comparable to encounter what has to be completed to benefit your business saving you money and time. 

Define your customary of performance

for your content

The Topic> have related cornerstone content? Will your audience respond well?

Your keyword> have searchable meaning or low competition? Easy access through search engines?

Explored with research> to support your content to enable it to be first ever published. 

Click here to read my post on “Make an awesome blog content post in 30 minutes

Create your market project to focus

on the audience-valued outcome

Your blog posts that are packed with great content can move your audience toward focusing how your content will benefit their lives or blog. Make sure it is delivering what your audience is looking for. Your attention should be steered into always thinking,

“How will my audience benefit from this project”?  

Your audience will be thinking,

“I want to be reassured that if I invest my time on one more random blog post or one more download of an ebook, that it will guide me to be able to reap the benefits of its description”.

 An audience prefers a list to follow by breaking down the step-by-step process to complete the whole project. Your focus is to want your project to be the most perfect thing representing your niche. 

If you find that you need to cut out some information, keep in mind there may be a risk in eliminating too much. Your last-minute changes may prevent you from publishing on time.

To prevent publishing delays:

  1. Set the date when you wish to publish- this is your launch date.
  2. Involve all your ideas into one element- pull all your resources together.
  3. Show what you plan to do-layout your plan in front of you.
  4. Give yourself the opportunity for final changes-understand you have one chance before you hit publish.

Once you have published your project keep track of how well it went, noting what went well, and what did not. If you need to improve certain areas by deleting or adding additional information. You know the shoulda, woulda, coulda motto. 

Don’t wait to have to use those words, do it now before you hit publish! 

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Once again thank you for stopping by,

The country girl and her blog and her Adventures of Blogging

Lisa Mingo






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