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Today, I am going to go over “How to be a WINNER on Pinterest by knocking it out of the park”. There are some business pinners that fail to see how important their Pinterest profile is to their business. Pinterest has become a splendid tool to market your business, blog and your brand, allowing others to visit your website. Which is what we want right? 

Pinterest has become a splendid tool to market your business, blog and your brand, allowing others to visit your website. Which is what we want right? 

How to be a winner on Pinterest and knock it out of the park

Look at how well Anna Runyan, of Classy Career Girl, has grown her business to her 25,838 followers. This woman is career driven, has assisted so many women in finding their career Niche and improved lives as well.

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So in your Pinterest profile, the image of YOU should be crisp and clear. When it is uploaded to your profile it will be a cute little circle so the most selected size is 165px X 165px.

When choosing your image remember, it should be the same image that you use on all your social media sites. If people see you on Instagram or Twitter, you need to be recognized by the image on Pinterest as well. Keeping this consistent is the key!

Provide keywords in your profile, along with your bio, that is related to your niche. On mine I have; 

Lisa- the country girl and her blog /Entrepreneur / Blogging Tips

USA / I offer blogging tips, building your business, and earn a passive income from your passions. How to set up email and blogging platforms.
You have to make it flow all together so it sounds normal to your readers. 
how to be a winner on Pinterest and knock it out of the park

A call to action link is awesome to have at the end of your bio, that could be a FREE printable, or lead to cornerstone content post.

To get your Ideal Client to visit your website will be all you need to business growth.

If you provide a link to your social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that will help you get traffic to those accounts also.
But, what I do, is cross-promote so that all my post go directly to those sites as soon as I publish a post.
Have you verified your websites yet? If not, you will need to do that so you are seeing how good your boards and pins are doing, from your analytics.
Make your boards loved by all! Think about what you look for when visiting some other pinners boards or pins. Are they appealing to the eyes? Do they have the content that is stated on the front? (if any) Is it great content that made you happy you clicked that board or pin?
I have a variety of boards on my Pinterest site, where I offer all sorts of information regarding my niche. If pinners are looking for, how to start a start a blog, awesome plugin’s to download on their website, how to monetize your blog or great groups to join, they do not need to look any further.
I do have one board that does not pertain to blogging though, it is this country girl loves some good food. It is okay to have some boards that do not pertain to your niche but be aware of what you pin on them, if need be, have them as a secret board. 
Are your boards categorized correctly? Once you create a board, there is an option where you can pick the category of your pin. For example, you are able to choose to design, men’s fashion, products, education or photography and much more.
So make sure you choose one, close to what your boards have, from their choices. 




Along with categorized boards, there will need to be keywords in their titles and descriptions. If you want people to be able to find YOUR boards, cram your board descriptions with keywords.
Your descriptions should have 2-3 sentences that describe exactly what your pin or board is about.
If you can, include a call-to-action at the end to encourage readers to visit your blog site, hoping to win more followers. 
One place I go to when I am deciding on my headline for my blog post is the Coschedule headline analyzer. You enter your headline to receive a score along with hints on what to add or take out, making it even better.
If you are not satisfied with your score, change the wordage around to try to get a higher score. It will keep a list of all the headlines that you tried, then pick the headline with the highest score. Get on your way to knocking it out of the park!
If you notice on Pinterest, there are all types of“brands” out there, which show the variety ofbrands of all the pinners. You can either choose yourbrandwith stock photos, or you can design your own brand with just colored backgrounds.
If you have favorite colors that you only want to use or a favorite text to display yourbranduse them so when other pinners see them they will recognize that it is you. 
If you prefer a different photo as your cover image of your board you are able to change this by “editing” your board. Where you see the “cover” button click on “change” and pick what photo you would rather have, then click “save”. 

Every blogger should have a board to represent their blog. This board will include all the blog posts that you have written. This particular board is where pinners can find eBooks, printables, webinars, or any post that you have done personally. This is

how you can send traffic to your blog, by them seeing, and hopefully reading, the post that they have come to read, and all other awesome ones too!
Where should you put this board? it will be the very first one when they look at your Pinterest account. If, for any reason, you may need or want to move any board, click on them while holding your mouse down on it, and slide it to where ever you would want it. 
When categorizing your boards, make sure the top 10 boards that are listed, are highly informational packed with great content, so they are noticed by your visitors first.
There are many stock photos sites that you are able to use, I prefer to I do use others, but I upload other images to take advantage of designing the text over my photos.
If you prefer to have custom templates you are able to have that with way you are able to save your favorite colors or text to use every time, and they will be saved as your template designs. 
If you use the same template over and over people will notice your “style”, your “brand”. The pins below are from a blogger that I follow, Lena@what mommy does. Can you tell what colors she likes? or her template?
These free worksheets from WhatMommyDoes are perfect if you need help deciding on a blog name! These cheatsheets help you pick the PERFECT BLOG NAME which is important if you want to have a blog that's a reflection of YOU but that other people will be interested in reading. It's a fine line to walk! | create a blog ready to make extra money, blogging tips, how to start a blog, blogging for beginners, blog name cheatsheets

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When designing your perfect pin, by using a vertical image this enables your viewer to notice YOUR pin and they also take up more space on a Pinterest feed. The size of 735px X 1102px is a good dimension, but I prefer to go even bigger than 1102px.

Just look at it once it’s done, to make sure it is not too long that a viewer will have to keep scrolling to see all the info and to “repin” your awesome content. You do not want to turn them away. 

Create your pin with text overlay, without it, is just plain boring. This way your viewers can clearly see what the awesome content is once they click on it. Your text should include 

  • What your pin is about
  • An eye-catching title
  • And your URL of your website-I prefer at the bottom

Your URL does not have to be really big, you do not want it to take away from your title just so that photo identifies who designed it. 

If you ever have a hard time discovering your keyword, go to the top of Pinterest where you see the search bar, enter your Pinterest topic. For example, for one of my pin’s discusses my “niche”, so I made sure the word niche was in my title and the description below.

This enables anyone ever having a problem finding their niche for their business, hopefully, my pin will pop up along with all the other ones on that topic.

Remember everyone is trying to do the same as you, so using keywords is a must.

There are important points to cover when adding your pin to Pinterest. I have had trouble with this myself when my URL for my post does not direct my viewers back to my website to read a post.

Of course, I had to get on the phone with WordPress and finally got it taken care of. Just make sure after you apply your pin, test it out to make sure it is working properly.

I have clicked on a pin before and was not able to go to the source, but I leave a comment letting the pinner know so they can look into it. Maybe they were not aware of the problem, I am trying to help them out.

Once again, make sure your content is pertinent, you have most likely heard this before. This is how you will attract your Ideal Client and receive repins. 

Like I mentioned above, the image should be, vertical in shape, readable text. 

Were you aware that you can, and should, have two pins for each blog post, or more? I know that it will take some time to create two images for each post, it is hard for me to decide on just one image out of all those that are available.

This way you are able to distinguish how well those different images measure up to one another. 

I have made two images for some of my pins, then when I have time, I add a couple here and there having two or three for each blog post. Just another way of getting your content out there. 

How do you add

more value to your clients?

Surprise and delight them

Look for the next post on “How to make Social Media platforms work for you”.

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