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You know there are a lot of WHY’S in the world that we live in, can you figure out the answers to them? Not too many can or maybe do not want to, and some that do not care. But when you had an idea of wanting to start your own business, deciding the WHY is a bigger question. Going after your goals with a positive mindset is crucial for business success. 

Let your VISION steer the way and the WHY will fall into place. 


Setting goals and making dreams happen means supporting your actions.

Find the support through like-minded people by joining Facebook groups giving you others to share your goals with. What better crowd to share your dreams and goals with than an awesome support group of women? This is where you all share the same dream and will have or already have come across business start-up problems. 

The family is also a solid support group to help make dreams come true. They are there to listen, giving advice whether it is good or bad take it all into account. Keep an open mind and take into account what they are saying, it may be very helpful. Advice will sometimes mean nothing when you first receive it, but then a lightbulb goes off and you clearly understand what they were saying. 

How many times as an adult have you thought back to what your parents told you as a child? only to thinking back then that they knew nothing? Or this is a good one, “How many times have you heard your mother come right out of your mouth?” Their advice back then really meant something, as much as it means today. 


When you plan your goals and dreams it is important to use some type of planner on a daily basis.

If you write things down, seeing them daily gives you a better outlook of your goals. Scheduling a deadline that is imperative to achieve these goals is important. Breaking down goals into baby-steps needed by actually putting pen to paper helps us to remember it 90% of the time. This is why they invented post-its ( I use plenty of those too) 


me & my BIG ideas Create 365 The Happy Planner, Hello Life, Jul 2016 – Dec 2017
I love the happy planner for scheduling my goals and dreams, not to mention all my “other” duties around here. Keep track of to-do’s, this will help with feeling overwhelmed, not forgetting what you need to be doing or where you are to be at. It is so handy that you can take it with you to appointments, no need to get pesky appointment cards that get misplaced anyway. 

Stop wasting time repeating the “things” that are not working for you or your business. 

What has worked out and what has not? Sit down and think about the past 6 months to a year, anything come to mind that did not work out as planned? What could you have done to change the outcome of a bad situation? What situations worked out well? How can you make the business even better? 


When you come to a conclusion of why some things did not work out, break them down and make changes if possible. If you realize it is not worth it, forget about it, trying another approach to achieve your goals. Plan something different to get the results you are trying to obtain, you never know the results may be more than you bargained for. 

List up to 5 Foundation goals for the year. 

It is very hard to plan out the entire year, instead, try to plan 3 to 5 Foundation goals. What are some reachable goals that you would like to be at by a certain time? You can get some of the smaller ones completed while you are on your way to reaching the bigger ones. 


Some goals can be to reach an annual or yearly income, a certain number of email subscribers, a number of blog posts published or a certain amount of video launches. How about a course launch? Are you wanting to dip your toes into the online course pool yet? 


For each main foundation goal, you need to break down into monthly goals, eventually down to weekly ones.

If your biggest goal you are wanting to achieve is an ideal amount of income, then break it down to how much you will need to make monthly to reach your goal. Breaking it down even further on what you need to make weekly to reach your income goal. How many people do you need to sign up to take your courses to achieve income? What can you do to earn more income from affiliate marketing? 

Whatever you need to do to get where you wish to be in your business, focus on those potential clients that you need to have to grow. Change up your opt-in pop-up, giving it a fresh new look. Same with your theme on your blog, modify it, add pictures, update colors or fonts. Offer some freebies to your email clients or to get more clients to opt-in. 


Start a new plan of attack to reach goals to obtain your dreams and 

Remember ⇓



Make your wishes come true!


The country girl and her blog and her Adventures of Blogging

Lisa Mingo


This post contains some affiliate links, which means this blog site may receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. Please see my full Disclaimer on my blogs Home Page for a complete Disclaimer. Thanks again for Visiting with us. 



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