This is what happens when you put fantastic keywords to conquer search engines

Hello, everyone!

Today, we will go over how important it is to get your keywords entered everywhere you can, and WHY it’s so important. 

A word or a phrase that has a topic of importance is a keyword. Searchers will enter keywords to convey and identify a problem or a topic to obtain more information on that subject. When a business wishes to rank higher in the market, they create content, surrounding appropriate topics that searchers are looking for.

What are the different types of keywords?

The two important types of keywords are long-tail keywords and broad keywords. Long-tail keywords are usually a bit longer words or a phrase that pertains to your industry or has to do with your company. Broad keywords are short words, and or phrases. They contain a broader aspect of all the companies in a particular industry besides your own. 

Look at these examples I made up:

Keywords-the country girl and her

I would get started using long-tail keywords since they are better in ranking while providing significant traffic to websites. This will also provide you with qualified readers that are using search engines to find your exact information. 

It will be difficult at first, to be able to arrange your long-tail keyword so they will bring your traffic, making perfect sense. Just practice and over time it will be easier but-

If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay under the porch

As we would say here in the country.

Once you begin using long-tail keywords, while doing some researching, you will become a pro at it. Here are answers that some inquiring minds might be asking.

Why do I even need to use keywords? it’s just going to be more work for me.

I learned some time ago, in college, and in my businesses, that I have had that

Keywords begin the groundwork that you will need to build the foundation of your business. From your domain to the name of your business that leads to the topics of your posts content, starts with keywords. The name of my blog website, along with my domain, gives you the description of what I am, The country girl and her blog. The topic of my choice is whatever I see fit that will cover my niche. 

I enjoy helping others to have the freedom of not going to a job that they dread going to. Making that important step, to be your own boss, having the satisfaction of accomplishment. Building a business for yourself that you will love and enjoy going to a job that they dread going to. Making that important step, to be your own boss, having the satisfaction of accomplishment. Building a business for yourself that you will love and enjoy going to. 

Topic headlines should return your readers to the content that they had read in the first place. By using correct keywords in your headlines will ensure this for your Ideal client and potential clients. 

Links, offers, and Emails should include keywords to have your reader travel even further into your website once they click on any link. Making offers, whether, it be in any link or email will also get them further into your content.

Help visitors, readers, and potential clients to understand your sole purpose and that of your website. If a reader is there to retrieve some information they may do a quick search for keywords that they have in mind. If they do not find what they are looking for they will go elsewhere to find it. We do not want that, adding keywords everywhere and anywhere, provided, they make the content make sense of course. 

Help search engines by entering keywords that will determine the purpose of your website and the topics you provide. Search engines scan your website to pick out keywords on a particular page that points to the purpose of the content you provide. Keywords offer search engines faster returns to the one searching and provide your awesomeness content.

Long-tail strategy Keywords

As you really start using and researching the use of keywords think about some questions you can ask yourself.

1. What services or products do I offer my clients? Make a list of keywords that pertain to your services or products on your website, focusing on long-tail keywords. If your niche is regarding career, then think of keywords that pertain to that, like “Make a courageous career move to better your profession in 30 days or less”. 

That alone may want people to take a look using the word”courageous” meaning “daring”, the word career also means profession, and in 30 days or less???

2. What ideas do you have or can offer to solve their problem, their pain?  Create another list of long-tail keywords that are comparable to their problem or pain. What are some potential solutions that you can offer up, that they are able to search for? Let’s go with the “Make a courageous career move to better your profession in 30 days or less”.

I searched it and this is what I found most interesting,  Take a look this woman took a courageous chance and left her consulting job and took a job overseas. Looks she is having fun too!

All our dreams

can come true if

We have the courage

to pursue them

3. Can you describe your business and what it is that you do? Prior to me starting my blogging business I never talked with something who had a blog, let alone used one for a business. I had always thought of a blog as sort of a diary, a written recorded time of one’s life. If someone is interested in making a business in blogging will they use the word blog or diary? Ok, some may already know about blogging, but still. 

Are you able to break down the aspect of your business? Maybe we should focus on some applicable keywords that best describes our business and what we do on a daily basis in case we are in a situation as this.

My husband and step-children are from Minnesota, the words they use are different from what I have used my whole life. What I call a soda is a pop to them, how I say breakfast is breaftest (he will kill me if he found out I used him as an example) to my husband. Words that you may use is not what others use or how they pronounce them. 

Additional Tips for Headlines

I also take advantage of, where I am able to input a headline from a blog post and it will analyze my headline and let me know what I need to add or remove. The analyzer gives me a score of how good or bad it is so I can adjust it. This is the score I got on this post, the score I got is pretty good. Give it a try and see how you rate. 

Coschedule score-the country girl and her

Pay close attention around holiday’s too, if you have a board dedicated to that particular holiday will increase traffic to your Pinterest accounts, and will, in turn, bring traffic to your website. Be sure to have that holiday’s keywords in your titles of your boards and in the descriptions. 

For additional information please visit these informative blog post of mine @

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Please look for my next post on how to write awesome headlines and the words that you need to include.


 I will be publishing my first ever Ebook, and you will be notified of its publish date. In the meantime please take a FREE printable now. 

Make an awesome blog content post in 30 minutes workbook

Thank you for joining me today,

Lisa Mingo


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