Quality Headlines that will make you turn the tables on Repins-Heavy Traffic and Crush Social Media

Have you ever wished that YOU could come up with the most amazing blog post that there ever was? If you only knew what works the best or what doesn’t. 

Well here is your big chance, you hit the jackpot, to get 508 emotion/power words, 63 common words, and 61 uncommon words to add to your best-selling headlines. The list is unreal and too colossal to post so click here to download to get the awesome lists to skyrocket your headlines and traffic!

My list of POWER WORDS for you

We are all aware to get whopping results we strive for, has to be done by taking action steps. If no action is taken, no sensational results will occur, since one is dependent on the other. There are a variety of powerful motivators that will encourage us to take action producing the outstanding results we strive for. 

Knowing the categories of words that empower results are emotion, power, common and uncommon words to include in your powerful vocabulary. Each of these categories of words contains the tremendous power that will help you to approach your mainstream market, and audience, enabling rewarding connections with your readers. 

We are in business to attract our Ideal Client, turning them into our support structure. A powerful market strategy has to reflect the interests of your readers to convert them into your motivated support system. 

Today we are going to go over these four categories of words and why they are important in our headlines. 

The Importance Of The Headline

The headline is the first part of your content that your readers will see and read. Your greatest goal in your headline is to catch the attention of the audience by providing them with a look into what your mind-blowing content will teach them. Before the audience gets into your breakthrough content the job of your headline is to deliver excitement to your readers before they get to read your energizing first word. 

If you have powerful strong headlines they will alert your reader’s emotional “inner talk” and peak your reader’s interest. If you are not aware of what “inner talk” is, you know that sort of crazy conversation that you carry on in your head throughout your day? Some of you may not notice that you talk to yourself, let alone answer too.  I sure do, especially when I am trying to sleep, the mind is a hard thing to keep quiet!

When you optimize your headline the “inner talk” of your readers will kick start their imagination, wanting to learn more of your exclusive content. 

By using your eye-opening headlines you will be capable of organizing your business as a figure of authority in your niche.

The importance of emotion words

Readers are searching for new and inspiring content. By providing readers with material that is crammed with unique content, will provide them with vital information that they have never seen or read before. This is necessary to have sizable growth within your market. Having no emotional headlines will ensure a crisis of no one wanting to read your content, or learning from you. The best-selling headline is a very important part of your certified market strategy portfolio.

Headlines are very important part of your market strategy, but your audience is where it all begins. What is their need? or pain? You do not want your blog posts to go unread, or emails remain unopened. The whole part of your online business is to mainstream traffic to your website, growing your base of followers. 

Grab up this FREE printable on how to make an awesome blog content post in 30 minutes wordbook

If you map out your content, making it clear and to the point will help you create some awesome headlines, build your business, and reaching goals. Emotion words can bring your readers from zero to shaking in the boots with excitement to get started with your awesome advice. Have you ever read a blog post that fills you with a renewed sense of excitement? Giving a new outlook of why you started a blog in the first place? I have read plenty!

Your emotional words are there to influence readers to respond in a positive way regarding your crammed packed information. The more influential emotional words you use will get readers excited, anxious, empower courage to take the next step. Making better chances of getting more than you bargained for when you first started out. 

If you properly learn how to exploit these power words throughout your blog post, you will notice the immediate quantity of readers that will respond to your quality content. 

Some of you may be wondering what an emotion word is? I have examples below;

Amazing                           Cheer

Audacity                           Conquer

Backbone                         Courage

Belief                                 Daring

Blissful                              Defiance

Bravery                              Delight

Breathtaking                    Devoted

Cheer                                 Excited

Conquer                            Eye-opening

If you click on my list of POWER WORDS you will get the complete list of Power, Emotion, Common and Non-Common words to use in your headlines.

Make your readers feel safe

Your goal is to boost your product and services, making you trustworthy among your readers. Readers need to believe that you will deliver what you promise to do, trusting to get the guaranteed results. Obtaining an outstanding reputation of quality content, innovative brand along with how you describe and create your product and services is an empowering issue for your business. Give your readers the reinsurance of why they can place their trust in you by using any one or more of these powerful words. 

Anonymous                          Endorsed                        Money back

Authentic                              Guaranteed                    No obligation

Backed                                   Ironclad                          No questions asked

Best-selling                           Lifetime                          No risk

Cancel Anytime                                                             No strings attached

Certified                                                                          Official

Power words that tempt the curiosity

Banned                                     Confidential                          Illegal                    

Behind the Scenes                  Controversial                       Off-limits

Blacklisted                                Cover-up                              Private

Censored                                   Forbidden                            Secrets

Concealed                                 Forgotten                             Strange

Confessions                              Hidden                                 Unauthorized

What are Common Words

Some of the most common words are 

A                                For                         They

About                        From                     Who

After                          Has                        With                             

All                              How                       You                      

An                              The                         Your 

And                            Was

Common words are what we use daily as a part of our vocabulary. According to Dictionary.com the most common word that is used the most is the word “the”. This word is used about 5% of the time. This would mean that in every text that contains 100 words, 5% of those are “the”. While 3% of the time the word “of” is used, and the word “and” is used 2.5% of the time. These are words that join other words together while building sentences. 

The words “of”, “are”, “that”, and “the” join the parts of the sentence that make the idea.

Then there are the Uncommon Words

These may be words that are not commonly used by people on a daily basis. Some examples would be 

Actually        Media                     Thing

Baby              Old                          Time

Better            Really                     Want

Found            Right                      World                  

Life                  Seen                      Year

There may not be a word for everything, but there are the uncommon words. These words may not get used daily, or often, but they are still words. 

Have any of you used Coschedule as an analyzer for your headlines? 

I use this a lot when deciding on my headline, it will give you a score of how good, or bad your headline is. The percentage breakdown of what you scored on power words will also be given. See here the score I received  for the headline of this post;

Pretty cool huh? So check this out maybe it will help you create “blow your mind” headlines. 

The best marketing 

of all are



Thank you for visiting with me

Lisa Mingo


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