How to turn the tables on doubling your money when you empower Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing and owning a successful blog go hand-in-hand to a blogger these days. Blogs are quick and easy to set up, you rarely need to have a plan in mind to blog about. The playing field offers a variety of options of subjects to talk about on your blog. While others spin out of control and go ape crazy, blogging about many subjects, others blog about one subject, their niche. 

If you have one niche that you are passionate about, do you have enough conversation to include on your blog? A niche that will enable enough to chat about? Will you become bored or run out of information? When you have a blog, commitment comes along with it, I mean serious commitment.

Since I have started my blog, I have blogging on the mind constantly. I wake up in the morning with the subject that I am writing about in my head and lay in bed at night thinking about my next blog subject when I am not even finished with my present one. 

You have the basics of what blogging is all about and have learned to build your blogging community, the ins, and outs of what stock photos do for you. Are you ready to learn how to produce an income from your content, convert sales from products while having affiliate programs put money in your piggy bank? 

The commitment to having a blog for business purposes is a huge responsibility. What I mean, are you trying to use your blog to make money? Keep in mind, your blog does not make you money but your content, products or services you have to offer does.

Advertising on your blog pages has never been easier these days. Businesses will give you a cut from their sales that you advertise on the pages of your blog, easy peasy, huh? There are bloggers that actually earn a living just on advertising alone. Everywhere you look online there are advertising banners splattered all over. 

There are some readers that are offended by a number of ads on one page, so keep it limited to how many you have. The amount of money that you are able to earn from your ads is mainly from your traffic on your blog. Before you can really learn how to earn money, first, you need to learn how to market and promote your blog. 

Welcome to the world of social networking once you start receiving likes on all the social networking platforms.

Remember when you first started using MySpace, Facebook, or even Pinterest.  You would have people click “Like” on things that you would post. How excited did you get? did you jump up and down? give yourself a high five? 

Since social networking first came upon us the quality has improved along with more ways to utilize it. Networking is an incredibly most important tool that a blogger has to introduce themselves, promote their products while connecting with their Ideal client. If you would like to read my post on “Dominating your Ideal Client and knowing their profile”, click on the link.

Your Ideal Client would be the audience you wish to connect with. If you have a blogging site that focuses around cooking you would want to connect with people looking for a recipe to prepare. If you are a crafter, your fellow crafters would be your best bet. 


The World Wide Web has allowed all bloggers to share more than just our writing, we are able to easily display video, and or, audio. Not only do we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, but one little Fuzzy Wuzzy place called Pinterest. I can not say enough how important it is for a blogger to be all over Pinterest. Everyone is all over Pinterest and able to find just about anything they need assistance on. 

I enjoy assisting others, just ask my family. They will tell you, I will do anything in my power to help the needy with their pain. I chose that as my niche. I am prepared to help other bloggers build their “niche” whatever that may be. You just need to take the chance on your dream, like we all have done. 

Sky’s the limit in converting ways to earn a substantial income

When you decide to include advertising ads to your pages there are a few ways to do so. Banner ads are used along the side of the page and on top or bottom. There are also pop-ups, animated or blinking ads that have become irritating to readers. When they are trying to read content they would constantly get in the way.  

Today’s ads are based on the subject of the words and phrases that are used on our blogs. This makes it easier to get readers interested in the pages, making it more likely to click the ads. Is your blog pages meant to have these ads in the first place? Try using some ads and observe the results.

Make a plan

There are companies that would love to have you advertise on your pages for them. To put their ads on your pages are pretty easy to do, and are equally appealing to your readers. Once you have all blog duties achieved try one affiliate market site and see how it goes. I would suggest Amazon, to start off with. This is an ad of the planners I use for my business. 

I keep everything in here from blog content, when I publish content on my blog, I keep track of my followers and my giveaways. There is so much room to jot it all down. 

AT-A-GLANCE Weekly / Monthly Planner, January 2018 – December 2018, 4-7/8″ x 8″, Customizable, Taylor, White / Pink (1027F-201)

I also use Amazon this way with their ads.

I get to choose what I want the four boxes to advertise. Pretty cool huh? There are many items to pick from on Amazon try it out it’s fun to look at all of the products to advertise.

Another program to join is if that is who your provider is. Once you place a link from them on your pages and someone joins, you will receive around $60.00 a pop. Not bad for just taking the time by adding one of their links huh? 

“Bluehost believes their satisfied customers (which is you) are the best people to promote our products”. So check out their website here and look at what they offer.

I just recently added Google Adsense to my blog. The rules for Google is that you have to have their link on your pages for three days, then they will review your site. If you pass they will advertise on your pages and you will receive a cut if someone clicks on your ads. If not, better luck next time. This is possible if you do not have enough traffic going through your site. 

You can also be an affiliate marketer with eBay too!

As you can see it works the same as Amazon you advertise their products and you receive a cut. If you include different affiliate programs ads on your posts (but not too many) you are able to fill your piggy bank if your readers like what they see and click and buy from those companies. 

There is another way to earn money from your content, product, or services

Yes, there are many ways to earn a living from your blog, you can offer products or services that you readers will pay for. These products or services HAVE to be filled with good quality content that will give your readers valuable quality information that will benefit them. If not, they will buy that one item and will not come back. You have to build a trusting relationship with your audience that will guarantee that whatever their pain may be this information is their antidote. 

I have a post on passive income here, take a look here to learn more.

This type of earning income is passive income. You will be earning income time after time by readers stumbling upon your valuable quality information when they find it through search engines or on social media. Many new bloggers pay for this information when they first start out, this is how they learn the business.

It is not a bad thing to sell your product and services. Bloggers put a lot of their time and energy sharing what they have learned from their many years of blogging. There is nothing bad about if they sell what they have learned and experienced. It is like buying a book about blogging.

But depending on the product or services it can be cheaper than purchasing information elsewhere. 

Another way to earn passive income is by creating your Ebook. If you are new to blogging, there are many bloggers that have done this. They have a variety of Ebooks out there on the net. Once you have collected important information regarding your Niche, like I have, you can create your own Ebook and earn money doing what you love to do.

Take a look at the link “Why I blog: Finding my very own niche” that I published. Sometimes when just starting out, it is hard to figure out what it is you want to share with the world. Also, see my post for a Recipe for a successful blog, we all want this for our self, don’t we?

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