Why I signed up at Bluehost and a step-by-step guide for you too

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I am so excited to tell you how much I love my new blog and my experience with Bluehost as my hosting platform!

I had to make this my very first blog post since moving from WordPress.com to my new home here at Bluehost and WordPress.org.  I am here to tell you it was the best move I could have ever made!

Okay here we go

I recently switch to Bluehost as my hosting platform from a WordPress.com blog, to be able to achieve the blog that I have wanted ever since I started a blog page. I felt the capabilities of owning my very own self-hosted blog through Bluehost was my best move I made for myself and my blog.

I was like

this is great! I have all these options to include on my website to make it more powerful using Bluehost.

I am able to reach more readers by implementing more plug-ins and widgets such as Mailchimp email service, Contact Forms 7, Akismet, Image widgets, Mojo Marketplace and so much more while providing a pleasant looking theme to my blog, thanks again to Bluehost.

What do the plug-ins and widgets do for me?

The Mailchimp service is where I store my emails list from my viewers. Mailchimp is a real easy email marketing software (EMS) which provides me a number of easy options for creating, sending and being able to save my templates of my emails that I send out.

Contact Form 7 gives me the capabilities to edit my forms and my mail with various “tags”. Tags mean a tiny formed string of type square brackets Tags for forms and tags for mail to look different from each other.

Akismet is used to protect my blog from spam.

Image Widget provides you with a simple way to display an image and caption in your blog’s sidebar.

Mojo Marketplace is the world’s’ go-to place for a variety of themes, plug-ins, and services.

OptinMonster provides opt-in forms for viewers to sign up for email updates.

This is just a small example of plug-ins and widgets that I have learned about since joining Bluehost.

Like what you see so far? Do you want to achieve a better-looking blog? with more options to include to your blog to reach out to new viewers?

If you follow my step-by- step guide to obtaining the best web hosting platform “Bluehost” you will achieve everything you will want in your blog.

Step 1.

In your search bar go to Bluehost.com and click get started now in the green box.

Related image

Step 2.

Choose the Bluehost plan you would like.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 3.

Sign up now if you have your own domain already click the box and enter your domain name, and click the next button. If you need a domain name enter the domain name you would like to use and to the right choose if you want .com, .net etc then click next.

Image result for bluehost package information image

Step 4.

Enter all your information that is asked for your Bluehost account.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 5.

The information that is needed here will be what Bluehost package you will want. It will give you the total on the bottom, then purchase with your credit card information.

Image result for bluehost additional domains information image

Image result for bluehost additional domains information image

Step 6.

Add any additional domains to add to your Bluehost package, you can do that here.

Image result for bluehost additional domains information image

Step 7.

Enter a password for your Bluehost account, make it one that will be easy to remember, you will need it every time you sign in.

Image result for bluehost dashboard information image

Step 8.

You can read the all of the articles in blue and enter your Bluehost password here.

Image result for bluehost information image

Step 9.

Enter your domain and password that you chose here and log in to your new Bluehost

account!!! I am so excited for you!

Image result for bluehost information image

Step 10.

Bluehost offers help if you would like setting up your Bluehost account or just do it yourself.

Step 11.

Once you are on this page you will scroll down to where it has website in blue and then click Install WordPress. It will take a little while to do, but you will get an email sent to you when it is complete.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 12.

Click install, the import button is for transferring from a different hosting platform.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 13.

Choose which domain you want to install IF you have multiple domains.

Related image

Step 14.

This just shows you that it is installing WordPress for your  Bluehost account.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 15.


Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 16.

Congratulations, you are on your way to your new Bluehost account and having an awesome blog.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 17.

Now that your Bluehost account is installed it is time to pick your theme. This is the fun part, I believe, there are so many Bluehost themes to choose from. Bluehost has themes for free and some you can purchase from a variety of sites. Have fun picking just the right theme that fits your blog content.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 18.

Congratulations, this is your new account from WordPress that is hosted from Bluehost you can click the box “remember me” so your username and password will come up every time so you will not have to enter it all the time if you prefer.

Image result for bluehost sign up information image

Step 19.

This screen shows your Bluehost Dashboard that you can add your theme in the “Appearance” area. If you click “Appearance” choose “themes” and go shopping for your new theme. This will take some time going through them all and choosing the perfect theme for your blog. This screen is also where you will add plug-ins, widgets, to add your page menus that you want to show on your pages (About Me, Homepage etc) where you add posts or if you want to edit your posts. Pretty much everything is here that you will need to build your blog. You can reach your blog by entering your URL > like thebigbirdandco.com/wp-admin it will bring you to your Dashboard. This is just one way to reach your blog.

Image result for bluehost dashboard information image

This is where it shows your posts that you have created. Take a look at all it shows, the titles, authors, any tags you have added, if you received any comments and the date and time that you posted it to your blog.

Image result for bluehost dashboard information image

If you want to take advantage of creating an awesome blog, join me, and many others, by taking the plunge and join Bluehost, you will receive a free domain and free WordPress site. That is what makes sense they actually give the products that you need for free. So click the link down below and do yourself the biggest favor ever!

Hope to see you in the Bluehost platform with a free website and domain.

Take Care, 

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging

Join Bluehost todayJoin Bluehost todayJoin Bluehost today

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