How To Start Your Blog In 2017 Using BlueHost

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Step 1. Creating A BlueHost Account

Do you have your domain yet? If not, I got mine from GoDaddy . You can head over to GoDaddy by clicking down below and apply for yours today. It does not take long at all, they just have to make sure the domain that you want is available. Make sure you decide on one that you are going to like for the lifetime of your blog, since you have to purchase it. I recommend buying a .com, It just looks more professional and means business.  

  ⇐Click here

Things to remember:

Keep it short-Social Media sites have a character limits, and so you and your viewers can remember it easier. Making it simple, is the best way to go.

One the reflects youDecide on one that has to do with your blog content and personality.

Have one that is Professional-This is will represent your business, so think professional.

Check for name of a domain below to check it’s availability. 

Name Search Here

Step 2. BlueHost

With Bluehost you will receive a free domain, but if you want to move to a different hosting platform you will have to purchase a new and different named domain.

Click banner here to join now, and you will be taken to their Website. 

Step 3. Get started Banner⇑

You will be taken to the BlueHost home screen where you will click “get started now” on their banner. You will then be taken to their landing page, where you will select the plan of your choice, see here.

Image result for bluehost cost images

It is recommended that you choose the lowest plan first, then you are able to upgrade at a later point. By doing this you can use the money you save to invest in your blog and then upgrade later into your business. 

Step 4. How to create your BlueHost Account

Enter the name of the domain in the “new domain box” if you have not gotten one yet. If you did purchase one, enter it in the “I have a domain name” box. Then click next at the bottom.

Image result for bluehost images

Step 5Account Information

Enter the information here that it is requested. The email you enter is one that you will need to remember, so have access to it always, this should the same email attached to your blog. See example below.

Image result for bluehost images

Step 6. Your Hosting Package and it’s length of time desired

Once you have created your account you will scroll down and select your desired package. Start by deselecting all of the add-on features since there are wonderful WordPress plug-ins that serve the exact same purpose for free. Remember by getting the lowest plan first you will save your money for future investments-for example Stock Photo’s on Canvasome are free while others charge a small fee. I have purchased some for $1.00 to $2.00 each. 

how to start a blog Step 7. Your Payment

Select your payment method and be on your way to creating your blog!

Image result for bluehost images

The wait time is only about 10 minutes for BlueHost to set your website up, once it is finished you will receive an email confirming this. When you receive your email you are all ready to install You will need to login to Bluehost and your website will be set up for you. 

Step 8. Installing

Good Job!! You’re almost there….Are you excited yet? Go ahead pat yourself on the back. 

Okay to start this section you are already logged-in correct? Once you are, it brings up this screen. 

Image result for bluehost pages images

Scroll down until you see this area that shows “Website” in the blue and click Install WordPress.

Image result for bluehost pages images

After that Click on the “Install WordPress” icon. 

Installing a blog

Then enter your domains address and Click “Check Domain”

creating a blog

Next page should be this one below⇓

starting a blog

Click that “I have read the terms and conditions” button then “Install Now”

You did it!!  Give yourself a pat again!!!! 

I hope these instructions are clear for you to understand if not drop me a line and let me know if you need my help. It might be quicker to contact Bluehost yourself by clicking here BlueHost help

Thanks for dropping by,  Good Luck to you all

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging


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