Breakthrough Ideas To Make Your Home Office Completely Organized

Breakthrough Ideas To Make Your Home Office Completely Organized (3)

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Hello from adventures of blogging

Now I understand that all of us have different ideas of being organized, some like the clutter because they have everything right where they want or need it, and they always seem to find what they are looking for through the clutter. But there are ways        to have everything right in front of you, but in its place.

The first step:

Arranging Pertinent Elements TogetherYou can arrange these items in a stackable letter trays. This enables you to store receipts, invoices, or spreadsheets in their personal tray, also giving you room to have files that need to be put in their proper place in your filing cabinet. Did you know that the average time to retrieve a piece of paper from a desk that is filled with clutter is about 10 minutes? This really depends on how cluttered this desk is of course, it can take even longer. It is always in the last place you look for it. Great idea huh?  Desk Top File Organizer

File your folders when they are no longer needed – The best file systems are color-coded since we tend to recognize actual color faster that just a label. By assigning a specific color for each category such as Invoices, Advertising, Social Networking Statements, or whatever business files you find necessary to separate. This way it breaks your file drawer down to specific sections. Colored Coded Files Folders

3. Make Use Of Wheeled Furniture– By using file cabinets that includes wheels, gives you the option to move it around anywhere in your home office area. To help make it for improved easy access. Once your are done with it just roll it out of the way at the end your day. I have three of these, one is for Adventures Of Blogging, then our home personal finances, and the last is for my horse supplies. Rolling File Cabinets

4. The Perfect Desk For Your Home Office– Try to avoid Rolltop Desks or Office Armoires, anything that can be closed up encourages disorganization. These below are my favorite types of home office desks. Now you may not care for them, but I love the open areas they offer. I understand that all of us may not have the space for our home office, but we need to utilize the space we do have available. Home Office Desk

Great Looking Desk For Home Office

Another great item to have in your workspace is the Happy Planner. I just love this planner!! Plan your day, blog post, weeks and months in this planner. 
me & my BIG ideas Create 365 The Happy Planner, Hello Life, 18 Month Planner, July 2016 – December 2017

This planner has everything I need and more. Any business needs a planner.

5. Use Space Creatively- When you have limited space it requires creativity. Finding the ways to organize is a must. If your desk is against a wall you can hang these organizers above your desk, to keep your desk, clutter free. These can also be hung on another wall or behind a door. Just be savvy and creative, have fun! Pockets, Taupe/NatmDesign Wall Mount/Over the Door Fabric Office Supplies Storage Organizer for Notebooks, Planners, File Folders – 3 ural

6. Location of YOUR Home Office- This space should be your haven by providing a peaceful, calm, and intimate place to concentrate. Away from the chaotic surrounding of having your office in your home. Noise needs to be limited, and any electronic devices needs to be put away, such as cell phones. 
7. Staying Organized- Now that you have your Home Office organized how do you keep it that way? By setting an extra 10 minutes at the end of your day to clean and organize your workspace before you walk away from it. That way when you return to it the next time, it will be ready and organized for you.

Image result for organize quotes

Being organized is essential when managing a home based small business out of your home. The structuring of your home based small business can often become just another part of your home, becoming chaotic and unkempt. To have the logical space can be rather costly to hold a coherent layout design.

Home Office

Your small business needs to be in a state which everything is in correct or appropriate places with areas that important files are kept. Look at the picture above, there is so much going on here, the desk is too cluttered to allow enough working space. What looks like a printer in the middle of the desk has no room for anything that has been printed to come out of the slot. The top of the printer is covered with items that has no other place to go. If the woman in the picture needs to get a pen, pencil or scissors out of the holder, she would have to get up out of her chair to retrieve items from the left side of the printer.

There is a cork board on the floor underneath the desk, that should be hung on the wall to keep important data that can be readily available to her. Along with the cork board underneath the desk is the trash can, where again, to toss something in the can she would once again have to get up from her chair to do so. It looks to me there is a lot of getting up and down here, making it easy to forget where your thoughts were before having to get up every time.

The desk itself is not a bad idea, if only there is more working space. Too much clutter can distract your thoughts making it stressful for one to concentrate on his or hers particular task at hand. Your thought can lead you to thinking “I need to clean this clutter one day”, instead of what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

Your filing stations should be organized in a way that if you go looking for a particular article whether it be your income reports, social networking sites, receipts for business expenses, and so on,  you will not have to look through piles of papers.

Image result for piles of documents

Okay that’s a bit of bit much, but you get the picture. With an easy filing system you can become more productive for your business at hand.

Image result for piles of documents

This is what your filing cabinet could look like with the cabinet above. I am a BIG filer nut! I have everything filed and labeled in my filing cabinet. When my husband and I started living together, he brought his box of documents into my life. That was a chore to go through, but never again will I ever see a bunch of papers crammed into a box, and neither will he. 

Now if you want to be clutter free and organized, follow the steps above that I have laid out for you. Add some of your ideas yourself that you would need to stay that way.
Maybe a new desk caddy? Desk Caddy

Or how about one for your desk drawer? Drawer Organizer

Or a new lamp for your desk? Desk Lamp

I love the variety of the cloth boxes for storage, they are perfect for everywhere around the home

[10-Pack, 5 Colors] TOP QUALITY Durable Foldable Storage Cubes For Shelves, Baskets, Bins, Containers, Home Decorative Closet, Organizer Household, Fabric Cloth ,Collapsible Box, Toys Storages Drawer

Whatever you need to be organized in your Home Office DO IT. So you can be the same woman in the picture above after she got her workspace ORGANIZED, and jump for JOY as she did!

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging


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