Not Having The Time You Need To Blog?

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Hello from adventures of blogging

If it is hard for you to find the time to sit down to write up an post for your blog, you are not alone. With juggling my three kids, farm animals, and keeping up the house, it is almost impossible at times. But when everyone goes to bed, I can not wait for MY blog time. I bust out my Super Mom Costume and get to work.

( I know all you moms out there have one of these costumes too)mom-2010524_1920

I have already planned what I want to write about in my blog, so I go to my Happy Planner.

In my magic book, I have, in order, what I want to blog about along with my schedule of stay-at-home mom duties. After I have finished a blog post I √ it off, and add the date I posted it. I do not know why I do this, but it makes me feel like SUPER MOM that I finished it. I just like to keep record of when it went public. I also post it to Pinterest and make my own Pin It, to share with others. My blogs are set up to also go straight to my FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram once I click publish. I am in the process of setting up a StumbleUpon account, to get my blog posted there also. 

I recently heard of this book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, that taught me to be more effective with my time. What hit me was Mr. Convey stated, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” 

Of course, my family, animals, and my home are my top priorities so I schedule my blogging around them, along with anything else that needs my attention. Never cutting into my family time when kids come home from school, and the little bit of time I see my husband after he has worked 12 hours shifts. So you see we need to seize our power. My power comes when it’s quiet in the house. (no TV, no questions to answer, no forms to fill out for school functions, all animals and family have been fed and tucked into bed) 

So finding the time is going to be different for all of us, but we all have 24 hours in each day, so plan your day according to what your priorities are.

  1. Plan your days all 24 hours of them – Get the Happy Planner -you will not be dissatisfied. Break your day up into sections to make sure you get all your priorities filled to the max. If for some reason you do have enough time in your day, no worries, another day comes after that one. Allow yourself enough sleep to tackle your day with Motivation. 
  2. Plan your blog post ahead of time – Write out what you want to blog about a week (if possible) ahead so you will not be sitting in front your computer screen like this poor woman with Bloggers Block.


  1. Stock Photos – Be thinking of what stock photo, or photos, you what to add to it using,and others that you can find on-line. 
  2. Cut out all distractions – While you are sitting and typing away on your post, turn off all those distracting electronic devices, especially the notifications on your phone, texts, emails, Pinterest and Facebook notifications, TV and so on. 
  3. Giving up Activities -You have to really ask yourself what activities can I give up? And do they really matter? If you want to have a blog you may have to cut some activities out to give you the much needed time to build up your small business (if that is why you are blogging) We all have activities that we enjoy, we just have to prioritize them. What activities do you want to give up or what are the activities that you just can not do without?
  4. Identify what is eating so much of your time? Is it “Oh but I will watch this one last episode of Ghost Whisperer” or “I need to find out who really killed JR”? (from the show Dallas, some of you might not know who that is). Going back to bed after the kids go to school is not a choice, even if you are home alone and no one will know. If you want to make it in the world of blogging you have to make choices that are important to you and your blog.
  5. Set your Agenda up. As I stated above, I make notes for my agenda of blog post ahead of time. I am the type of person that has her day timed out ( if you understand that). If I have to go to the store there is no dilly dallying looking at stuff I do not need, I am in and out. When I am at home doing my stay-at-home mom duties I keep watch of what time it is. For example: Wednesdays the kids to go church, I know I need to have dinner ready so they can eat before I drop them off. While they are at church I come home, and get the kitchen cleaned, since it will almost be their bedtime when they return, and you know what comes after their bedtime? that’s right ,you are catchin on-MY Blog time where I bust out my cool suit. 
  6. Practice saying NO – Brace yourself to say “No I am not able to go to the movies today Susie” (your stay-at-home mom friend). Hey, if you have time to go to the movies you have time to start your blog post right? No excuses, no kickin yourself in the butt when you sat in the theatre for 2 hours, the movie was terrible anyway, and you wished you stayed home to blog.
  7. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule I can not say it enough how scheduling your time can actually save you time. Let us look at our days, if you have a job that keeps you 8 hours of your day, and you sleep eight hours (who sleeps 8 hours anyway, I do not) what are you doing in the other eight hours of the day? I know we have dinner to make, maybe laundry, have time with the kiddo’s to help with their homework, after school sports, etc etc, but all this time you can schedule your brain to be thinking what to blog about. Depending on what your family does on the weekend, or if you are living the single life you also are “working for the weekend”. Don’t lose out on precious time spent lying on the couch in your PJ’s watching TV all weekend. Be productive….YOUR hours of YOUR life exists, do not waste them.A VARIETY OF CLOCKS
  8. Entertainment for the whole family – We have received a Christmas gift from our oldest son, the Fire stick from Amazon for $39.99. You then download Kodi into your Fire stick  for $2.99 and you are able to stream movies any time for free. No running the the local Redbox to rent movies. Your have your own movie theatre in your home. My kids have watched movies that are still in theaters like Boss Baby, Beauty and the Beast, Trolls, A Dog’s Purpose, and many more. Boy, did they like gloating at school that they had already seen these new movies before their friends did. You just need to plug your internet into it, and Wa La instant entertainment for the family while you blog! Now I do not use this as a kid sitter, I just tell them that I have a post that I would really like to get out before a certain time, but they do not care they get to watch a good movie.


I am not saying you have to buy these items to be able to find time to blog, just learn how to use your time wisely by scheduling your priorities.

I hope I have given you examples of how to do just that, to allow you the time to create a blog posts that you are excited about. One that makes you feel proud, for all of the hard work you put into it. I have attached some printables of examples of how to schedule your time and some coloring pages for the kids. 






Have a great day!

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