Don’t Forget Your Mother On Her Special Day


As we approach Mother’s Day, lets not forget our Mother’s, and ALL they DO FOR US! My Mother has went to be with her Maker, as well as my Father, happy, no longer hurting, and dancing their Tooshies off! Miss you always Mamma Cita and Daddy!

I do have my Mother-in-law, and she is an Angel. When we talk on the phone she always says, “Hey Girl! How ya doing”. As I have said in a previous post, I was on Amazon

ordering my Happy Planner and I also found her  
So here ya go Angel. I may have to get me one too! I have attached other ideas below that I also looked through, but went with the pan she wanted instead. I can not wait to see her face. 

Oh yeah, when I ordered my Happy Planner I also got these cool pockets too!

I wanted something to put Business Cards in, receipts, and grocery lists.  I really love my new planner, maybe your Mother will to. 

So celebrate your Mother, and all they do for you and your family. Pick her out special something this year. She deserves it! 

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