How To Create A FaceBook Page For Your Blog

Do you want to promote your website on one of the biggest social media websites? I do, and I did just that. As of April 3, 2017, there are over 1.86 billion worldwide monthly active Facebook users. This is a 17 percent increase year over year. To see the complete breakdown of what Facebook is accomplishing see this link below.

Facebook Statistics

FaceBook does not let you advertise a business, but you can post it as a Fan page on your personal Facebook. I have my personal FaceBook, then I have a FaceBook that I use for “Adventures Of Blogging”, so this is the one I set mine on. This page that you create will show up to the right of your Facebooks home page. 

images on blogging for Google


Log in to the Facebook account you want to use, then follow these steps below,

 1. If you click on the ∨ arrow next to the ? mark on the blue bar at the top and 

 Click on “Create Page” at the top you will come to this page. 


2. Click on Artist, Band or Public Figure, then in the Category pull down choose blogger. The Name box will be the name of your Website/blog then hit “Get Started” (SEE BELOW)

Create a Page

Artist, Band or Public FigureHave a profile? Learn more about letting people follow your public updates.

By clicking Get Started, you agree to the Facebook Pages Terms.Get Started

This will bring you to your new Page to organize it. 

3. Remember to add a short description about what your blog is about & enter the URL (web address) of your blog in the Page Tips area. There you will find additional tips to help build your page. 

4. Next, you’ll want to upload a profile picture. It is best to go with a photo at least 500×500 pixels. This can be a photo of yourself, your logo or anything that will represent your website/blog. You will need to upload a cover photo for your page. The cover photo should be 851×315. Pro Tip: If you don’t have an image, you can always make one for FREE using Canva, like I did above.

5. You will create a username under your profile photo which can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”).

6. Add a button – it will give you many options to choose from (See Below)

Make it easy for people to take action with Your Website. Choose the button you want to add to your Page, and where you’d like to send people when they click it.

These are the available options:

Book Service–  Make it easy for people to book travel, an appointment or order food.Get in Touch-  Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Sign up, Get Quote, Send email
Learn More-   Watch Video 
Make a Purchase or Donation-  Shop Now 
Download App or Game-  Use an app or play a game7. The next step is to tell Facebook what your preferred audience is for your page. You can choose to fill out the demographics information or skip. 

8You can Promote your Page for the fee of $5.00

You now have a Facebook page to promote your blog and start to grow your blogging community! Have fun with it, and blog.

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging

How to create a facebook for your blog


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