What Is Your Motivation

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One characteristic that some people struggle with is Motivation. Motivation is the reason or reasons that one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. If we look at the letters that spell the word Motivation we will have Momentum, Occasions, Thrills, Inspirations, Vitality, Ambition, Trepidation, Incentive, Outlook and Necessity.

These word are all reasons that can Motivate all of us in some way or another. Motivation is an important component when setting and attaining our goals for our life. We all have the abilities that influence our own levels of motivation including self control in stressful situations. Motivation is the difference of waking up before noon and sitting around in our pajamas all day or making something happen in, and to our life’s.

What will it take to start being who and what you want to be in the present and your future? 

Are you having second thoughts about blogging? Are you stuck in a rut? Not getting the audience you want? Not Motivated any longer? 

Go back, try to remember why you wanted to start blogging in the first place? Bloggers need to keep that want, or need, to blog in perspective. Do you ever have the thought of, “what can I blog about that anyone has not already done”.  That does not matter, people that blog, do it for themselves mostly, it is their passion. Sure.. you need to create what you feel Readers out there want, and you also need to create a pile of information of what your researched topic is about. My topics come to me in many different ways, and times of the day. I can be doing the dishes, laundry, sitting atop my bumble bee looking riding lawnmower. But most times it is when I go to bed, and lay there thinking, thinking and more thinking. 

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Come on this isn’t you sometimes? Tell me what you think about? Share in a comment below.

This is when your Motivation kicks in to plan your strategy of attack. Compile a list of topics that you want to cover, and gather that pile of information you will need from the very basic to real pertinent. If you keep on top of your strategies, and topics you will begin to move on from a beginner to average then finally reaching the top of your blogging skills-a Bloginator. Your Readers will be begging for more. 

Now to compile your plan of attack you will need a terrific planner, and have I got one for you!  The Happy Planner 

From Amazon of course!  Just click on the image to take you to Amazon, and order yours today! It was cheaper then other places I looked, and I ordered my mother-in-laws Mother’s Day gift too. Hey I was there-two birds with one stone. I love the bright colors, and has everything I need to plan my days. I also looked into more printables for my Happy Planner and downloaded some more Take A Look Here

me & my BIG ideas Create 365 The Happy Planner, Hello Life, 18 Month Planner, July 2016 - December 2017       

Now I understand that everyone plans differently, and when I thought of getting this I asked myself will I be Motivated to even write in it? But believe it or not, it makes my day much more easier to handle. I have everything in this! I sit down Sunday night, and go over what I have planned for the coming week. Before I purchased this it was all about post-its everywhere in our home, hoping none of them will lose their stickyness (I know auto correct that is not word).  But now this is my go-to for me. It is not real big, so I can take it with me when I am on-the-go.

I have my families schedule in this also, you know doctors/dentists appointments. I even keep information in here when my Ferrier will be coming to shod (shoe) my horses. My husband has some days off during the week, so if he has somewhere for us to go together, I add this in there also. I keep my planner the same for each week, that way, I am not lost when I go to view it. I know where every event is by Motivating myself to do this, and I am more organized. 

So what I do, and I know that you may do it differently, but I keep the section on the side of the first of the month for my things to do for the month. I write down every ones birthday or anniversaries for that month (do not want to forget a birthday, anniversary or anything). My Goals that I want to reach before the end of the month, and important dates such as doctor/dentists appointments, school functions, anywhere I need to be at, like I mentioned above.  

It also has a section to list topics that you wish to read, need to plan, what you are pinning, want to craft, what you’re loving that month, and so much more. 

It even has a place for what you are cooking. Great huh?  I like to write what meals my family enjoyed so I can prepare them again. I sometimes use the grocery app that is available so I posted a URL so you can decide which one is best for you. Click Here they have a variety to choose from.

The next section is where I jot down the appointments that I mentioned above, I can turn to that month and see my entire month at a glance. This way I do not have to go to my first page where I put important dates- depending on my month I may not have enough room for everything!!! Yep my life can be that hectic at times. 

The next section is for me…this is where I plan for my ideas on my blogs, or what I want to add to my Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. The boxes for each day gives you more room to do so. I jot down ideas of what stock photos I would like to have on my post, so I look them up on Pixabay.com or Canva.com I just enjoy looking at the photos on these websites too! I go save image crazy!


I know right, I could just smell them!

If you have a busy life whether it be a family, job or a business or all three,
this planner
will keep you organized, it’s the way to go. Just click on the image to take you to Amazon, and order yours today! If you like to keep the events that happen all year long then get Motivated, and order one. Then drop me a line and let me know how you like it. Also here are the
 Free Printables for the Happy Planner again.

Make this year your Motivational One!                                    motivation

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging


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