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First off we will start on what it shows on the left side of your blog post.

Post Settings to the left of your blog page >>>>>>>


  • Shows the date and time, stick to the front page, pending review, and your visibility which should be public

Categories and Tags

  • When I am ready to publish a post, I make sure that my tagline/tags are appropriate for each category that I want it to reach. This will help your visitors find themselves around your website. 
  • The default category is always set to Uncategorized. If you know that a lot of your posts are about the same thing (as mine is always set to Blogging, How to blog, etc) then why not just have that set to only one tagline/tag phrase. But if you change from “Little Tidbits For Your WordPress Page” to “How to Bake a cake” you have to change it. Do not put just one line either put Blog/how to blog/blog pages/bloggers etc…
  • That means when you create a post, it is automatically set in your WordPress, and then you can change it later if need be. I had to put a sticky on my laptop to remind me every time when I started. But if you forget, you can edit your post, and add it after you have posted it already (yes I have done that also) So list more than one tagline/tag. Click here for more information info for categories 
  • Stay in the Reader a long time by doing this  Readers want interesting stuff to read about in our blogs, so try your best to give them what they want, so that you get noticed. 
  • Do not set your site to private, you will not be seen by Readers. To do this go to Settings>>General and confirm your setting is not private. You can also see it in the status area to the left also. 
  • Do not misuse your taglines/tags, this will not get your post sent to the Reader. You must not use this area to post any misleading material to market your website. All information has to be coming from you and you only. 

Features Images>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • You can set a featured image, I sometimes put my logo for my blog. 


This is where you connect to the social media services that you want to add your post to. Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. If you want a customized message go ahead and type it in the box provided. Also check mark the sharing and or like buttons too, this will enable Readers to share or pass along your post for others to read                         (Hence more readers)

Example of what it looks like:

Connect and select social media services to automatically share this post.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter


Customize the message:

Here they have a box to put message in

Sharing Buttons & Likes

Show Sharing Buttons √
Show Like Button√

Post Format>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • You can get help setting up your site with this one, if need be. This is an example of what it looks like

Need help setting up your site?

  • Standard
  • Aside
  • Image
  • Video
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Status
  • Galler

More Options>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • This shows an example of what it looks like:
Slug        – little-tidbits-for-your-wordpress-pages (this is what it says on this blog in a box)
Excerpt     Put something in here about what your post is about


  • This is your location of where you live. Not exactly.. but if you want to put it in there or not.
  • Also it shows if you want to allow comments to your post or pingbacks , which allows you to notify other bloggers that you have linked to their article on your website. Although there are some minor technical differences, a trackback is basically the same things as a pingback.What is a Pingback or Trackback

 Copy Post>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • If you want to copy a post you can do that here. Just press select post to copy.

That does it for that side, now let go over other interesting ideas for your website. 

Your Themes

Site Identity       

  • Identifies your Website

Theme Options

  • Color & Background–Many different colors and backgrounds to pick from. You can play around with them to see what you like.
  • Fonts–I wanted more fonts to choose from, but I could not have custom fonts that I wanted so I moved up to the Premium plan. I was able to choose from a list of fonts that had a variety of them instead of just the basic ones.
  • Header Image–You can pick which picture you want on the header of your pages.
  • Menus–Primary Menu–My theme that I use on my pages support one menu . You have to select which menu you would like to use. You can also place menus in widget areas with the “Custom Menu” widget.
  • CSS-https://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/editing-css/
  • Widgets– can be used in WordPress to allow you to add little pieces of content to areas of your page areas, which is mostly the sidebar or at the bottom of your pages. The available widget areas that you have in your theme will vary from what you want to share. You can find this in your customizer under widgets. You can play around with this to see where you want them placed, and it will show you what the area of your widget looks like before you save it. Here is a website to explain a little more. What is Widgets  If you look at the bottom of my webpages I have widgets there. Just info about whatever you want, You can even download music there also. **********Come on you know you want to click that star and Follow Me**********

Static Front Page– 

  • Front Page–What is on it
  • Post Page
  • My Recent Blogs

Size of your Media–

  • These are the sizes of the media/pictures you see when you are editing an image in WordPress. The thumbnail size is great at 150 x 150 and WordPress automatically sets it.

Confirm your Pinterest using Meta Tag

  • I got really confused where I needed to do this at, It was stating that I needed to to go to my WordPress Dashboard >Tools>Available Tools Page, and paste the Meta Tag into Pinterest site confirmation field. I was scratching my head over that one. What I did was added (wp-admin/tools.php) to the end of my URL on my WordPress and I found it!! Good Luck, if any questions just drop me a line.
Well I hope that I have covered everything you may have questions on. If there is ANYTHING that I can help anyone with PLEASE just ask. I know how it is just getting starting. 
Thanks for visiting,
Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging



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