Little TidBits For Your Wordpress Pages


Hello to all in the World of Blogging,

I have been busy trying to get some post out to you all, but I have so many ideas in my head that I can not just do one at a time, I work on more than one since I am excited for them all. This is one that I struggled on when I first started so here are some tips you may want. 

If you’re trying to get pages of WordPress up and going there are a few things to know. When I started, I struggled with all the different ideas that I wanted to do with it, Turns out I could not UNLESS I invested in the business plan. I took the advice of other bloggers to start out with the lesser one first, then I could move up. I started with the basic plan, but eventually moved to the premium plan by just paying the difference of the two plans.I went through the Reader first to see what other bloggers were talking about, and if it was anything I could comment on or click the like star. There is all sorts of information out there, a wide variety of conversations people were talking about, needless to say, I was amazed. Not only can you read their post, but they find your post (once you have posted) and get to know what your ideas are, and your interests. (Hence meeting new friends) When going through the Reader do not hesitate if you like something —–go ahead click that star button—- Let them know they are doing a good job by posting a good solid reading material. You may even learn a thing or two from them. When you do want to read a blog post, if you click it, it may move you to where it was posted at. Leave a comment there to attract others to your site.

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God Bless and remember ⇒to Breathe in the Future and exhale the Past

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging




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