What needs to be included in your profile?

  1. A Clear photo of you!

  • A clear photo should be one that clearly shows your face. It can even be one taken by you.
  1. A Memoir of Yourself

  • Describe for your audience who you are, where you reside, why you started a blog
  1. Choose a name for yourself that fits your Personality

  • If you are a Fashionista, try your name *Fashionista Blogger or one that loves to cook, your name * Culinary Comforter Blogger and so on
  1. Make decisions of what You want Your Audience to know about You and what You have to offer to them

  • This would be an explanation of what you would like to see happen with your blog –this could be helping other bloggers, whether they are beginners or trying to revamp their blogs with advice
  1. A must have is…Rich Pins

  • Rich Pins provide more perception regarding an idea since they show additional information directly on a Pin. The four types of Rich Pins include the app, product, recipe, and article.  for your their website. 
  • If you Log onto your Pinterest account you have to make sure your WordPress account has the Yoast SEO plugin. Google the Rich Pin Validator  Click Here

Next, you will need to enter your URL for your website and click the verify button. Once it states that it’s approved you are set!

You should get an email showing you have rich pins

  1. Make sure you have pins that have a POP to an audience to draw everyone in
  • Your pins need to be clear and interesting
  • Have color and the information that they are looking for so they will not have to look elsewhere

If at all possible try to post as much as you can a day if possible, try to help out.

Remember to stick to your blog theme; this will bring more people to follow your blog by providing good information.

Following people that are pinning the same theme will get them to follow your pins and at the same time repin some of yours.

Create interesting boards that are full of the subject of your theme, like using for backgrounds. Click Here for their website. I love using Canva they have many to choose from that you are able to include script across your photos. On Canva you can also upload your own photos and design them as you wish to. 

I hope I have given you helpful info to help new bloggers or to revamp other blogs. Some of you may not have heard of Rich Pins, so go do it !!

add them to your blog and Have Fun!!!

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging



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