What is the Mission Statement for your Blog?

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Mission Statement For Our Blogs

When many of us start a blog we first are deep in thought as to why we want to start a blog?

  • Are you bored with life?
  • Do you like to write?
  • Do you want to share your passions with others like yourself?
  • Do you want to try to make money on the side or make it a full-time ordeal?

Not only that, but we stress about what do we want to include in our blog? What should it be about?

  • Fashion
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Travel
  • How to build your own business
  • Finance-how to make a budget

Is there anything that I can post to help others out with?

  • Stress-family, our jobs, marriage, raising children
  • Healing from a loss of a loved one
  • Their finances
  • Free legal help
  • Book reviews

There are endless possibilities to help others out in our world today.

Making a mission statement and sticking to it can mean the world to others.

A Mission Statement is:

A formal summary of the aims, values of a company, organization, or an individual.

Our Mission Statements will be different depending on the type of blog we have. If we create a successful connection with our audience from our Mission Statement that audience will become loyal, while attracting a larger audience. This may not be as easy as we think; there may be other boards or pins that are better than ours. These boards or pins may hold the information that people are searching for instead of having to search more than one board or pin.

The bloggers that are on Pinterest that succeed, are staying true to their values included in their Mission Statement of why they even started blogging.  They have created a place where their audience can receive all the information they need to start their blog or revamp the blog they already have. Making the name of your blog part of your Mission Statement will help also. Your Mission Statement ought to be articulated in a just a paragraph or maybe even two and should only be about 30 seconds if someone were to read it aloud.

If you are interested in a knock-out Mission statement answer the following questionnaire. This will enable you to create the paper and pen picture of your mission statement:

Remember these ideas to ask yourself  when creating your business:

Why are you in business?

  • What are you striving to achieve for your audience and yourself? What ignited your spark to even start a business? How will you keep it burning?

Who are your clients?

  • Is there an age group that you are trying to attract? What can you contribute to enrich the lives of your clients? Think of the present and future of your clients.

What do you want to convey through the image of your business?

  • How will you create the desired image for your clients, and employees, and continue to create your image growth?

What is the quality of your marketing products and services?  

  • What characteristics are determining your products and the services you offer? Do your products and services contribute to the existence of your business? Will you have to change what you offer in the future?

What is the level of your products and services?

  • Do your clients believe they are getting the “best” that is available?  What is it that makes your products and service remarkable?

What responsibilities do you or any employees play in marketing your business?

  • Knowledgeable leaders develop a technique that tests the abilities, structures and acknowledges their employees.

What kind of relationships will you maintain with providers?      

  •  Businesses are in in collaboration with their providers. When you achieve your desired result, they prosper also.

How are you different from your competitors? 

  • Entrepreneurs pursue identical goals as their competitors do. What do you do different, better or rapidly? What advantage point do you possess to weaken your competitors?

Have fun with it and do not rush into it until you know you are ready and have the time. If you are like me you will lay in bed at night thinking about all of the possibilities. Do yourself a favor and keep a pencil and notepad next to your bed to write down ideas.


Good Luck!

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging


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