About Myself

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Name: Lisa Mingo

Location: Arkansas

Prefers: Coffee over Tea. Country Living over City Life, Early Mornings over Night time, Rain over Snow, Summer time, A Good Book, the combo of Pink and Orange, A good Thrift Store, 

I grew up about an hour out of San Francisco, California but relocated to Arkansas to be closer to my parents. At that time I was single, and had raised 3 boys of my own. I thought I was done, but little did I know…

I met my husband in 2013, here in Arkansas and we blended our families into one in 2014. With his 6 children, and my 3 we share 9 children! Their ages range from 33 yrs old to the youngest that just turned 10 in March. There are 5 boys and 4 girls. My husbands younger 3 (2 girls and 1 boy) live with us full-time. Oh boy, my friends were right when they had confessed that boys were easier than girls. I will not tell a lie, having a blended family is very challenging at times but we seem to manage.

My Education:

Andon College/Dental School-Stockton, Ca

Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice-University Of Phoenix

I originally launched a different subject of blog, but just was not feelin it, so I change my subject. Since I have experienced many joys of blogging myself, I want to pass along some tips that may be useful for those just starting out blogging.

So get ready to start a new path in your life, and lets Blog!


Thank you for stopping by

Lisa Mingo Adventures Of Blogging

Adventure Of Blogging












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